Picks of the Week

Blvd East & Louie 'Lou' Gorbea "A journey into..." (Coco Soul Records 12")

After the sucessful release of "Luv 4 money" on Vega Records, Blvd East & Louie 'Lou' Gorbea return with "A journey into..." featuring Osualdo 'Bembesito' Lora on vocals over a percussion loaded afro-latin backing track that has a funky vibe to it, coming complete with wonderful horns and laminar keys. The 'Organ Mix' on the flipside smoothes things down, featuring an outstanding organ by Christian Perez over a deepened groove. A brilliant track once you hear it in its full glory that is spreading an irresistible feeling.

Picks of the Week

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Vernessa Mitchell "Took my life" (Marlon D's UC Mix)(JVM Records CD-R)

An underground club hit in New York and other cities but unfortunately not released by her label as they decided to go for mixes appealing to a different crowd. This mix by Marlon D is built around a fiercely stompin' groove that is added with absolutely wicked keys and irresistible drums, not to forget Vernessa's powerful yet soulful vocals that give the song an uplifting feeling.

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Vivian Green "Emotional rollercoaster" (Osunlade Remix)(Sony Records CD-R)

As with the above, the label went for mixes that appeal to a different crowd when they released the song back in 2003. Here we have Osunlade taking care of it and serving a wonderful version for the soulful heads that makes full use of the marvellous vocal performance by Vivian Green. He underlays the sexy vocals with a smoothly bumpin' groove with sweet percussion and wicked keys, creating a laidback vibe.

Picks of the Week

Donna Allen "He is the joy" (The Unreleased Mixes)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

SoulFuric are returning to their roots by resurrecting this 1999 lassic and giving it an update for 2005. Brian Tappert, who together with Marc Pomeroy produced the song, provides a phat re-edit of this gospel stomper featuring all the bells and whistles from the original. This is followed by the Rawsoul Orchestra and MoD remixes that are fireing things up with cool effects and new instrumentation including wicked keys, phat basslines and groovy beats. Both these new interpretations keep the gospelish vibe of the original alive.

Marlon D featuring J.R. Morrison "Affection" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Underground Collective DJ and producer Marlon D presents "Affection", a fierce and driving garage production with an irresistible groove based on kicking drums and featuring an outstanding key section and organ solo courtesy of Scott Wozniak while J.R. Morrison provides an uplifting vocal performance.

Picks of the Week

Tanja Dankner "Will I ever" (Jamie Lewis Remix)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)

This track was released back in 2000 and is originally produced by Stefan Raab, a very successfull german TV showmaster. Jamie Lewis licensed the track for his label and gives it a lovely reworking that will rock the dancefloors with its smoothly stompin' beat, funky bassline, wicked guitar riff and jazzy piano that harmonise perfectly with the sweet vocals by Tanja Dankner. The dub is all about the funky elements, giving the guitar riff lots of place to grow.

Picks of the Week

Yukihiro Fukutomi "EP 1" (Pantone Music Records 12")

Pantone Music is a new label out of the UK that will release the album "Equality" by japanese producer Yukihiro Fukutomi later this year. "EP 1" is a taster for the album and features three selected cuts. "Hooked" featuring Lady Alma is an uplifting production featuring a warm groove and melodic keys together with sweet percussions and Lady Alma's outstanding vocal performance on top. Lady Alma also provides her vocal capabilities on "Peace", a bumpin' house track with broken beats and jazzy keys. "All over the world" is jazz-funk on a broken beat tip at its best, featuring a wicked instrumentation and the soulful voice of Victor Davies.

Picks of the Week

Mr. V "The Dance Ritual Project" (Sole Channel Music Records 12")

Sole Channel Music unleash a beautiful EP of jazzed-up house grooves here, courtesy of Mr. V. "Somethin' with jazz" comes with bumpin' beats and light piano touches, together with Mr. V's half-rapped vocals. This is a great four-to-the-floor groover with a true jazz flava thanks to the jazzy piano line. The flip features "Un dia bonito", a latinesque groover with vocal scats by Miss Patty and a wicked jazzy piano solo by Ben Kohn. Beats of both tracks are featured as an extra bonus.

Exclusive Preview: 280 West featuring Diamond Temple "Fly" (Blaze Remix)(PhutureSole Records CD Promo)

One of the defining moments in soulful dance music of 2004 is back in brand new interpretations by Blaze. They rework the song into a complete new direction, using a subtle backing music for the magic voice of Diamond Temple. Smoothly thumpin' beats, sweet percussion, melodic keys and a great piano line let the emotion of Diamond Temple's vocal performance shine all over. The big surprise on this release is the 'Temple Dynasty Mix' which is an interpretation of the song by Felicia Temple (the youngest daughter of Diamond Temple). Just accompanied by piano and cello, Felicia Temple delivers a wonderful interpretation full of soul and emotion where she is showcasing her vocal capabilities. A real delight to listen to.

Picks of the Week

Tiger Stripes featuring Simone Moreno "Vem sambar" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Swedens Mikael Nordgren aka Tiger Stripes presents an absolutely fierce debut release for Look-At-You Records, featuring female singer Simone Moreno. "Ver sambar" is an uplifting, latinesque production spreading a feel good vibe that features a live string section together with funky elements and melodic keys that create an irresistible feeling on the dancefloor through the feel-good rhythms and powerful vocal performance.

Abicah Soul featuring Cei-Bei "Love is just a call away" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Glenn Underground is on a roll at the moment and releases the wonderful "Love is just a call away" under his Abicah Soul guise. Featuring the sweet and soulful voice of Curtis Harman aka Cei-Bei, "Love is just a call away" is a smooth yet fierce groover based on deeply groovin' percussion and spheric keys giving the song a cosmic edge. With Cei-Bei's wonderful vocal performance on top, this is subtle house music with a heartfelt spirituality.

Picks of the Week

Various "The New Breed EP" (POJI Records 12")

POJI Records keep it real with this extremly hot three track EP that kicks off with "My latin woman" by Sueno Soul featuring Gosando Music which they licensed from Newlite Records for this release.  It is an uplifting latin house track with a bouncey groove, guitar and male spoken words creating an irresistible groove you can't resist dancing to. Next up is "People need people" by Pixel, a laidback production featuring soulful female vocals over a mellow groove with smoothly stompin' beats, topped with spacey keys giving the song a melodic vibe. DJ Pope & Jason Din team up as DenPo and deliver the magical "Oobaye oobaye", coming with african chants over a percussively bumpin' beat, added with jazzy keys and an organ line, creating an absolutely irresistible vibe.