News January 23, 2005

Swiss label Purple Music now offers you the choice to buy their releases either as vinyl or as MP3. They also announced the release of "Purple Music: The Master Collection Vol. 2" on double-CD by the end of feburary on Purple Music/Clubstar Records.

B-KING is a brand new Booking & Promotion agency recently opened by Ralf Gum and Roberto De Carlo. It already represents lots of international artists with more to come.

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠81

Already the 3rd third of January and another couple of months before going for another round by the sunny shores of Florida where you may already expect some big thangz to happen as well as here on IDMW.Com as time goes. Starting with our Extended 2.0 version, synymous with the forthcoming launch of new services in the weeks to come incl. a record shop and a promo dept to name but a few. As for this week's concern, we're proud and honoured to welcome another giant, by the likes of Chicago DJ/producer Glenn Underground who happens to be amongst those who've produced the EOL's Extensions album released this week. Meanwhile, 12"wise, our Single Of The Week is the work of French pair Pascal Rioux of Rotax label alongside Mr Day dropping a bit of retro funk feel. The latest developments being both the works of JM Irie on our International Edition and DJ ADN on our French Version. C'mon baby, let the good times roll…

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News January 30, 2005

Heya Hifi, the home of S.U.M.O, will have their vinyl releases distributed worldwide by Topplers (based in France). The album "Rebounces" will be released in Scandinavia in march (with a worldwide release to follow in april), containing 17 track with the best remixes, including many exclusive versions. The first 12" release will be the Blaze classic "My beat" with new mixes by S.U.M.O.

Speaking of S.U.M.O, they are currently working on a remix of Jazztronik's "Froro" for Pantone Music Records.

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠82

Looks like we're going quite Detroitish this week, judging more or less by what's on display on our various sections. Starting with our Album of the Month, courtesy of Dar K Com Edy aka Kenny Larkin, but also our Single of The Week by the likes of John Consemulder on Detroit label Moods & Grooves with remixes by Jon Tejada and Pirahna Head. And as if it wasn't enough, UK outfit Soul Central might well score the anthem of the year with their vocal revamp of Derrick May's classic "Strings Of Life"… January coming to its end, means it's now time for another selection of the best albums around with our 33RPM column…

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News February 6, 2005

As already mentioned, the Winter Music Conference will take place from March 22 - 26 in Miami Beach/Florida (USA). As every year, The List is the place to look for all parties happening. It already features lots of parties. Soon I'll add the WMC 2005 page to the site with all info you need to find and contact me during the conference.

The next release on Slaag Records will be "Hot Baby ~The GoGo Dancer" by Cassio Ware. The release also features the bonus track "It's getting hot in here" (originally on Movin' Records).

Track Mode Records have their MP3 store open now. It features out of print releases as well as promo MP3's of the upcoming "Dirty Soul EP" by Anthony Nicholson.

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠83

Looks like we've pretty much spoilt you once more judging by what's on display this week. As a matter of fact we've secured to have a chat with none other than the one who've provided us with our current Album of the Month : Kenny Larkin ! On the 12" front, distinguished Italian stable Schema Records drop a fine appetizer of their Break'N'Bossa series # 7 of the likes with a 2 track sampler being our Single of the Week. As for our editorial's concern, back from Japan is Nik Weston with the latest developments concerning this much productive scene. Meanwhile Erik 'Waxgroove' Rug makes his long awaited debut on our French version with his very first monthly selection.

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It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠84

Nothing but house this time on IDMW.Com and what another week we have. Remember how we introduced you with Alix Alvarez a few weeks ago ? Well, we now have his partner in crime, Victor Font aka Mr V, author of the much currently sought after "Jus Dance" and "Somethin' Wit' Jazz' respectively on Vega Records and SOLE Channel (see Interview). As for our Single Of The Week's concern, we're going back to Parisian label Q-Tape and Crusho doin' it with the remixes of the already classic "Someone To Love".

Another 6 weeks before gathering in Miami and we've secured to provide you with the very first infos on what to expect over there (see Diary). Meanwhile MFSB and DJ ADN share the duties respectively on our International and French versions with the latest instalments of their In Da Mix and The Other Side columns. Welcome on board.

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News March 6, 2005

SoundMen on Wax Records are back after a long hiatus and will release Jephte Guillaume remixes of the classic "Set me free" by Kenny Bobien soon on 2x12".

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠85

Bloody hell. What a fortnight we’ve had with our telephone line made unoperational by the action of some junk Internet provider, having our editorial team accordingly unaware to communicate both internally and externally. This having us unable to have (amongst others) our weekly chat published on time this Tuesday. Anyway, we’ve managed to have them though and what a shinny gift having us welcoming the much sought after Bah Samba crew.

Our deepest apologizes once again to you, our readers and the many of you whose messages have stayed unanswered for a while, having us in the uncapacity to update our sections the way we usually do… We go back in the daze this week having the Salsoul 30th Anniversary double CD as our Album Of The Month. On the 12’’ front 280 West’s’Fly’ gets a new life courtesy of Blaze at their highest providing Phuture Soul Recordings with their first Single Of The Week for 2K5. Meanwhile, as usual on this period of the month, we offer you another selection of some of the best albums around on our 33RPM monthly session.

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It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠87

Another couple of daze B4 da big jump into the Florida gathering and its bunch of new (house) soundz ready to take the dancefloors by storm at the four corners of the globe. We talk about this B4 time this week and via its various aspects. Should it be MP3wise with a ride into, courtesy of its co-founder, Brian ‘Soulfuric’ Tappert. Via our Single Of The Week - the Blaze’s classic ‘My Beat’ revamped by S.U.M.O. - or via our editorials (The Other Side) and (In Da Mix) left respectively c/o DJ ADN and MFSB. We’ll house ya !

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News April 3, 2005

So much things were going on in Miami at the Winter Music Conference with many new productions debuting... look out for a forthcoming Michael Watford release on MN2S Records - this one is huge and has been rocking the dancefloors in Miami. Also DJ Oji has the fantanstic "Esteban" that hopefully will be out soon. And some good news about "Luv 4 money" by Blvd East & Lou Gorbea as this one has been picked up by Louie Vega for release on one of the MAW labels.

While we reviewed Jamsteady Vol. 7 this week, there is alo Jamsteady Vol. 8 on test pressing. This features the wonderful Osunlade remixes of "Emotional rollercoaster" by Vivien Green.

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