Vangela Crowe - ButterflyLarger-than-life New Generation Records are about to drop a timeless soulful jewel with "Butterfly" performed in grand style by Vangela Crowe, with Corey Holmes on production and Rashad Muhammed on the mix. The magnificent "Butterfly" uses a smooth yet contaminous organic backing as foundation for exquisite jazzed-up keys, celestial chords and Vangela Crowe's unequaled sultry vocals. In other words, timeless soulful house music guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Ananda Project - Free me / Everything you are  (Remixes)NiteGrooves Records truly grace us with a breathtaking selection of ingenious remixes of classic songs by Ananda Project which are by no means to be missed... To make it short, Doug Gomez adds his signature percussive 'Merecumbe Soul' touch to "Free me" (from their 2004 album "Relight", featuring the inspiring vocals of Heidi Vogel), while Cee ElAssaad injects his incomparable afro-tech sounds to "Everything you are" (from 2007, featuring the inimitable angelic vocals of Heather Johnson); beyond the shadow of a doubt both these dazzling remixes are sure-fire dance floor weapons guaranteed to set the roof on fire...

This weeks update features nothing but the best and latest in soulful vocal house music... enjoy !!

Blackwax featuring Jean Honeymoon - Brighter Days EPIn October of last year, we celebrated the release of the inaugural release for Timeless People (the towering debut album "50/50-360" by AudioDope), now the label returns with the second release which is nothing short of breathtaking. Steve Reed aka Blackwax presents a truly eclectic EP which includes three wonderful songs, each one perfectly showcasing Jean Honeymoon unique beautiful jazz tinged vocals. The title track "Brighter days" is a blissful trip down memory lane to the unrivaled boogie sound of the 80's, next we have "Could this be better" an expertly crafted soul oozing gem laced with enticing melodies and gentle yet compelling rhythms. The third and final track is the jazz inspired "I'll be with you" featuring classy keys, grandiose lush strings and marimba by Brian Keys Tharme over a laidback organic backdrop.

Kyle Kim featuring Gordon Chambers - Heartache No. 9Last year, Korean artist Kyle Kim truly blessed us with his stunning re-imagination of Montell Jordan's "This is how we do it" and "All I do" by Stevie Wonder, now he returns to Double Cheese Records with a paramount truly glorious remake of the larger-than-life 1979 disco anthem "Heartache No. 9" by Delegation which features the unmistakable inspiring vocals of Gordon Chambers. The remixes are courtesy of Ashley Beedle who drops a jaw-dropping contemporary interpretation, and label head Luyo who serves an ingenious deep uber soulful rework guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

We continue to bring you nothing but the best and latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Luman Child - Time 2 growIn fall of last year, we reviewed the marvelous "Going through changes" single by up and rising Swiss musician, composer and producer Luman Child, now he is about to release his debut artist album "Time 2 grow" through SedSoul Records in early February. The album features collaborations with an illustrious list of artists such as Squala Orphan, Sean J. Rankine, Joseph Junior, Ryan Marshall, Iza Brown, Denis Corboz, Robert Gee and Fresh Daily, in total there are eleven masterly crafted and orchestrated songs included which offer a subtle blend of soul, jazz and hip hop reflecting his influences.Without doubt, "Time 2 grow" is a truly mind-blowing, absolutely phenomenal album.

The Men in the Glass BoothIn May of 1976, a record was released that would have an unforeseen and lasting impact on the music industry: "Ten percent" by Double Exposure, an early release on larger-than-life Salsoul Records, one of the first (the first?) 12" single available to the public as previously this format was only available to selected DJ's or those lucky few who managed to get their hands on them. Not to forget to mention this 12" featured an extended version by Walter Gibbons, one of the first DJ's ever to set foot in a recording studio. "The Men in the Glass Booth" compiled by Al Kent features groundbreaking re-edits and remixes by some of the Disco eras most influential and legendary DJ's, including Walter Gibbons, Jim Burgess, Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Tom Savarese, Jellybean Benitez, Tee Scott, Rick Gianatos and John Luongo, letting us relive those magic moments of the past when Disco was flourishing and the 'Disco Mix' and 12" single were born. Available on 3xCD, two 5xLP Box Sets and as Digital Download.