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ChiNola Soul featuring Arielle Dominique - SingleWe proudly introduce you to "Single" the debut release on ChiNola Soul, a brand new label launched by Chicago native DJ Randall 'Smooth' Montgomery. "Single" is a fabulous production featuring the glamorous r&b tinged vocals of Arielle Dominique, kicking things off is the entrancing 'Mystro Mix' by Charles 'Mystro' Brown & DJ Randall 'Smooth' Montgomery which fuses the vocals with sublime keys and ruthlessly pounding rhythms - jam-packed floors guaranteed. Next Soul Slayerz (Hakeem Syrbram & Tayo Wink) contribute a sexy dub rework giving the track a deeper afro infused feel, and last but not least Rick Lenoir drops two equally paramount re-imaginations on an unadulterated old skool inspired underground-esque tip.

Stones & Bones featuring Toshi - Amahloni"Amahloni" by Stones & Bones which features the unrivaled sweet seducing vocals of Toshi was originally released in March of last year through House of Stone, end of last year MoBlack Records introduced us to the fantastic Abicah Soul remix of the song as part of their ingenious "Organic Wave" compilation. Finally we get the full single release which includes the wonderful organic original version in its full extended glory together with a breathtaking truly eclectic selection of remixes by Abicah Soul, Chymamusique, Manoo and Spellband all injecting their beloved signature afro/deep touch to take the song to a whole new level, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version. Essential...

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Sheree Hicks - Royal love (Rekindled)Past November, Chic Soul Music released the marvelous timeless soulful gem "Royal love" written and performed in grand style by Sheree Hicks, with Sean Ali and VeneiGrette Galane on production. Now we are blessed with paramount re-imaginations by Kyle Kim, Derrick Ricky Nelson & Charles Dixon (featuring additional vocals Jeff Redd turning the song into a duet), Steve Miggedy Maestro, DJ Beloved & Reggie Steele, Sean Ali and DJ Pope; beyond the shadow of a doubt each of these soul oozing remixes takes the unrivaled haunting vocals of Chicago's own vocalist extraordinaire Sheree Hicks to new heights, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Stephanie Cooke - I thank you (2017 Remixes)Back in 2002, KingStreet Records released the wonderful "I thank you" by Stephanie Cooke complete with superb mixes by Blaze & Timmy Regisford and Lenny Fontana, then in 2009 remixes by Dolls Combers and Groovylizer followed. Fast forward to 2017 and Italian DJ/producer Mark Di Meo adds his magical touch to this timeless classic, dropping an expertly crafted uber soulful re-imagination which features Stephanie Cooke's incomparable emotive vocals alongside grandiose jazzy keys over a gentle yet contaminous funked-up backdrop. Also included are the 'Shelter Dub' by Blaze & Timmy Regisford and 'Stephanie Cooke R&B Mix' from 2002 as well as the Groovylizer remix from 2009.

We are kicking off 2017 in proper style with this massive update of the latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Oscar P - The last roninWith the peculiar titled "The last ronin", highly acclaimed DJ/producer Oscar P presents an absolutely jaw-dropping truly versatile compilation album perfectly showcasing his unique verily ingenious and seminal sound which fuses influences from New York, Chicago and Detroit. The album features contributions from an illustrious list of artists such as Lea, Afro Rebel Sound System, Angel-A, Robert Owens, Mark Farina, Soul Minority, Ade Alafia, Enoo Napa, Toshi, Xolisa, TechTonic Tay, DjHydro, Preach and many more; without doubt "The last ronin" is taking you on an exhilarating journey through Oscar P's one-of-a-kind musical style that is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

For those wondering about the title of the album, 'ronin' is the Japanese word used for samurai who through dishonor or the loss of their masters were forced to wander Japan to find ways to make a living, offering their services to everyone for hire. 'Ronin' quite aptly describes the current state of the house music industry where major labels (the 'masters') are gone/irrelevant and beat makers, vocalists, spoken word artists, producers, remixers etc. (the 'ronin') offer their skills ('services') in an independent environment in order to make/support a living.