DJ Daryl J from Maryland, USA blesses us with a tribute to Chicago House music. This Classic Mixshow is all about the music and feeling from the early days of house, bringing back memories from a past era.

  1. Ten City "Suspicious"
  2. Joe Smooth "I'm not giving up"
  3. Pleasure Pump "Fantasize me"
  4. Jungle Wonz "Time marches on"
  5. JM Silk "I can't turn around"
  6. Darryl Pandy "Love can't turn around"
  7. Kenny 'Jammin' Jason "Can you dance"
  8. Lidell Townsell "Nu nu"
  9. Adonis "No way back"
  10. Full House "Communicate"
  11. ESP "It's you"
  12. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk "You ain't really house"
  13. Liz Torres "I can't get enough"
  14. Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge "It's alright"
  15. Joe Smoth "Goin' dub"

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