Finally, the new official website of Tony Humphries has been launched: Tony Records. Mixshows, MP3 Online Store, Forum - you all find it there.

Another 2 weeks and… Well I guess you coming regularly to this site should have an idea about the rest. At least as far as Miami is concerned. As for the rest, it’s another story soon to be revealed, like the subject of this week’s feature (eurgh… someone hailing from Chicago, I’ve been said!!!) as well as the thema of our Politics Of Dancing column. But shush, let’s put the words/lyrics aside with our Issue#113 goin’ (instru)mental under the Back2DaRoots banner.

Oops by the way, big ups to Canadian lighting designer/photographer Hugh Conacher for allowing us to come up with this wonderful pic of his as an illustration to this week's display ( No doubt how this man should love music as well…

The Souljerz Records catalog is now available for digital download at Clickgroove, a UK based digitial music store specialising in soulful dance music and cutting edge grooves.

The next release from Souljerz Records will be "Taxi vibes" by DJ AJ Summers.

FASHIONFM, an internet radio station from Italy, will feature a mix from the Spirit of House "Fresh Grooves" series next weekend from midnight of Saturday March 4th to 1 AM on Sunday March 5th (times are CET).

Go here to find out more about the various shows you can listen to on this radio station.

Here we are standing right now on what appears as the very last paragraph before Miami with tons of thangz in the pipeline to feed your appetites. We’re jackin’ back to the sound of the underground with this week’s feature dedicated to long time CT based DJ/producer Jus-Ed who’s both releasing his own label’s first comp and resurrecting his NYC residency at Elements this Sunday.
We’ve now been around for 2 1/2 years which should make you in the position of knowing clearly what we’re about. But what about us as far as YOU’re concerned ? That’s the thema of our Politics Of Dancing piece due to hit your screens this Friday. As for our new Issue (#112) NuGroove columnist JM Irie gets back in full action with a tribute to Detroit rapster J Dilla who’s passed away a fortnight ago.

May he rest in peace, meanwhile our deepest thoughts go to his people.

With the yearly Winter Music Conference and the M3 Summit in Miami coming closer and closer, there are many things going on at the Spirit of House office:

We are currently planning our Miami trip and will bring you exclusive "WMC Preview" mixes just a few days before the conferences begin.

There is also a special Miami 2006 page in the works that will feature information of events selected by the Spirit of House staff.

But we don't forget about the music - we've got lots of fresh tunes in the past few days, and even more has been forecasted to drop in our office soon...

Lastly, if you live in the Toronto area in Canada, bookmark Saturday April 1st in your calender as Michael Fossati will be there for an exclusive set at the Winter Music Conference Edition 2006 party - more info can be found here.

As in previous years, Michael Fossati will be present in Miami from March 21 to March 30 for the Winter Music Conference and the M3 Summit to represent Spirit of House. If you want to meet Michael, please contact him by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form.

Spirit of House will work in conjunction with In Da Mix Worldwide to bring you the best from this yearly gathering.

Another four weeks & something and we’ll be in the position of having a clearer idea as how’s doin’ the worldwide house scene with the yearly Miami gathering. We’ll be there once again offering you an ever consistant coverage this year with the addiction of label manager/DJ/producer Claude Monnet on the list of our representative alongside Michael ‘Spiritofhouse’ Fossati and Olivier Velay.
Still in mind this O’Jays’ classic called ‘I Love Music’ ? Well, I guess you all readers should, but do you really act according to this ? That’s the thema of our Politics Of Dancing section this week. One of the main reasons why music is a universal thing comes from its ability to bless our souls whoever we are and wherever we’re coming from. Not to mention the fact that each makin’ of a piece of music may lead, if not to a new genre, at least to some interesting combination. As an illustration amongst many others, we’ve chosen to tell you the story of US singer Arthur Miles ‘Helping Hand/Trippin’ On Your Love’, a single released in 1990 on FFRR, melting blues with the most modern forms of groove at the period. Meanwhile our latest issue as its title says – 33RPM – gives a display of some of the latest album releases at this precise time.

Things are progressively going back to the normal on what is, by the time you read this, the flipside of your screen, havin’us doin’ almost 24/7 to refuel this space with the aim of having everything in full effect right on time : in other words, by the middle of March with the launch of our online record shop followed by the coverage of the annual Miami festivities.
We may now officially reveal the reconduction of our partnership with the M3 Summit (thanks to David Prince & cohorts for their trust), meanwhile Michael Fossati of and Olivier Velay of Stalwart Records are to join our team for the duration of the aforementioned, providing us with pics & reports.
Closer to us timely speaking, our weekly schedule focuses on the expected return of nu soul icon Maxwell with a new album rumoured to hit the streets in April after a 5 years hiatus. Our Politics Of Dancing editorial evokes the possible end of a cycle as far as the current production is concerned, meanwhile our Issue # 110 marks the return of the In Da Mix column. Not to mention that special surprise we have for a deep friend of ours due to appear on your screens this Friday. Are you with ?

You can’t imagine how pleasant this is for us to get back to you while being given back the possibility to add further life to this space after such a period of unvoluntary silence. Once again, thanks to those who shown us signs of commitment either while sendin’ us messages and material or simply coming to those pages. As for what to appear on your screens this week, a tribute to legendary disco/funk artists/producers Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards better known as Chic, our regular Politics Of Dancing series dedicated to the many times spoken thema about unity as opposed to self destruction. Also on display for our French speaking readers will be the third and last part of our zoom on the said electronic scene and its understanding on a local point of view. Meanwhile our Issue # 109 under the Back 2 Da Roots banner focusses on the contribution of the Europeans (or the Euro Americans) on the disco/dance scene with a whole bunch of must haves. Take a walk on the white side !

In March, the first ever vinyl sampler "Spring Collection 06" sees the light of day. This will surely be a hot one containing a soulful tune with Roberto De Carlos "Magic Star", a funky track with RAW ARTISTIC SOULs "Miami Theme" and two broken ones by SUGAR BEAT with "Im a man" and together with Jen on "Undone". Watch out !!

RAW ARTISTIC SOULs album "What About Love" was licensed by Rambling Records for Japan.

Roberto De Carlo and Ralf GUM teamed up for the first time to deliever a hot remix of Sueno Soul feat. Kimara Lovelace "Merry go round", forthcoming on Newlite Muzik.

For more, check the GoGo Music website.

Everything has to come to an end as this (long) wait to see us back on the blocks. Hopefully, this time, this is it, having us now on our own walls with everything needed at our disposal within the same space. Quite a long break indeed although not holidays with tons of updates awaited in the coming days, starting with a tribute to the late David Cole of the C&C Music Factory fame who left us a bit more than 11 years ago and the return in full effect of our controverted Politics Of Dancing series (both in English and French). As for our French speaking readers, they are to get delivered the second part of our focus dedicated to the so called electronic scene and its understanding/acceptation on a domestic point of view. Ride on!

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