Lets turn back the clock and get down with some all time House classics from the 80's mixed by DJ Eric Levan.

  1. Dhar Braxton "Jump back (set me free)"
  2. Flight "Let's get jazzy" (Dope Dub Mix)
  3. Steve 'Silk' Hurley "Jack your body"
  4. The House Master Boyz "House nation"
  5. Adonis "No way back"
  6. 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman and a Dominican "Do it properly"
  7. Quest "Mind games"
  8. Jerry McAllister "Never let you down"
  9. The It "Donnie"
  10. Cultural Vibe "Ma foom bey"
  11. Jungle Wonz "Time marches on"
  12. Master C&J "Face it"
  13. Liz Torres featuring Edward Crosby "Can't get enough"
  14. JM Silk "Shadows of your love"
  15. Exit "Let's work it out"
  16. Billy "Nobody's business"
  17. Marshall Jefferson "The House Music Anthem"
  18. Curtis McClaine "Let's get busy"
  19. Kevin Irvine "Ride the rhythm"
  20. Joe Smooth "The promised land"
  21. Ralphi Rosario featuring Xavier Gold "You used to hold me"
  22. Mike Dunn "Dance you mutha"
  23. ESP "It's you"
  24. Robert Owens "Bring down the walls"
  25. Mr. Fingers "Can you feel it"

For promotional use only. The copyright in this mix belongs to DJ Eric Levan.
Courtesy of Prophet Entertainment.