Spirit of House is coming to Smoothtraxx Radio. For the start, it will be an exclusive show airing monthly, but we are already thinking of doing it bi-weekly or weekly...

Smoothtrax Logo The first show will air this Friday, October 3, 20:00 - 21:00 (GMT + 02:00).


We decided to replace the old links section with a brand new, much user friendly one. Over time we will migrate the weblinks from the old section.

You can add links on your own (go here), but they have to be approved by us before they become visible. We would like you to know that we have raised the bar and will not accept every submission (it is within the decision powers of the editors which links will be accepted).

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We just wanted to let you know that we are changing servers today which might result in short downtimes of the site. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update 8:30PM CET: the move is currently ongoing, we are doing some tests to make sure everything is working as expected.

Update 0:30AM CET: the move to the new server is completed, everything appears to work as it should. If you encounter any problems, please let us know by either sending an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or filling out the contact form. Thanks a lot.

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We just wanted to let you know that we have cleaned the subscribers list to our Mailing List.

All subscribers where we have received multiple bounces which stated the recipient mailbox does not exist, is discontinued or anything similar have been deleted. If you have a new email address you want the newsletter to be sent to, please sign up again.

There are also quite a few subscribers with full mailboxes where the newsletter cannot be delivered.

We apologize for any inconvinence caused.

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We've been alerted today that Emails sent from AOL did not receive us, and some people also reported they did not receive Emails we sent them to their AOL accounts.

If you experience such problems with exchanging Email with us, you can alternatively use the contact forms:

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Spirit of House

Many thanks to those who voted in our poll. The verdict is clear, you prefer MP3 to be used as audio format.

We would like to hear from you what audio format you prefer to download our mixes.

After some considerations, we have put our blog online which you can find here. We will randomly update it with all kind of information regarding Spirit of House and from the Chief Editor.

Blog content will not necessarily be related to music only, it will also include other stuff we would like you to know.

Happy reading Smile

Mike Fossati

Earlier this week, DanceTracks Digtial launched their all new website that makes their products more easily accessible and also brings brand new, exiting features.

Whatever our said modern world would be without the help of technology? Obviously not the point of Chicago-based Consortium Muzik label head Big Cee makin’ his official debut on IDMW’s editorial team. But rather more of how it could be without the presence of pirates or should I say hackers regularly ruining its undeniable convenience…

In the evening of April 21 (CET),Chicago-based DJ/producer Abicah Soul made a couple of bulletin postings on MySpace about a Spanish DJ doin’ illegal music sharing (including a response from the the aforementioned who denied the accusations). On April 22, Consortium Muzik posted the same news on the Southport Weekender forum which started to give the whole affair more dimension with the accused DJ PS again denying it all. The affair given further development, with the latest at one time (for a few hours at least) having links posted to archive files of unreleased Abicah Soul music on his site.

To shed light on this issue, we've contacted some of the artists, producers and labels the music of which is played by DJ PS. All of them assured me that they never sent him their music, and some of them even haven't heard of him before. This confirming both what Abicah Soul and Consortium Muzik have made public as to what DJ PS has got his hands on lot of the music he plays through shady channels to say the least. So knowing there’s no way to get unreleased music legally which is appearently not the case as far as DJ PS is concerned, the issue is obviously somewhere else.

Expect further developent soon to be given on this page by Big Cee of Consortium Muzik himself doin’ his debut as correspondant for Indamixworldwide.com... Michael Fossati (SpiritOfHouse.com)

INDAMIXWORLDWIDE.COM: Only the best, No time for the rest!

Paris: 04/09/2008 10.00 pm CET

It has just come to our attention that another website might be once again fucking the whole industry while selling music at incredibly low prices…

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