1. Eddie Kendricks "Girl you need a change of mind"
  2. World Premiere "Share the night" (beat)
  3. Gayle Adams "Love Fever"
  4. World Premiere "Share the night" (beat)
  5. State of Grace "That's When We'll be Free"
  6. Imagination "Illusion"
  7. Skipworth & Turner "Thinking about your love"
  8. Innocence "Let's Push It"
  9. Touch "Without You"
  10. Narada Michael "Nature of Things"
  11. T Connection "At Midnight"
  12. Sharon Brown "Specialize in Love"
  13. Nayobe "Please Don't Go"
  14. Toney Lee "Reach Up"
  15. Sybil "Let yourself Go"
  16. Jine "Take it to the House"
  17. 2 Puerto Ricans, a Dominican and a Black Man "Do it Properly"

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