Mike Fossati

  1. Terry Hunter featuring Common, Mike Dunn, Deon Cole, Chantay Savage, Coldhard, AM7 and Jamie Principle "T.S.O.C" (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)
  2. I-Robots featuring Kathy Brown "Respect" (Opilec Music Promo)
  3. Mutiny UK "Higher love" (F*CLR Promo)
  4. Ten City "Suspicious" (ReelSoul Rendition)(FatSouls Records Promo)
  5. Coflo & Evar After "Gardenz" (Ocha Records Promo)
  6. Groove Junkies & Scott K. "Done me wrong" (MoreHouse Records Promo)
  7. Brutha Basil & Mark Francis "Ninety times" (Brukel Music Promo
  8. Charles Dockins featuring Kenny Bobien "He will" (The Reworks Part 1)(Radiant Soul Promo)
  9. Teddy Douglas featuring Carmen Brown "Time waits for no one" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  10. Ed Ramsey "I remember" (ChiNola Soul Music Promo)
  11. The Journey Men featuring Mike City "For the culture" (Sean McCabe & Black Sonix Remix)(Good Vibrations Music Promo)
  12. Coflo featuring Mama Stacey "Stress relief" (Vogue Down For Mama Stacey Mix)(Ocha Records Promo)
  13. Groove Junkies featuring Solara "Perception" (Groove Junkies vs Deep Soul Syndicate Remix)(MoreHouse Records Promo)
  14. Ronnie Herel featuring Omar "A night we dream of" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  15. Poppa Ras "Call me, don't text" (Mantree Records Promo)
  16. Ed Ramsey "Sunshine" (AquaSol Recordings Promo)
  17. Anthony Nicholson & Brandon Markell Holmes "Found" (Toucan Sounds Promo)
  18. Chris Deepak & Precious James "Bo bo bo" (NiteGrooves Records Promo)
  19. DJ Oji "Summer Grooves Vol. 5" (POJI Records Promo)
  20. Andrea Erre & Andrea Ungaro & Venessa Jackson "Baile" (Soul Mood Records Promo)
  21. Solu Music & Gabby Law "Feelin' love again" (Solu Music Promo)
  22. Andrea Curato & Coco Street "Flower moon" (Cool Staff Records Promo)
  23. BKR & Michele McCain "All I can do" (Andy Ward Remix - BKR 4 U Edit)(Marivent Music Digital Promo)
  24. Kenny Hamber "Used ta be my girl" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  25. Sandhaus & Kobaien & Sound of Bam "Zimbabwe" (MoBlack Records Promo)
  26. Various "DCRX - Double Cheese Records 10th Anniversary" (Double Cheese Records Promo)
  27. Charles Dockins featuring Pedro Herrera "Carousel" (The Remix Project)(Jazzu Records Promo)
  28. Tom Glide featuring Vanessa L. Smith " Keep it real" (Remixes and Dubs)(TGee Records Promo)
  29. Kenny Bobien "Live, love and inspiration EP" (New Generation Records Promo)
  30. Michelle Ayers "Fast steppin'" (AceBeat Music Promo)
  31. DJ Disciple featuring Harmonies "Decisions" (Steve Miggedy Maestro Remix)(Catch 22 Recordings Promo)
  32. Lapie & Czwe De Ritual & Ray T "Kwaze kwalula" (Pasqua Records S.A Promo)
  33. Felicia Temple "Touch" (HouseWerQ Remix)(HouseWerQ Recordings Promo)
  34. Soulista featuring Tracy Hamlin "Backfired" (POJI Records Promo)
  35. Mashona Tribe "Dedication EP" (Pasqua Records S.A Promo)
  36. Woody Bianchi & Pietro Nicosia featuring Zouratie Kone "Zou's song" (Groovebom Records Promo)
  37. Deepconsoul "Rising" (Deepconsoul Sounds Promo)
  38. Tedd Patterson presents Blackbone "Roots" (2022 Remixes)(Black Vinyl Records Promo)
  39. Rescue Poetix "Storylines Vll - Humanity (Part 2)" (DJ Skitjointz Afro Remixes)(CyberJamz Records Promo)
  40. Gumzito featuring Richelle Hicks "Feel what I feel" (Widem Boyz Musiq Promo)