Mike Fossati

  1. Joseph Junior & MAQman "The waiting is over" (GoGo Music Promo)
  2. Harold Matthews Jr featuring Symone "One body" (Good Vibrations Music Promo)
  3. Keisha Hall "Feel alive" (AquaSol Recordings Promo)
  4. Andy Compton featuring Celestine & Anders Olinder "Gift me tomorrow" (Peng Records Promo)
  5. Toshi & Timmy Regisford "Life music" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  6. Chance Packer featuring Terry Dexter "Rectify" (Cha Cha Project Recordings Promo)
  7. Louie 'Balo' Guzman, Darren Sains, Mikki Afflick featuring Janine 'Sugah Lyrics' Lyons "In the middle" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)
  8. Change Request featuring Lailah Reich "Shatter proof" (Fresh Meat Records Promo)
  9. Arnold Jarvis & Alix Alvarez "Rising into joy" (2020 Mannix Remix)(Black Vinyl Records Promo)
  10. Those Boys "A woman's worth" (Deep Fusion Records Promo)
  11. guri guri boys featuring Josh Milan "Be yourself" (2019 Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)
  12. TriGo featuring T-Man "Ashitwi" (Ocha Mzansi Promo)
  13. Various "The Jam Files Vol. 4 by Mousse T" (Peppermint Jam Records Promo)
  14. Darian Crouse "Something tells me it's time" (Souled Out House Promo)
  15. Sunlightsquare "Oyelo" (AtJazz Remixes)(Sunlightsquare Records Promo)
  16. Dana Weaver "Sunday kind of love" (POJI Records Promo)
  17. Keys Snow "Elements of keys" (The Gift & Tribute)(Othic Company Promo)
  18. Situation featuring Andre Espeut "Beyond compare" (Sean McCabe Remixes)(Situationism Promo)
  19. BSC featuring Heidi Vogel "You got what you give" (Grooveland Music Promo)
  20. Ism "Starlight" (Spirit Soul Promo)
  21. SoulLab & Richelle Hicks "Why should I stay" (KingStreet Records Promo)
  22. Tasha LaRae "Tasha" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  23. Wipe The Needle featuring Alex Lattimore "Wait" (Makin' Moves Records Promo)
  24. Casamena presents "Mzansi love" (Ocha Mzansi Promo)
  25. Kim Beacham "Given N2 sin" (Mantree Records Promo)
  26. Miguel Migs featuring Lisa Shaw "Moving light" (Salted Music Promo)
  27. DJ Umbi featuring Vincent Bates "Do it with style" (HSR Records Promo)
  28. Yooks featuring Unqle Chriz "I care" (Newtown Recordings Promo)
  29. Andrew Felo "We are Africa" (Amarrage Recording Promo)
  30. Sol Brown featuring Angela Johnson "Get over" (Love Stay Recordings Promo)
  31. Zimosoul featuring MaXx "Azania" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  32. MissFly & Sean Ali "Everything I got" (Pasqua Records Promo)
  33. Tayo Wink & CyberJamz All-Stars "Revisions" (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)
  34. BrightKay feat Nhlanzeko "Sweet Journey EP" (Cool Staff Records Promo)
  35. Alison Maseko featuring Venessa Jackson "Crumbled memories" (Do You Be You Records Promo)
  36. Monodeluxe & Jaidene Veda "Don't stop" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  37. Andrea Curato presets Soundztabuu "Nkinga zothando" (Cool Staff Records Promo)
  38. DJ Pope presents Byron Stingily "Celebrate me" (Remixes)(FunkHut Records Promo)
  39. Randy Peterson featuring Andre Espeut "No better" (Sean Ali & Munk Julious Remix)(Makin' Moves Promo)
  40. JoioDJ featuring D'Bra Powell "Don't give up" (Dejavoo Tribe Records Promo)