Enjoy this weeks mixshow featuring the latest in House and Garage music - and some slammin' exclusives you should not miss to check out !!

  1. Vacano featuring Sonya Vitale "All I want" (CD-R)
  2. Domenico Ferruggia featuring M-Seilla "Nosso mundo" (Flyhigh Studio CD Promo)
  3. Vincent Montana Jr. & The Philly Sound Orchestra featuring William 'Smoke' Howard "That's what love does" (Louis Benedetti's Club Vox)(Philly Sound Works Records 12")
  4. Fuzion featuring Nicole Wright "Beautiful" (Soul Creation Vocal Remix)(Fuzion Records 12")
  5. R. Kelly "Trapped (Part 1)" (DFA 12" Mix)(FallOut Records 12")
  6. Rokia Triore "Miriama" (Shelter Vocal)(UnRestricted Access Records 12")
  7. Domenico Ferruggia featuring Janet Dawkins "Come with me" (Flyhigh Studio CD Promo)
  8. Mood II Swing featuring Lauren "Magical life" (Main Mix)(KingStreet Records 12")
  9. Rosie Gaines "Close than close" (We Deliver Remix)(from "Southport Weekender Volume 4" on suSU Records 2x12")
  10. Rhythm Slaves "As we go on" (Bobby & Steve Remix)(ZooGroove Stereo Records 12")
  11. Earth Wind & Fire "The way you move" (Harbor House Remix)(CD-R)
  12. Brent Laurence featuring Emily McIntosh "Let the music" (Spellband vs Jacko Remx/JK Edit)(from "Southport Weekender Volume 4" on suSU Records 2x12")
  13. Franck Roger "Dub life" (from "The Earthtrumental Project Part 3" on Real Tone Records 12")

For promotional use only. The copyright in this mix belongs to Michael Fossati.