It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠98

Sea, Sex & Sun… We’re almost there as far as we, at IDMW.Com, are concerned. Alas, the recent times have brought us some bad news with the passing away of one of our heroes : Luther Vandross to whom we've recently paid a tribute a . Singlewise, we send our props to Detroit producer Kevin Saunderson aka The Reese Project making his awaited come back with the collaboration of singer Paul Randolph that we’ve had the chance to see quite recently at Le Rex in Paris alongside Moodyman and Pirahna Head, with a new single to be released right after the summer break. As for global reviews, MFSB who’s just done the final behind the decks at the Festival Of Salamanca, Spain, gives an idea of what his regular column is to be about within a short while, ADN talking about some of the latest tunes around on his own column for our French reading crowd.

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News August 7, 2005

On July 29, Josef Saddler, a very talented artist and close friend of mine, passed away. He has been the featured vocalist on many timeless productions including "Sun goddess" by 95 North, "America at war" by DJ Pope featuring Voices of Freedom and most recently on "Love made for two" by Santos, to just name a few. May he rest in peace and condolences to his loved ones.

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE≠99

Things always come to an end one day or another and it’s now time for most of us here on IDMW.Com to take a well deserved break B4 coming back in strong action in September with the effective launch of our record shop, the arrival of new members on our editorial team and the opening of new sections. You won’t be left alone though in the weeks to come as Romain Pigenel is to take the driver’s seat alongside Jean-Jerôme Lebel currently working on the latest evolutions of our site. As for what’s been currently left to your appreciation, we’ve managed to have a chat with French jock/producer and (new) label manager Sami Dee. Our new Vintage Single Of The Week coming courtesy of 70’s outfit CJ & Co with the help of Tom Moulton doing the mix. Meanwhile, this pre break issue gives us the opportunity to have a word about some of the hottest LP’s around including our (new) Album Of The Month courtesy of Berlin outfit Micatone.

All da best, stay tuned

Frederic ‘MFSB’ Messent, editor

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News August 28, 2005

MAESTRO, directed by  Josell Ramos, the documentary that explores the roots of the Underground Dance Music Culture, has now also been released in Japan on DVD, together with an accompanying double-CD. In addition to the US CD release that just includes the Danny Krivit nonstop mix , the japanese release includes a bonus unmixed CD featruing exclusive Danny Krivit re-edits.

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE#100

This week is something of special for us having us releasing what is to be our Issue#100 !!! The opportunity for us to thank you for your continuous support while visiting us on a regular basis. But also for me, on a more personal tip, to send my props to Jean-Jerôme Lebel who’s given the technical birth to this site as well as to the members of our editorial team for their spontaneous and free commitment into this adventure. As a matter of fact, don’t expect any review of so called fresh material this week but a sort of reader’s digest of what to expect from us prior to start what’s going to be our third season of activity...

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News September 18, 2005

KingStreet Records just released the Kiko Navarro remixes of "Spread love" by Byron Stingily on 12", previously only available on the japanese "Keep Hope Alive Revisited" CD release.

It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE#101

Do you remember… September ? Well, we gotta do it at least as good as Earth, Wind & Fire back in the daze as it’s time for many of us on this part of the world to get back seriously at work. And I gotta say that we’re pretty much excited about it here on IDMW.Com because of a whole bunch of new blood to come on the site, starting with the now imminent opening of our long awaited online record store. We’ve gathered a lot of goodies to feed your apetites over those last weeks, meanwhile seing our attention eventually caught up by people and things of the past we’d forgotten when not litterally discovered, seing us with a whole bunch of (new) things we feel we’ve gotta talk to you about in the near future. As for this week, we’re coming back atcha with our usual bunch of colums, welcoming French producer and resident DJ of weekly Dance Culture sessions, Greg Gauthier for a chat. Our Single Of The Week sounds like a piece of xtra summer time brought up by the likes of Bah Samba, meanwhile our Vintage section gets a little bit more space welcoming not only our now usual 12’’ of the likes – ‘Disco Inferno’ by The Trammps – with the addiction of a new dedicated column left to the hands of our own MFSB.

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It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE#102

Here we go for another week with quite a varied selection, bringing you back to the glorious souvenir of recording artist, music film maker and producer Giorgio Moroder (remember his contribution to disco with Donna Summer and his unforgettable Midnight Express OST). Our Vintage series being completed by our 12’’ of the likes, courtesy of 80’s US funkster Glenn Jones with the aptly called ‘’I Am Somebody’’. As for the present time, London based promoter/scribe Nik Weston delivers the latest developments as far as the Japanese scene is concerned. We then pay our contribution to Blaze & Ultra Nate scoring our Single Of The Week. Then if ever you feel you don’t know enough about how we see the current times, don’t hesitate to check our Politics Of Dancing section.
Peace y’all.

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It's not a problem that I can't fix, coz' I can do it… IN DA MIX ISSUE#103

Already the last week of this month synonymous with the arrival of Autumn, but first and foremost with the release of our 33 RPM column dedicated to the LP format with a selection of some of the best albums around. A selection which has been nearly made impossible – apart from our Album Of The Month, courtesy of Masters At Work with their aptly named Kings Of House mix on BBE as reviewed by ‘s head Muema - due to the weak amount of material worth to mention which we’ve been sent during those last weeks. This being another blattant illustration of the current hesitations of a more than ever fragilized scene in an obvious search of a new shuffle. In other words, I guess we can say how there’s a crucial need of (true) references as brilliantly demonstrated in the past by Romanthony to whom we pay a tribute. Or by Crusaders member Wilton Felder, author of our Vintage 12’’ Of The Week with the exquisite 25 years old ‘Inherit The Wind’ featuring Bobby Womack on vocals. As for our brand new issue, it sees the return of our ol’ In Da Mix column with a drop of house, garage & other illicit grooves.

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April 1st: "Winter Music Conference Edition 2006" party in Toronto/Canada

As the M3 Summit and Winter Music Conference are over now, there is lots of fresh soulful music around that must be heard. Michael Fossati will be in Toronto on April 1st for an exclusive set at the Winter Music Conference Edition 2006 party to please you with the latest in soulful dance music.

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In the works... (as of April 10, 2006)

This page has a list of records that should be released in the next few weeks and months. But there is no guarantee that everything will get released. And this list is by far not complete (you may contribute to it by sending me your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Remember that this list inlcudes records that might take month before they get released...

  • Peppermint Jam Compilation (Peppermint Jam Records Album)
  • CeCe Peniston "Album" (Silk Entertainment Records Album)
  • Sound Driverz (aka Darryl D'Bonneau and Tom Bruce) "Feed the Flame" (Estero Records 12")
  • Salif Keita "Tolon Willie" (Joe Claussel Remix)(Metru Blue Records 12")
  • Carmen B "Somebody Nu" (SoundMen on Wax Records 12")
  • Ray Hurley "Ride the storm" (including Dino & Terry Remix)(95 North Records 12")
  • Johnny Corporate "In the pocket" (Defected Records 12")
  • Ecco & The Massive "Paradise" (YellOrange Records 12")
  • New Soul Movement "Everyday People" (including 95 North remix)(12")
  • Kenny Bobien "Blessed - The Remixes" (SoundMen on Wax Records Album)
  • Pound Boys featuring Yvonne Brown "You make me happy" (YellOrange Records 12")
  • SuSu Bobien "U brought me a brigher day" (E-Smoove Remixes)(Oxyd Records 12")
  • Various "Faya Combo Compilation" (Faya Combo Records Double-Album)
  • Prassay "Album" (Faya Combo Records Dobule-Album)
  • DJ Gwen "Salou" (Africanism/Yellow Records 12")
  • Sharna "Lifted Me" (Audiowhores Remix)(Refunkt Records 12")
  • DJ Gregory "Le chant du cerf" (Faya Combo Records 12")
  • Markus Enochson featuring Jocelyn Mathieu "Still waiting" (MAW Records 12")
  • Fanatix featuring Lady Alma "Higher" (MAW Records 12")
  • Faya Combo Cuts Vol. 2 "Labyrinthe" (Faya Combo Records 12")
  • Big Moses featuring Nicky Gadson "Slow dance" (BigMoe Records 12"9
  • Sir Isaac "Guided me" (BigMoe Records 12")
  • Frankie Knuckles featuring Nikki Richards "I've had enough" (including Groove Junkies remix)(Definity Records 12")
  • Jamie Lewis featuring Keith Thompson "Body music" (including Roberto De Carlo Remix)(Purple Music Records 12")
  • Stax "Love is just a call away" (GotSoul Records 12")
  • Markus Enochson "Club possible" (RealTone Records 12")
  • Amerie "Touch" (Fuzion Remix)(Sony Records 12")
  • Sir Isaac "You gave me love" (Fuzion Remix)(Musa Records 12")
  • Shaun Escoffery "What is he and what is he to you" (Ralf Gum Remixes)(Oyster Music 12")
  • Jamie Lewis presents Andrea Love "Faithfull" (Purple Music Records 12")
  • Gene Farris "Sanctified love" (Kenny Carpenter Remix)(Defected Records 12")
  • Masters at Work "Loud" (MAW Records 12")
  • United People of Zion "Ki sa ou di" (Refunkt Records 12")
  • United People of Zion "Ti moune" (Soulfuric Records 12")
  • Mateo & Matos "Soul spirit EP" (WestEnd Records 12")
  • Mr. Ali "Unknown" (WestEnd Records Album)
  • Stephanie Cooke "Unknown" (WestEnd Records Album)
  • Solu featuring Kai Martin "They just don't know" (Steal Vybe Remix)(Solu Music Records 12")
  • Wunmi "Keep it rocking" (Steal Vybe Remix) (Urban Development Records 12")
  • HiFi Mike "Holliwood" (Purple Music Records 12")
  • H2O "Living for the future" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12")
  • Various "The Purple Music Acapellas Vol. 1" (Purple Music Records 12" and CD)
  • Cerrone "Music of life" (New Remixes)(Purple Music Records 12")
  • David Penn & Sebastian Gamboa "La vida" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12")
  • Bob Sinclar "Champs Elysees" (New Remixes)(Purple Music Tracks Records 12")
  • Claude Monnet by Torre "Panache" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12")
  • Alfred "Voyager" (Purple Music Tracks Records 12")

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