1. Roberta Flack "Love and let love" (Cubanix Remix)(CD-R)
  2. Beyonce "Naughty girl" (Phil Remy Remix)(CD-R)
  3. John Legend "Ordinary People" (Jihad Muhammad Remix)(CD-R)
  4. Tania Maria "Come with me" (MAW Remix)(Concord Records CD-R)
  5. NYC Peech Boys "Don't make me wait" (DFA Remix)(CD-R)
  6. Luther Vandross "Apologize" (Quentin Harris Remix)(CD-R)
  7. Panyard "September" (Sueno Soul Remix)(Soul Delicioius Records CD-R)
  8. Deborah Bond "This is me" (Julius Papp AM Mix)(Asahra Music CD-R)
  9. Brent Laurence featuring Emily McIntosh "Let the music" (Big Moses Vox Remix)(Tony Records CD-R)
  10. Kenny Bobien "Through the rain" (Bassclef Records CD-R)
  11. Kimara Lovelace "Just a dream" (CD-R)
  12. Mario "Let me love you" (Darren Campbell Remix)(CD-R)

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