Things always come to an end one day or another and it’s now time for most of us here on IDMW.Com to take a well deserved break B4 coming back in strong action in September with the effective launch of our record shop, the arrival of new members on our editorial team and the opening of new sections. You won’t be left alone though in the weeks to come as Romain Pigenel is to take the driver’s seat alongside Jean-Jerôme Lebel currently working on the latest evolutions of our site. As for what’s been currently left to your appreciation, we’ve managed to have a chat with French jock/producer and (new) label manager Sami Dee. Our new Vintage Single Of The Week coming courtesy of 70’s outfit CJ & Co with the help of Tom Moulton doing the mix. Meanwhile, this pre break issue gives us the opportunity to have a word about some of the hottest LP’s around including our (new) Album Of The Month courtesy of Berlin outfit Micatone.

All da best, stay tuned

Frederic ‘MFSB’ Messent, editor


Time to take a break before a come back full of awaited goodies of all genres. Some of you are already back to work, others are ready to pack, but for both of us, it’s still summer with a whole bunch of appropriate vibes, from German sextet Micatone scoring our Album Of The Month to their Slope label mate. From Italian jazz maestri The Dinning Rooms & S-Tone Inc to Latin influenced Nippon producer Yukihiro Fukutomi and a whole bunch of selected vibes of the likes gathered on Abstract Latin Lounge n°4 in the series. And many many others…

Jazzanova’s Sonar Kollektiv label keeps on dee-liting our ears with no less with 2 album releases. The first of which being the third album of Micatone on a more chilly vein with the divine voice of Lisa Bessangue (see our Album Of The Month review). Meanwhile Slope goes for some mo’ futuristic approach on the aptly called Komputa Groove whereas you may find a whole bunch of guests such as rapper Capitol A on a quite interesting hip hop/soul lectrophonk vein, female singer Clara Hill on a more mental phonky tip, Ovasoul 7 on some atmospheric minimal bossa influenced groove. But also Eva Navrot on the nu soul tinged ‘There’s No Friendship After Love’ and Colin Corvez on the broken beatish ‘You’ve Got To…’ amongst others, these in the middle of abstract eclectic grooves of all sorts. Not that far away spiritually speaking from French pair DJ Gilb-R & I:Cube aka Château Flight whose The Meal LP gets a rerelease with the label (Versatile) being now distributed by Nocturne. An absolute winning combination for the nu groove aficionados which I’d be tempted to describe as Arts Déco due to its quite aesthetical mixtures of long time reputedly opposed components. As a result, we have here a brilliant synthesis of a period type covering almost 3 decades incl. killer grooves torn between electronic, hip hop, techno and funk influences. No wonder why Gilb-R and Carl Craig get on so well together. Another one who’s made quite a name for hismelf following his instinct and showing his aptitude to go from a universe to another is Philly’s researcher King Britt dropping a new album on Nurture/V2. Our man has the sense of the sounds and coloration and shows it once more with this double CD gathering some of his best works under his various guises to date (no less than 25 !). The CD one displaying his compositions, as opposed to the CD2 made of remixes. From Sylk 30 featuring Vicky Miles ‘The Reason’ to Scuba’s’Swell’ featuring Vikter Duplaix and reworks for people such as H-Foundation, Michelle Shaprow, Soul Dharma and Jazzanova to name but of phew !

An eternity without seing my dear Detroit pal Mike Grant of Big 50 Entertainment. As a matter of fact, last time was during the Amsterdam Dance Event… in October 2004. My man who’s been tickling Glenn Underground for quite some time in order to have a full album released on his label has recently put out what I believe to be the debut-LP of Australian producer Ewan Jansen. Aptly titled Blueline Summer, the aforementioned deserves a serious listen, should you be into contemplative soundabytes, deep sounds and warm phonky grooves (Moods & Grooves). Hot on the heels of his previous works with Blaze and Jazzanova (on their defunct JCR label), Yukihiro Fukutomi comes with a new album release awaited on 08/29 on UK label Pantone Music and what a package peeps ! It starts with the magnetic album title - ‘Equality - with spoken words courtesy of NY jocks artist Rich Medina declined on 3 different versions. The first one, as an opener, on some broken beat vein. The last, as a conclusion delving into downtempo jazzy R&B with the help of Blackbeard doin’ the remix. For the house headz, we have the in yer face ‘Peace’ starring Lady Alma, but also the ‘Equality’ Pt.2 version on a techy influenced approach, meanwhile ‘Hooked’ featuring Lady Alma should reach the hearts of the deep & soulful house lovaz. Fukutomi also drops a couple of those bossa jazz influenced works which has been for much on his recognition (check out the subtle and sensuous ‘Love Is To Blame’ featuring Isabelle Antena & Ernesto and even touches technoid sferes on ‘The Tambour’ for instance displaying keyboards effects alla Underground Resistance. Well done.

Our old brothers at King Street label HQ may be hard workin’, they obviously haven’t forgotten that it was summertime on this North Hemisphere of the globe. As a result, we’ve been posted a copy of the ultimate chapter of their Abstract Latin Lounge series. And here again, what another collection of pure gems, from the opening ‘Xel Ha’ by Kiko Navarro dropping atmospheric vibes, female scats and Cuban Horns over a bossa influenced house beat to a stunning revamp of Harry Choo Choo Romero’s classic ‘Mongobonix’ by Damien J Carter. Not to mention ‘Kissed The Sun’ by John Beltram on his particular style and the most underrated ‘I’m Leaving’ by Italian producer Ivan Iacobucci, with a special mention to the ultra sensuous ‘No Me Digas Nada’ by Malena (NiteGrooves).

Italia is the country of upper class design per excellence, should it be in terms of fashion, cars, shoes, food, but also cinema and music to some extend. Home to Nicola Conte amongst others, Schema Records drops two LP’s courtesy of S-Tone Inc. and The Dining Rooms. Expect nothing but ultra high definition swings and grooves with a bunch of Brazilo-Latin influenced cool songs on the first one. As for the second - in other words Stefano Ghittoni & Cesare Malfatti - they experiment the soul of the 70’s reactivating it as if it was yesterday. Awesome recording, emotional lyrics and vibrant interpretations as shown on the opening ‘No Problem’ sung by Sean Martin, but also the stunning ‘Diamonds & Conforts’ and ‘Within’ featuring Amraah 8 and the list goes on & on & on with the incursion of some more progressive beats at some times.

suSU label gives birth to a surprising flight from Manhattan to Ibiza with the… Ibiza/Manhattan X2CD (mixed and unmixed) compilation. Surprising indeed knowing that’s it’s unfortunately far from being what you’d normally here on the famous Spanish island during the summer, to the sole exception of reputedly places dedicated to the good music such as Cafe del Mar Kumharras or Las Dalhias as far as I may remember. In other words, there are nothing but finely selected intimate cuts by the likes of our long time heroes such as Blaze, Stephanie Cooke, Louie Vega & Raul Midon, Joi and George Mena & Frankie Estevez that you would hear by some hotel poolside during the March Conf in Miami and quite easy to say that this is all good.

Never been that much fan of the post Underground Solution releases of Roger Sanchez although I appreciate very much the man but gotta admit that the 4th instalment of his Release Yourself series touched my ears. I love that pre party CD where the pressure gets up slowly but surely, not only in terms of the selected material featuring contributions from people such as Sia, Sueno Soul, Louie Vega, Raw Artistic Soul and Kaskade, but also the way it’s done, with a lot of sensibility. As for the party CD, it looks closer to what we may hear in Ibiza, but with a real carefully done selection and a Mida’s touch behind the decks, starting on some kinda atmospheric deep Latin trance then steppin’ onto really good dance music by the likes of Nu Rhytmix, Angel Moraes & Dana Divine, Holmes Ives featuring Avalon Frost with a link to Lyon hailing French producer Klement Bonelli & The Dragon. Thanks Mr S !

As for what concerns us here right now, time 2 leave…

See ya in September with a renewed pleasure, MFSB

YUKIHIRO FUKUTOMI featuring RICH MEDINA Equality - Blackbear Remix (Pantone)
EWAN JANSEN New Stroke - album version (Moods & Grooves)
SIA Breathe Me - from Relase Yourself 4 (Stealth Records)
STEPHANIE COOKE Lover’s Holiday - from Ibiza/Manhattan (suSU)
MALENA No Me Digas Nada - from Abstract Latin Lounge IV (NiteGrooves)
MICATONE Where I Am (Pt.1) - album version (Sonar Kollektiv)
KING BRITT featuring IVANA SANTILLI Superstar - album version (Nurture)
THE DINING ROOMS Within - album version (Schema)
CHATEAU FLIGHT Cosmic Race - album version (Versatile)
SLOPE A Gain - album version (Sonar Kollektiv)