Mike Fossati

  1. George Lesley "My journey" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  2. Sterling Void featuring Cleveland P. Jones "The last time" (Slapped Up Soul Promo)
  3. Audiodope featuring FevaSoul "Lightwork" (Timeless People Records Promo)
  4. Kelvin Sylvester featuring Natasha Watts "Fly away" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  5. Groove Junkies, Opolopo, Solara "We rise" (The Remixes)(MoreHouse Records Promo)
  6. Sir LSG featuring Melanie Scholtz "Gratitude" (GoGo Music Promo)
  7. MAQman featuring Selina Campbell "Vibe on" (Check It Out Records Promo)
  8. Hallex M "Oggun EP" (Yoruba Records Promo)
  9. Sebastien Dutch & Gary Kanon "Wanama kale" (Iklwa Brothers Music Promo)
  10. Paris Cesvette "Celestial (my journey among stars)" (Groove Odyssey Promo)
  11. Giulio Bonaccio & Federico d'Alessio featuring Cinnamon Brown "Give to me" (Union Records Promo)
  12. Andy Compton featuring Tenisha Edwards "Why does your love hurt" (Peng Music Promo)
  13. Stewart, Andy Edit & Dana Weaver "It's up to me" (Wiggly Worm Records Promo)
  14. Soulpersona starring Princess Freesia "Sunset city" (Sunset City Records Promo)
  15. Alex Mattei & Vangela Crowe "So in love" (Shino Blackk Remixes)(New Generation Records Promo)
  16. Soultronixx presents "The Basement Vol.1" (Double Cheese Records Promo)
  17. Olive Jean Love & Luis Machuca featuring Carrie Gibson "The time has come" (Friskybeat Records Promo)
  18. Souldynamic featuring Dawn Tallman "In the air" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)
  19. George Lesley featuring Andiswa "Izulu" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  20. Distant People & Kholi "Greater" (TR Records Promo)
  21. FAM Disco featuring Andrea Smith "Reaching for the stars" (HSR Records Promo)
  22. Vanessa L. Smith "Be present" (Addvibe Mixes)(CyberJamz Records Promo)
  23. MAQman "The 2018 Remixes" (GoGo Music Promo)
  24. Vanco "Reflections EP" (Afrocentric Records Promo)
  25. DJ Housecat (la gata de fuego) "DNA injection" (The Ancestry Mixes)(Part One)(Toupee Records Promo)
  26. Giulio Bonaccio, Melonie Daniels & Stephanie Cooke "Unconditionally" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)
  27. DJ Punch "The Gospel Side of Baby Powder EP Vol. 1" (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)
  28. Dave Anthony & E-Man "Urban renewal" (Pat Bedeau Remix)(Run Bklyn Trax Company Promo)
  29. Black Widow"House is..." (T's Box Records Promo)
  30. Brian Nance featuring Bes & Kafele "Just be" (The Remixes Part 2)(Stellar Disco Records Promo)
  31. Kyle Kim & Sheree Hicks "Never alone" (Soulstice Music Promo)
  32. Nightriders featuring Lisa Shaw "Under pressure" (Yam Who? Mixes)(KID Recordings Promo)
  33. Robert Martin "Now I can see" (Night Scope Deep Recordings Promo)
  34. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco featuring Cheryl Porter "Rise up" (Sunflowermusic Records Promo)
  35. Serge Negri presents Tasha Mabry "The truth" (Bamboo Sounds Promo)
  36. Divine Brown "Love alibi" (T's Box Records Promo)
  37. Namy featuring Tracy Hamlin "Love yourself" (Remixes)(Spirit Soul Records Promo)
  38. Concept E25 "Tokyo Underground EP" (Swedish Brandy Productions Promo)
  39. Mona Bode "Looks like gold" (Remixes)(Toupee Records Promo)
  40. Casa Devi featuring Layal "Peaceful thoughts" (Pat Bedeau Bedfunk Remix)(Four Four Soul Recordings Promo)