Mike Fossati

  1. Andy Compton's Sowetan Onesteps "Sowetan Onesteps" (Peng Records CD Promo)
  2. Joseph Junior & MAQman "Spiritualized" (GoGo Music CD Promo)
  3. Lou Gorbea featuring Kenny Bobien "You're always there" (Omi Tutu Records CD Promo)
  4. SoP (Sounds of Praise) featuring Tyrone Ellis "Everything you need" (AtWork Soul CD Promo)
  5. Divided Souls & Samuri featuring Sio Blackwidow "North" (Bodikela Recordings CD Promo)
  6. Soulful Session presents "The Future Divas EP 3" (Tony Records CD Promo)
  7. Zepherin Saint featuring Ann Nesby & G3 "Optimistic" (Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)
  8. Steal Vybe featuring Rich Medina "Spiritual life" (Remixes)(Steal Vybe Music CD Promo)
  9. Alicia Myers "Right here right now" (Remixes)(AceBeat Music CD Promo)
  10. Luka "From the Deep with Love" (We Go Deep CD Promo)
  11. Soulem featuring Mbuso "Choices" (Iklwa Brothers Music CD Promo)
  12. Karen Bernod "Spirit" (Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)
  13. Michael Ashe "I don't know" (Remixes)(Deeper Shades Recordings CD Promo)
  14. Rhemi featuring HanLei "Keep dancing" (Rhemi Music CD Promo)
  15. The DangerFeel Newbies "What am I here for" (Kai Alce's NDATL Mixes)(Defected Records CD Promo)
  16. D'bra Powell "Living all alone (I can't stand it)" (AtWork Soul Records CD Promo)
  17. London Grammar "Wicked game" (Mus Threee Ocean Drive Mix)(CD-R)
  18. Various "Gotta Keep Faith - WMC 2016 Miami Session" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)
  19. Frankstar featuring Darian Crouse "Keep on lovin'" (4th Quarter Music CD Promo)
  20. Lisa Shaw "I can see it" (Salted Music CD Promo)
  21. Soul Slayerz "A mother's tongue" (Global Diplomacy Productions CD Promo)
  22. The Soul Creative & Giandomenico Di Vito featuring Carla Prather "God with me" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)
  23. Blind Colors featuring Melonie Daniels Walker "Found love" (Def Mix Music CD Promo)
  24. Groove Junkies & Michele Chiavarini featuring Lee Usher "Live free & dance" (All Mixes)MoreHouse Records CD Promo)
  25. Matthew Yates "Smiling faces" (HSR Records CD Promo)
  26. Luis 'LooweeR' Rivera & C Robert Walker "You can be more" (Jack 2 Jazz Records CD Promo)
  27. N'Dinga Gaba featuring Saara Maria "Back underground" (Global Diplomacy Productions CD Promo)
  28. Luciano Gioia "Pacifico" (Soulstice Music CD Promo)
  29. Alex Millet featuring Curtis Clark "Nobody can take my soul" (Remixes)(HSR Records CD Promo)
  30. Circle of Funk featuring Robert Owens "Inside" (Slapped Up Soul Records CD Promo)
  31. Ralf GUM featuring Omar "Love core" (GoGo Music CD Promo)
  32. Namy "Gipsy woman" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)
  33. Pat Bedeau "The fallen Heroes EP" (Bedfunk Records CD Promo)
  34. DJ Funky T featuring Lady Mya "The beast in you" (Part 2)(DeepStitched Records CD Promo)
  35. DJ SGZ starring Nina Provencal "Trouble" (Distant People Remix)(Nightshade Music Group CD Promo)
  36. Sculptured Music featuring Ms Isis "Only" (Original Mix)(Kings of Groove Records CD Promo)
  37. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco featuring Angela Johnson "Freedom" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  38. Dalminjo featuring Lenny Hamilton "Run" (Soulstice Music CD Promo)
  39. Federico d'Alessio featuring Shane the Golden Voice "Believe in me" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  40. DJ Pope & Sheree Hicks "Keeping my composure" (Chic Soul Music CD Promo)