Enjoy this flashback to the 80's grooves... courtesy of our friend Luis 'Blademaster Lopez'.

  1. Quincy Jones feat Patti Austin "Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me" (A+M Rec, 1981)
  2. Change "Hold Tight" (Atlantic Rec, 1981)
  3. Curtis Hairston "I Want You (All Tonight)" (RCA Rec, 1983)
  4. Stephanie Mills "Dancin" (Atlantic Rec, 1981)
  5. Clash "Magnificent Seven" (Epic Rec, 1981)
  6. Geraldine Hunt "Can't Fake The Feeling" (Prism Rec, 1980)
  7. Slave "Watching You" (Atlantic Rec, 1980)
  8. Candi Stanton "Victim" (Warner Rec, 1978)
  9. France Joli "Gonna Get Over You" (Prelude Rec, 1981)
  10. The Whispers "Keep On Lovin Me" (Solar Rec, 1983)
  11. Art Of Noise "Beat Box" (ZTT Rec, 1984)
  12. Sybil "Fallin In Love" (Next Plateau Rec, 1986)
  13. Change "Heaven Of My Life" (WEA International Rec, 1981)
  14. Inner Life "I'm Caught Up" (Prelude Rec, 1979)
  15. Nancy Martin "Can't Believe" (Atlantic Rec, 1982)
  16. Phyllis Hyman "You Know How To Love Me" (Arista Rec, 1979)
  17. Dynasty "Here I Am" (Solar Rec, 1981)
  18. Melba Moore "Love's Comin' At Ya" (EMI Rec, 1982)
  19. Vicki D "This Beat Is Mine" (Sam Rec, 1981)
  20. Shalamar "A Night To Remember" (Solar Rec, 1982)
  21. The System "You Are In My System" (Mirage Rec, 1982)
  22. Linda Clifford "Runaway Love Maw Rmx" (Atlantic Rec, 1978)
  23. Fresh Band "Come Back Lover" (Are'n Be Rec, 1984)
  24. Odyssey "Inside Out" (RCA Rec, 1982)
  25. Unlimited Touch "I Hear Music In The Streets" (Prelude Rec, 1980)

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