The News for 2000.

December 24, 2000

!! Merry christmas and a happy new year  !!

Watch out for new mixes of Jody Watley's "Love to love" on MAW Records out now. Also,  the double-album on Yoruba Records shouldn't be missed. Watch this space for a review in January 2001.

4th Floor Records releasd another 12" of "Sunday shoutin'" by Johnny Corporate with some mixes so far unavailable in the US including two mixes by Albert Cabrera, a mix by Erick Morillo and a mix by Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero.

Subliminal Records released the highly aclaimed tirple-album by Bob Sinclar "Champs Elysées" in the US inlcuding some exlusive mixes by Jose Nunez, Erick Morillo and Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero.

The rumour was spread some weeks ago, but now it is offical: Warner Music Group (WMG) and Strictly Rhythm Records - the New York-based independent dance label - have formed a long term, worldwide joint venture. No word what happens to labels like YellOrange or Basement Boys that they do distribute.

Believe it or not, but there is a rumour Barbara Tucker will leave Strictly Rhythm Records and will sign a contract with Munich (Germany) based label CNF Records

Additional information supplied by Thomas Fath.


December 17, 2000

Surprisingly, a lot of records got released in the past few days with a few goodies still on the way. Otherwise, not too much is happening. Everything is slowing down.

One exception is Defected Records. They just released the Full Intention remixes of "I believe" by Ministers De-La Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown on 2x12" with addtional mixes by Hatiras and King Unique and have "All I do" by the Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers on test pressing at the moment, and they also have some other stuff in the pipeline.


December 10, 2000

For all of you that couldn't get their hands on the Masters at Work remix of "Melody" by Misia there is new hope because there ae one-sided 12" around on clear vinyl that are pressed in the USA.

Giant Step Records have a few goodies coming up soon: "Surrender/Ever after" by Seek with a Ron Trent remix, "Rise" by Richard Worth, "Holiday" by Donnie (DJ Deep mixes too) and "Lamentations" by Carl Hancock Rux.

Watch out for the forthcoming 12" on Catch 22 Records titled "You" by Angie Johnson with mixes by Roger Sanchez and Bobbi & Steve.


December 3, 2000

Spiritual Life Records have a few goodies coming up soon: the Joe Claussell remixes of "Run the voodoo down" by Cassandra Wilson, the US release of "Homelands" by Nitin Sawhney (the most expensive japanese 12" I ever got), "Slavery days" by 3 Generations Walking, the US release of Jephte Guillaume & The Tet Kale Orkestra's album "Voyage of dreams" and the album by Slam Mode titles "Uhuru". Not to forget the compilations "Sacred Spirits of Rhythm" and "Spiritual Life Music Vol 1 - Keep the Spirit".

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my copies of "Organ Nights" by Scott Grooves and "Idris rises" by Mateo & Matos, also on Spiritiual Life Records, to come my way.

There is a new US promo of "Spanish guitar" by Toni Braxton on Arista Records with Joe Claussell remixes.

There are now UK promos of "Needin' U II" by David Morales presents The Face on Manifesto Records. The featured vocalist is Juliet Roberts, and in addition to the two vocal mixes that are on the bootlegg I reviewed there are two dark and hard dub mixes included.

Here are some hot news from Germany supplied by Thomas Fath:

US label Wave Records licensed Sharon Phillip's " Touch me" and will give it remixes by Tiefschwarz

Brickhouse Records upcoming releases will be a hot new track by Kenny Blake feat. Wanda G. with a slammin cover version of Steve Arrington's classic "Feel so real". Remixes by Wackside are currently in the making and release is planned for december. Still in line: Sebastian Krieg presents S-Class feat. Tyree "Say your prayer" with mixes by Sebastian Krieg and Wackside. Waiting to happen is also Emel's "Everything" with new Mousse T. Mixes.

Boris Dlugosch is in the Studio for his next track "Never enough" with Moloko's Roisin Murphy on Vocals. Cassius have teamed up with Jocely Brown for their new track "I'm a woman", Jose Nunez is again working with Octhavia for his next Subliminal Records release "Don't worry".


November 26, 2000

Spiritual Life Records released four 12" a couple of weeks ago, the first one by Snowboy being reviewed this week. I should get the other tree in the next couple of days for review: "Organ nights" by Scott Grooves, "Clouds" by Slam Mode and "Idris rises" by Mateo & Matos.

"Needin' you 2000" by The Face (aka David Morales) is now available on double-promo on Manifesto Records. The vocals on the new mixes are by none other than Juliet Roberts.


November 19, 2000

Epic Records released a US promo 12" of "By your side" by Sade which included the currently available bootlegg house mix by Ben Watts. But there are still rumours about Jay Denes remixes.

FFRR Records are on the roll again with the new single by Artful Dodger titled "Please don't turn me on". House mixes are done by Sounds of Life. Stay tuned for details.


November 12, 2000

As promised, a couple of new mixes were uploaded this week. I hope you enjoy them all.

"Salsoul nugget" by M&S will get released on FFRR Records soon. There are currently one-sided promos floating around that are better pressed than the bootlegg.

Spiritual Life Records are back with a couple of new releases. Watch out for reviews soon.

Knee Deep are in the final stages of producing their first full vocal single "I'll be there 4 U" which features Silvia Mason James on vocals and will get remixed by Miguel Migs. It will be out on Records of Interest as well as on Defected Records an Urban Records in a variety of mixes. They are also currently in the studio producing a song for Kenny Bobien for Records of Interest and SoundMen on Wax Records. Not to forget their remixes for Bob Sinclar's "Freedom" for Yellow Records, the Pound Boys 12" "Que pasa" and "Dot it now" by Dubtribe Sound System. Finally, the will start their own label Knee Deep Rcordings early next year with the first release being "212th Street Hustle".


November 5, 2000

Don't miss next weeks update - there will be plenty of mixes showcasing many of the records that came out during my vacation.

Watch out for new stuff by Dennis Ferrer coming soon. There will be a 12" on Metaphor Records and "Sfere 2", a double-album on Sfere Records. One of the featured vocalists is Kenny Bobien (I heard "Wonderful person" and "It's alright" and they are both slammin' !!).


October 31, 2000

What a weekend I had in Toronto. On Friday October 27, I played at the Solid Garage Party at Roxy Blue. What an experience (my first club gig ever), and what a crowd!! They know about music. Toronto, you got me coming back for sure!! My thanks go to Yogi and Mark of Groove Institute and to Peter Bosco and all the people that came down to party and made this a memorable moment for me.

BBE Records just released "Masters at Work: The Tenth Anniversy Collection - Part Two 1996 - 2000" on Quadruple-CD and Quadruple Album.

The Bob Sinclar album is now released on Defected Records on Triple Album.

MAW Records just put out two new 12" promos: remixes of 'Little' Louie Vega featuring Blaze "Elements of life" and new edited versions of "Sunshine after the rain" by Monday Michiru.

The new 12" by Crystal Clear is titled "Say it" and will be released after thanksgiving on YellOrange Records.

For all of you that missed the Italian five pack of Karen Ramirez "Troubled Girl", there is now a US 2x12" promo on MCA Records around.

Giant Step Records have a really interesting record planned for future release: "When it rains" by Jeymes Samuel with remixes by Phil Asher. The original (available on limited edition 12" promo of 300 copies) shows the talent of this upcoming star and is reminiscent of Terry Callier and Jon Lucien.

As a result of my holidays, there won't be a mix posted this week. Also, there are no reviews of European material (due to the fact that those are too expensive to buy in New York). They will be featured on the November 12 update.


October 22, 2000

I'm in New Yor for a couple of days now and I had already lots of fun. I did play at 2i on Friday, October 20th. Many thanks to DJ Timmy Richardson for letting me play there and to those that came to support me - you know who you are. And - of course - I got some hot new records, including the owns I didn't get before my holidays.

As a result of my holidays, there won't be a mix posted this week.


October 15, 2000

Unfortunately, there have been unforseen problems so that my record store didn't get the latest US releases. They should all come in next week. As you know, I'm gonna be on holiday in New York then, but I try to bring you an update with all those records.

Remember Deep Bros.? They had a huge club hit with "Soul talkin'" which was picked up by Wave Records for US release. They got lots of great material ready for release which features vocalists like Dawn Tallmann and Corrina Joseph. More information to follow soon.

I still had no luck finding the Jazz'N'Groove mixes of "Dreaming" by Loleatta Holloway. I know that they are really good, but only a few lucky ones got it so far.

The hottest track around at the moment is "Lean on me" by James Ingram. It will be released on MAW Records after thanksgiving with mixes by Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn and Todd Terry

Here are some hot news from Germany supplied by Thomas Fath:

The small but very hot label Records of Interest from Hamburg are about to release quite some fine tunes. Tracks of Interest is coming up with four new releases:

Satin Souls "Recover / The Pace" (T.O.I. 007): a new project by deep house aficionado Vincenzo and Elmar Schubert (remember "Mineral Music" on T.O.I.). Expect finest deep house!

Chevallier "Crack City" (T.O.I. 008): produced by a crew from the Boogie Park Studio. Remixes will be done by Vincenzo.

Martello Bros "Remember" (T.O.I. 009): fine Swiss production, which already caused some attention with its limited testpressing of 300 white labels. Pretty undergroundish and almost technoid, but with a VERY hot female voice, well known since 1993, when she got remixed by Masters At Work and some other US hotshots. Watch out! Remixes this time by Steve Bug.

Under Pressure "Slip Away" (T.O.I. 010): vocal production with remixes by John Julius Knight and T.K. Bros.

The more vocal orientated R.O.I. is about to release some new tunes as well.....check this!

Lenny Fontana featuring Angee Blake "Reach for the sky" (R.O.I. 011): cooperation with Soundmen on Wax and Almost Heaven (a new German label). Still no info, who will be doing the remixes and wheter they gonna be hard edge or soulful.

Pound Boys feat. Rashaan Houston "Shine" (R.O.I. 012): Garage Bomb!!! Remixes by Lenny Fontana.

Knee Deep feat. Silvia James "I´ll be there for you" (R.O.I. 013): Knee Deep in da H.O.U.S.E. Anything to add?!?! Probably Germany's hottest remixes lately and we should all be excited about there new project....

My favorite guys from Frankfurt/Germany, Wackside, are back in their studio and work on the final programming of Shakatak´s "Down in the streets". Tough beats and a pumping underground vibe is around as far as I heard.

Their latest remix is for Sebastian Krieg's and Tyree Cooper´s S-Klass "Say u prayers", which should be soon available as promos.

Swiss supreme class label Purple Music Records just released the long expected Jessica Parker "Touch me/Come on" on their sublabel Purple Future. A damn hot and kinky tune! Surely will be on high rotation in the cooler clubs...

Spike's new song "Never gonna give you up" got a full remix treatment by Sharam Jey, Tiefschwarz, Hacienda and Nerio's Dubwerk on several vinyls. The doublepack just got released and should be in the stores by now. The Nerio's Dubwerk mix will be available on a separate 12".

  Lionel Richie is back and his song "Angel" is available as a promo with 2Step (yawn, yawn....when will this so called New Garage Hysteria be over?!?!) and cool house-mixes on Island/Mercury Records. Wicked dub!!!


October 8, 2000

News for my Holidays: On October 27, I'm gonna be playing at Solid Garage in Toronto. I might also be spinning in New York, but this still neeed to be confirmed.

The next single from Bob Sinclair looks to be "Ich roche" from the forthcoming album "Champs Elysées"

Watch out for the next Blaze 12" "Elevation" out soon.


October 1, 2000

I'm gonna be on holiday from October 16 to November 10 in New York. In this time, there will be only minor updates to my site. 

Lots of new stuff that was just released that should get reviewed next week: the Tommy Musto remixes of "Ain't no running away" by Willie Washington on Dance Tracks Records, "It's alright" by 8B (a Todd Garnder production) on YellOrange Records, a new Karizma 12" on Basement Boys Records and more to lookout for...


September 24, 2000

Defected Records have just started sending out the first promos of "Dreaming" by Loleatta Holloway. Expect lots of mixes, including brand new ones by Jazz'N'Groove.

Here are some hot news from Germany supplied by Thomas Fath:

Wackside are in the studio, doing some remixes for Kieds Kidz´ "Jam, Jam, Jam" and we are surely all excited to hear how they reconstructed this material.

Boris Dlugosch and Michi Lange were working with Roisin from Moloko and the result is more than just nice. A flowing and smooth stomping song called "Never enough", coming out soon on Peppermint Jam Records.

Dlugosch/Lange Pt.2 - more to come from these very talented guys: "Girl" sung by Jamicia, Ann Nesby´s daughter...excited?!?!

Spike are back with two HOT remixes by Tiefschwarz and Sharam on a very limited 10 inch single. A doublepack with more mixes, including some instrumentals and DJ Antoine and Nerio´s Dubwerk remixes will follow soon on Zeitgeist/Polydor Records, Germany

Bob Sinclar´s new album "Champs Elysees" is waiting for its release on Defected/Edel Records. Quite some new and great songs are on this 60 minutes piece of work. Mr. Sinclar has some hot guest vocalists like D-Train and more singers from the past (remember Motown?) to offer. The mixture of down-beat and up-tempo songs and tracks will surely find a large group of aficionados!


September 17, 2000

"Higher" by David Morales, already a couple of month old, still rocks the dancefloors in Europe in the Knee Deep mixes which can be found on the german 12" on Urban Records (the one with the green label).


September 10, 2000

"Scream & Shout" by The Committee will be out on Subliminal Records soon, complete with a full vocal version.

I added the Upcoming list with a few titles to look out for.

Here are some hot news from Germany supplied by Thomas Fath:

Wackside are just remixing a song from the soundtrack to "Vergiss Amerika" (Forget America), a German movie which got honered at the Bavarian Movie Festival. The song is a cover-version done by the bass player of the Rainbirds of America's "A horse with no name" and will be out on Brainpool Records. Let's be curious and excited about these mixes....

Rumours say, that those really HOT remixes, that Mousse T did for Scorpion's "To be No.1" a while ago and unfortuntaly never saw the daylight as a release or promo here in Germany, might get a release sooner or later on vinyl....more info soon???

There's a really cool "Shakatak Remixed" project planed at Polydor/Germany. The plan is to get some of Germany's hottest remixers to do remixes of old Shakatak songs. Wackside already finished a very classy and respectful sounding remix of "Down on the streets". A nasty and rougher version will follow. Other remixers included in this project (at least if they find the time) are Daniel Klein, Dlugosch/Lange and Knee Deep. Could be a BOMB, if everything works out right.

Roy Davis Jr. remixed Modjo's "Lady" which already gained respect and powerplay from Germany's better house-DJs.


September 3, 2000

"Saving Mary" by Fused which I reviewed last week is also available on a second promo 12" which features mixes by Bob Sinclair.


August 27, 2000

Azuli Records licensed "New Horizons" by Mutiny. Test pressings of the ucpoming release are already floating around.


August 20, 2000

After the horrible 2x12", Strictly Rhyhtm Records now released a remix 12" of "Desire" by Ultra Naté which includes the Kerri Chandler remixes.


August 13, 2000

"How's your evening so far?", the record by Wink that samples the Lil' Louis classic "French Kiss" was released both in the UK and US. Both 12" have the vocal version, the US 12" on Ovum Records also includes the 'Filtered Mix' while the UK 12" on FFRR Records has the original of "French Kiss".

WestEnd Records continue to re-release classic 12": this time it is "Do it to the music" by Raw Silk from 1982.


August 6, 2000

Slip'N'Slide Records finally cleared the sample for the outstanding 95 North remix of "Alright" by Mijan. It should be out soon.

The ClubTools/Edel Records release of "Timba" by the Awa Band will inlcude new remixes by Nerio's Dubwork.

Frankie Feliciano remixed "Father" by Kenny Bobien which will be out on 2x12" on SoundMen on Wax Records in September. He also remixed a track for Osunlade, but there are no plans to release it at the moment what I cannot understand since the result is a beautiful peace of music.


July 30, 2000

ClubTools/Edel Records just starting sending out the new Tiefschwarz 12" promo. I should get it any day now for a review.


July 23, 2000

Wave Records just released a 12" of "People from the Sun and the Earth" by Calm which includes the Dixon (from Jazzanova) and MKL vs. Soy Sos remixes.


July 16, 2000

I'm glad it is summer and there will be fewer released to look after in the next few weeks. The only downthing at the moment is the really bad weather here in Switzerland...

Masters at Work remixed hip-hopper Tony Touch for Tommy Boy Records. Promos should be around soon.


July 9, 2000

There were again some troubles with US imports this week, so only a few records made it to my reviews.


July 2, 2000

Perspective Records just released "Love is all we need" by Ann Nesby stateside with new mixes by KCC and DJ Sneak, but those mixes are nothing compared to the unreleased mixes by Wackside who deliever the definite club versions.


June 25, 2000

Defected Records announced that the release of "Bad habits" by ATFC will include mixes by Spen & Karizma, Sandy Rivera, Jose Nunez and ATFC.


June 18, 2000

There are not that much reviews this week - see my Editors Notes to find out why.

This week saw the release of the "MAW All-Star-Sampler" on MAW Records 2x12" as well as "Higher" by Moca featuring Deanna on various labels - Azuli Records in the UK, Definity Records in the USA.

The mixes of Ultra Naté's "Desire" I featured in my mixes Fresh Grooves Volume 26 and Fresh Grooves Volume 27 are courtesy of Joey Negro and Pussy 2000.

"Simplicity" by City People Productions (reviewed here on April 30th) will be released as part of the EP "A tribute To Trouble" (Paul Trouble Anderson) later this year. The track will abe re-edited and get a US remix .


June 11, 2000

There will be a new Kerri Chandler 2x12" on Flipside Records soon with jazzy tracks.


June 4, 2000

Defected Records will release new mixes of "I feel for you" by Bob Sinclair soon. From the same label comes "Timba" by the Awa Band on 12" test-pressing (which I reviewed last week on 2x12" test-pressing).

MAW Records are forced for a rush release of the new Jody Watley 12" due to a bootlegg release that appeared this week.


May 28, 2000

The "Mermaid EP" by Monday Michiru has been rereleased by Polydor Japan Records. It inclues the classic Masters at Work remix of "Sunshine after the rain". Speaking of this song, the Knee Deep remixes won't get released since Monday herself rejected them.

The new Ultra Naté 12" "Desire" will be out by in june on Strictly Rhythm/AM:PM/Universal Records, complete with a Kerri Chandler remix.


May 21, 2000

Sfere Records will soon release Lost Tribes of Ibadan 2 which included a sax remix of "Inspiration".

For the first time, a live mix recorded at the Paradise Garage by Larry Levan will be released on 2xCD. The mix dates back to 1979 and is around 90 minutes. 


May 14, 2000

Last week I reported a new japanese Monday Michiru 12" titled "Tomorrow Sunrise", but this is from last year. Her latest is "New Beginnings" with a De Lata remix, also from Japan.

King Street Records will soon release a new Kerri Chandler 2x12" including four new songs in two mixes each.


May 7, 2000

Yoshitoshi Records released a 2x12" of Eddie Amador's "Rise" including the european remixes by Jason Jinx, Future Shock, Tom Novy and the infamous german bootlegg version.

A whole bunch of records should get released in the next few weeks. This includes new material on Large Records, Vinyl Soul Records, Vinylicous Records and much more.

There is some new and hot japanese material around that is (as usual) hard to find and pretty expensive: the new Monday Michiru 12" "Tomorrow Sunrise", "Homelands" by Nitin Sawhney on 12" with a Joe Claussell remix and other stuff.

Watch out for a vocal remix of "Sunday shoutin'" by Johnny Corporate - the original version is currently out on 4th Floor Records 12".


April 30, 2000

The new Sunkids 12" "Rise up" was just released this past friday on YellOrange Records. A review follows next week.

Yellow Records will soon release "Illusion" by Limbo Experience which is taken from teh "Bossa très Jazz..." album and includes new mixes by Tom & Joyce and Rollercone. They will also release "More Bossa", the remix album to "Bossa très Jazz...".


April 23, 2000

I'm glad this had been a quiet week - last week really had lots of great record releases. 

Defected Records gave away a triple-pack Promo Sampler in Miami which includes some of their upcoming records like "Bad Habits" by ATFC, "Look Ahaed" by King Unique, "Timba" by Awa Band, "Time Out" by Cleptomaniacs and more. Extremly hard to get, and there even is a mixed Promo-CD by Seamus Haji.


April 16, 2000

Deluxe Audio Records released a 2nd 12" of "Feel the Reel" by David Bendeth including the 'Jazz-N-Groove Ultra Classic Mix'. This is the mix I reviewed back in November 1999.

The next Amira 12" will be "Why is it wrong to love you" which is produced by Blaze and comes complete with DJ Spen & Karizma remixes on Virgin/:VC: records.

At the WMC in Miami, MAW Records also gave away promo copies of the "All Star Sampler" which is gonna be out as double-album.


April 9, 2000

Here are a few more of the tracks that were hot in Miami: "Let love shine" by Platinum Doll on Suburban Records, "I promise you" by Deep Swing on Generate Records, "Some People" by Groove Collective on Liquid Sound Lounge, "Tears for you" by Pressure on 95 North Records (coming on two different 12" with lots of great mixes). MAW Records gave away promos of their forthcoming releases which includes material by Little 'Louie' Vega featu. Blaze "Elements of Life" and the long awaited production featruing Wummi on vocals.

Vinylicious Records have two new 12" coming soon: Nicolicious "Mute This" and Thaisoul "Journey Into The Light".

Spenitch "I'm Blessed" is forthcoming on Basement Boys Records

Easy Street Records have "Just to be with you" by Darryl D'Bonneau coming soon.

Through Universal Music Germany come the following gems our way soon: David Morales "Higher" with Knee Deep remixes, "Fired up" by Funky Green Dogs with Roy Malone and Bini & Martini remixes and "Slice of da pie" by Monie Love with a Can 7 remix.

Large Records will soon release new 12" singels from DJ Rasoul and Solar House.

Step Ahead Records have "The Love Song" by Jask presents Moments in Jazz coming soon.


April 2, 2000

The Winter Music Conference in Miami just ended a few days ago, but not much info on the buzz tracks so far. I hear that there is a  hot track coming from the Basement Boys titled "I'm Blessed", and of course "Rise up" by Sunkids featuring Chance on YellOrange did it's thing. Also "El Barrio" by George Benson which is produced and/or mixed by the Masters at Work (out on Verve Records promo) was a biggie. I hope to get some more info in the next few days.

It's booty time again: "When I fall in Love" by Klubb Family featuring Sybil can be found with an additional dub version and a simple funky-filtered track.

The 'Alternative Version' of "Moving Cities" by Faze Action that was only avaivalbe on the "NuPhonic 02" compilation so far is has just been released on 12".

MCA Records USA put out a double-promo 12" of Femi Kuti with Kerri Chandler and NuYorican Soul .mixes of "Truth don die", a Francois Kevorkian dub of "Sorry Sorry" and the Joe Claussell mix of "What will tomorrow bring". There are no plans to release this commercially since all mixes are availabe on 12" and on the "Shoki Remixed" triple-album, both on Barclay Records, France.


March 26, 2000

No much happening this week, but I'm sure this will change soon since the Winter Music Conference in Miami just started yesterday. 


March 19, 2000

"Revenge of  the Jaguar" by DJ Rolando aka Aztec Mystic is now released on Underground Resistance Records.

I added a lot of new records to my Upcoming page - check it out.

The Winter Music Conferenre in Miami is very close now - I wish everyone that goes there lots of fun. I won't be there so If you want me to review some of your material, please send a copy to Michael Fossati, PO Box 9403, 8036 Zuerich, Switzerland.

The long awaited new albums by Byron Stingily on Nervous Records (triple vinyl) and Kenny Bobien on SoundMen on Wax Records (quadruple vinyl) should be released any day now.

Maybe you remember ECHO International who released some garage 12" a few years ago. They just reactivated and will release new material by Colonel Abrams and Gerideau & Brenda K. Starr soon.


March 12, 2000

Two interesting album releases to check out: Austin 'A:xus' Bascom released his debut album "Soundtrack for Life" on Guidance Records, and OM Records released "OM Lounge 3" which is full of jazzy rhythms of all kinds of music styles.

The next release for YellOrange Records will be "Thank you" by Stacy Kidd featuring Artesha.


March 5, 2000

Yellow Records released both Yasushi Ide 12" ("Tatiana / Plein Soleil" and "Someday / Certain Piece") which I reviewed back in january.

MAW Records released another Unreleased Project 12" with stateside so far unreleased mixes of "Bliss" (the '4 AM Mix') and "To be in Love" (the 'Tiefschwarz Acoustic Mixdown').

Watch out for a mix album from Francois K. which is gonna be released on FFRR Records. It is not the usual kind of mix album - Francois K. has choosen tracks from the last two decades for this project.

Byron Stingily's new album "Club Stories" will be released on march 21 on Nervous Records. It's gonna be more mainstream than "The Purist" which was released in 1998.

Distance Records will release "Tear it up" by The Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight with mixes by Lenny Fontana and Bob Sinclair and "Back in the Dark" by DJ Deep & Jovonn with new mixes by Jovonn.


February 27, 2000

Unfortunately, deleted my webpage where I had stored my RealAudio files. They didn't notify me in advance of their action so I had to send an email to the webmaster to find out. They let me know that I violated their terms of service. So if somebody can offer me free webspace, please get in contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. My ISP gives me only 20 megabytes of free webspace - just enough for this weeks mixes along the files of my webpage.

Not much happening this week (at least didn't my record stores get much new records). I'm having more and more troubles getting some of the imports - Switzerland is simply a small country, and house and garage isn't that big so record stores concentrate on other styles.


February 20, 2000

BBE Records will release two albums to celebrate 10 Years of Masters at Work. The first will be released on March 27th with the release party being held at the Winter Music Conference. The second album will be released May 30th.

SubUrban Records will celebrate their 50th release soon - it will be "Let love shine" by Platinum Doll and it is produced by Frankie Feliciano and will get some additional Joey Negro remixes.

There is a white lael 12" of "I can't do that" by Steven Simmons that included a Masters at Work remix - I'm still trying to find a copy.

Giant Step Records will release a new Anastacia promo 12" soon titled "Not that kind" with mixes by Kerri Chandler, Grand Style and Maurice Joshua.

Check the Upcoming page for a list of released to look out for - I just added a lot of new titles.


February 13, 2000

The next release for YellOrange Records will be "Live your Life" by Crystal Clear. The test pressings are just being sent out.

The 95 North remix of "Alright" by Mijan seems to be out on Slip'N'Slide Records. This is a suprise since there is a weird story behind this. I will try to find out what the facts are.


February 6, 2000

Strictly Rhythm Records just put out new double-promos of "Stop playing with my mind" by Barbara Tucker including the Full Intention remixes. It should be released in early march.

Yet another Mary J. Blige bootlegg doing the rounds. This one includes the Timmy Reggisford mix of "Deep Inside" and a remix of "Let no man put asunder" (might this be the 'Shelter Mix' from the MCA Records double-promo?).

MCA Records USA put out a double-promo of Femi Kuti's "Beng Beng Beng" including the massive Mateo & Matos remixes and the UK remixes by Ashley Beedle and Da Lata as well as a remix from french Chateau Flight. 


January 30, 2000

MCA Records USA has put out a double-promo of Mary J. Blige including 'Shelter Mixes' of both "Deep Inside" (may this be the bootlegged Timmy Reggisford mix?) and "Let no man put asunder". Among other mixes, there is also the Maurice Joshua remix of "As" (the duet with George Michael) and a Roy Davis Jr. remix of "Deep Inside". Can't wait until my copy arrives but I guess it will take a few weeks...

If you're a fan of David Morales and Frankie Knuckles, you should check out issue 33 of 7 (for those that don't know: this is a weekly music publication coming from the UK). There is a four page feature.

Strictly Rhythm Records licensed "Stop playing with my mind" by Barbara Tucker to Positiva Records for UK release. Remixes will be provided by Full Intention.


January 23, 2000

Definity Records released "Here I am" by Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Kelli Sae this week on 12".

The new Bini & Martini "Happiness" 12" on Azuli Records will include David Morales remixes.

There is a bootlegg around of Mary J. Blige "Deep Inside" with mixes by Timmy Reggisford. Another bootlegg features Pound Boys mixes of Mariah Carey's "Petals" and Mary J. Blige's "Deep Inside"


January 16, 2000

The Basement Boys promo previously serviced under DJ Spen presents Three Fierce Divas "Sweet Love" is actually the next single for UK r&b act Fierce on Wildstar Records. Promos were sent out this week so the official release should be soon.

Last week, I reported that David Morales has remixed "That Sound" by Michael Moog. Unfortunately, this is a wrong information, and he hasn't remixed this track.


January 9, 2000

The new year starts of funny: my record store got "He loves me 2 (Part 2)" by CeCe Peniston on Silk Entertainment Records with new Junior Vasquez mixes this week. We were all surprised by the mixes but soon found out that those mixes are not by Junior. These are the same mixes that were released on the first 12". I think that this is a missprint.

Just got informed this week that Boris Dlugosch is remixing the next SoulSearcher single.

Wave Records will soon release "Afro Swyped/The Quest" by Eternal Sun and brand new Eric Kupper and Francois K. remixes of "Vai Minha Tristeza" by Tom & Joyce. They will also release the double-CD "Bossa Tres Jazz" with unreleased US remixes.

David Morales has remixed "That Sound" for Michael Moog's upcoming album "The Michael Moog Show".

Eric Kupper has remixed "Learn to Give" by Arnold Jarvis for future release on Hysteria Records.

Blaze have remixed "Fearless" by Incognito for Talkin' Loud Records.