Sorry for those of you who may have thought that this was it for us in regards to this year Miami’s nu soundabytes, having us bringing you another series of hot tunes this week, including some which haven’t necessarily been promoed over there. On the mix front, we bring you two new selections this week courtesy of French label Rotax head Pascal Rioux and Chicagoan 3degrees co resident Julius the Mad Thinker meanwhile we have another producer hailing from the Windy City by the likes of Jesse Outlaw making his debut alongside vocalist Bernard Harris with ‘Love You So’ on our Single Of The Week section.

Our excuses to the senders of the many e-mails we haven’t been able to give a quick response to in the last days, because of the breakdown of a part of our system (incl. our usual mail box) which should get back to the normal very soon after the many actions we’ve engaged in that sense.


Well, well, well. As you thought it was over for a while, we’re back here for the 2nd time in raw with another selection of not to be missed pieces of music amongst or following the footsteps of Miami and I’ve gotta say rhat we’d better have an almost 360° wide lense in order to come up with the best synthesis of what’s going on…

Although many of you look like more into the single format, I can help myself seriously suggesting you to have a full check at Raw Artistic Soul’s awaited debut-LP due to hit the streets by the beginning of May, full of killing pîeces in the vein of the memorable ‘Pa El Bembe’ which was to become a Single Of The Week here on IDMW.Com at the end of 2K4, fuelled with Afro-Latino-Caribbean vibes to take our minds, bodies & souls by storm for quite a moment (GoGo Music). Watch this space !

Speaking of those atmospheres, I happened to hear people once more complaining about Louie Vega’s approach on the latest Anané’s new single (Vega). Well, true that our man being hyperactive - as Blaze are in the meantime - this may seem sort of too much for some of us at the moment. This said, I would tend to find more natural seing Louie on this vein as opposed to what MAW have done both with their upcoming ‘Soul Makossa’ work alongside Afrika Bambaataa and ‘Loud’ which, to me, appear too much as circumstancial evidences if not (for the latest) as a response to those eletro rock influenced trend diktats around. Not to mention that this cool and sensuous latin groover with Madame Vega, not only shows her singing talent, but also some serious musicianship from the people involved in the production such as Josh Milan and Joe Claussell. Speaking of the latest, I’ve finally happened to have mo’ infos regarding his latest work which, to me, ended up being amongst my favourite pieces of music during the Conf, titled ‘Simple’ and currently available as a limited promo edition on Black Magic label under the Alumna guise. As for the second and his partner in crime (Kevin Hedge) - in other words, Blaze ! - get ready for some more of their recent Keep Hope Alive project, to be released in June on suSu label with remixed and unreleased tracks making this another absolute not to be missed collection as it comes (remember where you’ve read this first).

Addin’ to this summer flavoured trip, London pair of bros. Faze Action make their debut on Copyright Recordings with the cool’n’groovy ‘Kariba 2005’ featuring Zeke Manyika delivered with an additional rework by Copyright themselves on some more directive both bassline et beat. Meanwhile, the South African scene drops some x-tra vibes this week, by the likes of DJ Mphulo and the soulful ‘Vunami’ with a preference for ‘Home Sweet Home’ tinged with a drop a ragga toast on the filpside (House Afrika/Monate Fela). But also MDC with the intimate and melancholic ‘Ziyatonta’ (Soulful Records). Not to mention Malaika with the midtempo cool groover ‘Destiny’ on Sony Music. Those added to Mozambique rising star Roberto Da Luana aka Choppa with the catchy ‘Waga Waga’ dubbed with the familiar sounding ‘Magumbe’ on the other side (African Cream) and the not to be missed ‘Nisixotshelani’ by Zimbawean pair Mafikizolo who you may remember for having one of their songs remixed par Masters At Work a few years ago ; all of the latest being fully available on

New California label Binary Soul drops its first release courtesy of Martin East Project featuring Lady Sa’. A plaintive downtempo song on its original form totally transformed into a killer groove, given the remix treatment to Jon Cutler with addtional lush keys by Scott Wozniak. Around for quite some time on promo, Selan’s ’Unconditional Love’ has finally got an official release on Wonderwax ; this giving us the opportunity to get to know a but more about an interesting vocalist on a tempo slighty quicker than usual courtesy of DJ Spinna giving his sensitive touch to the whole.

Some people said to me : Yaow, Frederic ! No need to check this new Kenny Bobien’s 12’’ (as a matter of fact : ‘When’ on Canadian label Home Recordings) as this is straight for you, and you know what ? I followed his advice and although I find West production in fine style, I also couldn’t help myself thinking how conventional this is, so I naturally turned it on the B-Side, prefering it first for its sequenced phonkier approach by the likes of Karizma, and foremost for the Jon Cutler Distant Mix having the latest providing us on a not too disimilar vein as the original with the right balance for it.

Could it be that… ‘Love Is On The Way’ ??? As least, many people around seem geared towards sensuous and melodic approaches, as if there was a need for more intimacy and it’s exactly what to expect on Steal Vybe’s new 12’’. A four tracker called ‘Musical Journeys EP’ displaying the many sides of this distinguished production team, starting with the rejoicing… ‘Love Song’ featuring cool vocal parts, the rougher ‘Relief’ on the B-Side and the scatted softly bossa influenced ‘Vibrations’ literally enlighted by awesome synths arrangements.

Judging by what I’ve been said from people who’ve had the chance to see him in Miami, CeCe Rogers’ live performance was amongst the highlights of this year’s Conference, which I’m not to surprised to hear and the good news is that our man is in top form, going back on his own name, after a long period spent under the Jestofunk banner, with the fine and aptly named… ‘It’s Alright’ on Grant Nelson’s imprint Swing City. Welcome back, bro ! Another man who’s made quite some waves on the French scene is Mani Hoffman, known for his contributions alongside Shade Of Soul and Franck Roger. This time, he’s opted to collaborate with (DJ) Fudge of Troublemen ; the latest giving another proof of his search for musicality on the phonkjazzy swinging ‘Keep On’ due to appear very soon on French label Stalwart. Not that many infos in comparizon regarding who are Soul Tempo and where they’re coming from due to the fact that I’ve been given a test pressing of theirs with no other mention than the title of their song (‘Small Winds’) and the label (Philosophie Music) issueing this. Anyway, what we’ve got there is another slice of jazzy house with infectious vocals for the soul headz.

Putting an end to this week’s issue while sending our best wishes to new label Kinky Malinki Recordings out of UK debuting with a shared 12’’ courtesy of Urban Dance Institution with the jazzy & phonky ‘Play 4 Love’ and Soulaja (our favourite) on the subtly Philly inspired ‘Love Is Better’ on the A side. More info on Speak soon, MFSB


BLAZE Not Far Away - from BLAZE presents UDAUFL (suSU/CD-R)
ALUMNA Simple (Black Magic)
DJ MPHULO Home Sweet Home (House Afrika/Monate Fela)
RAW ARTISTIC SOUL featuring DOMINGO PATRICIO Fela Brasil - LP Version (GoGo Music/advance)
CHOPPA Magumbe (African Cream)
STEAL VYBE Vibrations (Steal Vybe)
SOULAJA Love Is Better (Kinky Malinki)
ANANE Amazing Love - Roots Mix (Vega)
FUDGE featuring MANI HOFFMAN Keep On (Stalwart/advance)
KENNY BOBIEN When - Jon Cutler Distant Mix (Home Recordings)