Yaow folks. Some of you may wonder wassup ? Well, nothing wrong apart from having us in the same state of mind as many of those we’ve supported the works of for ages now. In other words, the need for finding the resources, if not the motivation to make this space even more exciting for you as for us while keepin’ on staying true to our beliefs. This said, don’t get us wrong as unlike certain people who’ve ended up losing their souls (if not selling them), we’re not to give up on what has made us being who we are but will certainly do it differently…


This is far from being the first time having us writing about the current misleading of the system and talk about solutions in order to have the scene gaining a better exposure. As a matter of fact, we’ve done whatever we could since day 1 with weekly interviews, reviews and whatsoever, not to mention the gathering of a strong int’l team, the opening of a path for a big web network, not to mention our continuous will to provide you with the most acurate data basis. And what do we see in return ? Many people we’ve been supporting the works for ages - they should recognize themselves - not doing their part of the job which at the very least consist in sending us the infos (the material for reviews) at the appropriate time thus showing their lack of interest into what we’ve done so far. Not to mention their lack of respect of you. It’s their choice, as it well might be ours to stop keepin’on maintaining this continuous one way street relation having them receiving everything from us meanwhile not giving anything in return.

A famous French proverb says that there ain’t a bigger deaf than the one who doesn’t wanna listen and I hardly see why we would keep on spending our time, energy and money on supporting the aforementioned who, while reacting like this, would tend to proove that they don’t give a sh** on our dedication into what they’re doing. Hopefully, the groove has enuff ways of expressions to have us focussing on people/subjects who’re up to broaden our coverage spectrum as well as providing us with a better understanding of where all of this is coming from. From its most traditional forms to its most progressive ones on a sort of back & forth kinda reading. Isn’t that after all what makes the groove so alive and seducive for most of us here ?

As a matter of fact, life show us how humans tend to look for a better understanding of their present while going back to what made it the way it is nowadays and this is exactly where we’re gonna take you while coming atcha regularily with chapters of our common past on our will to provide you with what we think to be some of the necessary keys for your own research. Sure, this is going to take some time but I can humbly assure you that you won’t be disappointed, should you feel at least the 10th of the excitement which is ours on our own day to day research.

Speak soon,

Frederic ‘MFSB’ Messent, editor