Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) can be heard on Mix The Groove Radio every Sunday at 8pm GMT (London) // 8pm EST (New York).

Don't miss this opportunity to hear more fresh tunes and exclusives not heard on his weekly Fresh Grooves show here.

Michael Fossati now also has his own DJ Profile page where you can leave comments.

Mix The Groove Radio - Deep Soulful House Music

Mix The Groove just announced their latest heavyweight features, the DJ & Studio Corner where you can purchase the latest dj equipment including cd turntables, dj mixers, dj headphones, amps & speakers, studio hardware such as midi keyboards & controllers, studio mixing desks, outboard & fx and studio monitors, plus the latest software including Logic 7.2, Cubase 4 and Reason 3.0 sequencers, and virtual samplers from Native Instruments, Steinberg and Motu!....

Not only that...... they will be launching a section for Studio Tips, Tricks & Techniques to coincide with the launch of their store. Soon you will be able to get inside the minds of some of the hottest house producers & check out the studios behind some of the biggest tracks on the house scene.

You might have wondered why there haven't been regular updates to the Mix Archive for over a month. Well, we are facing some problems with ripping the mixes from their original CD.

Unfortunately, many of those CDs produce read-errors when we try to rip them. In addition, we already found two CDs that are no longer readable. We do our best recovering the mixes from CD, but we expect some not being recoverable or having sound issues.


A very interesting project is to drop soon: "Back to FUNDAMENTALS" presented by Claude Monnet which should give you an idea what the house music scene was about at its beginning in France. Various well known artists have been invited to participate in the project by creating a new track that shows their own vision of "House Old School". With names involved such as Laurent Garnier, Dimitri from Paris, Julien Jabre, DJ Gregory, DJ Fudge, Franck Roger, Fafa Monteco, Rocco (Rodamaal) and many more, this looks to be an amazing project.

The first release of the project, DJ Gregory's "You are my friend" will soon be available on 12" and digital download on SSOH Records. You can listen to the track at Claude Monnet's website.

Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) can be heard on Mix The Groove Radio every Sunday at 8pm GMT (London) // 3pm EST (New York).

Don't miss this opportunity to hear more fresh tunes and exclusives not heard on his weekly Fresh Grooves show here.

Mix The Groove Radio - Deep Soulful House Music

Mix The Groove Radio has arrived! Official launch date is August 20th 2007, with a list of of the who is who providing mixshows every day a week, bringing you the best in house music. Check out Bradford James , Jamie Thinnes, DJ DOve, Master Kev, Jihad Muhammad, Darren Campbell, David Harness, Hippie Torrales, Jay-J, Matthias Heilbronn, EdGround, Luis Radio, Michael Fossati and many more... Check out the full schedule here.


The Spirit of House Mix-Archive is finally online. This new site, sponsored by Neransk, will be the archive for the old mixes that are no longer available on the main Spirit of House website.

You find the new site here.

"The Godfather of Disco (G.O.D.)" - a documentary about Mel Cheren by Gene Graham

Based on Mel Cheren's powerful autobiography "My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep On Dancin", "The Godfather of Disco (G.O.D.)" is a feature length documentar by director Gene Graham that will give you an overview of the rise and fall of the 70's era dance music. Through a series of interviews with a who's who of the dance music community, G.O.D. uses the arc of Mel's life to examine the early 70's musical and cultural currents that gave birth to disco, West End Records' contribution to that scene, the rise of Paradise Garage, and the onslaught of HIV/Aids and it's impact on New York City. The documentary look at Mel's activist years as he harnesses the power of music to fight Aids via his charity work for GMHC and 24hrs for Life/LifeBEAT. Through it all, Mel has been there, done that, lived to tell the tale and continues to do it all today.

The movie had its world premier at the 2007 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival where director Gene Graham received the Emerging Filmmaker Award. More information, including a list of future screenings, can be found at the official website.

Mel Cheren - he's the guy that put an instrumental mix on the b-side of a 45rpm record.
Mel Cheren - he's the guy who put out the frist 12" DJ record.

Mel Cheren and Gene Graham in Minneapolis (picture courtesy of the official website)

South Africa has become a household name in the dance music scene, with many labels, artists, producers and DJs conquering the world in recent years. And with many of todays most renown DJs travelling to South Africa to play, there is no doubt the scene there is constantly growing and plays an important part in the world of house music today. In addition, the South African Music Conference (SAMC) has been launched a couple of years ago, inspired by the Winter Music Conference. This conference aims to bring together the South African houe music scene, its heros - Brothers of Peace (aka Oscar 'Osikdo' Mdlongwa and Bruce 'Dope' Sebitlo), Mahoota, DJ's at Work (aka Vinny da Vinci and DJ Christos), Black Coffee to name just a few - and young, upcomfing talents with some of the worlds most famous DJs and producers.

Furthermore, with House Afrika Records there exists a record label and store in Johannesburg (South Africa) that is committed to house music, selling not only vinyls and CDs but also DJ gear. Then there is AfrodesiaMP3, a digital download store which has been created in response to the ever growing demand for dance music from the African continent and to give a platform to all the African Labels, Artist and Producers who would like to present their unique style of music to the rest of the world.

Image Image

King Steet Sounds have their April 2007 Newsletter ready, bringing you the latest news from the label.

Also they have an artist spotlight on Sunshine Jones that includes a very informative interview.


cyberJAMZ Internet Radio will air an exclusive "Spirit of House WMC Mixshow" by Michael Fossati on Wednesday, April 18 from 1pm - 3pm (USA Eastern Standard Time).

Tune in to hear some of the hottest tunes from the conference.

We've just added a Galleries section to the website where you can find some pictures from Michael Fossati's Miami trip.

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