The News for 2001.

December 23, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ is DJ Christopher from Switzerland.

Altantic Records released a 2x12" in the US of one of this years biggest club tunes: "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight. It includes the original, the Louie Vega and Danny Tenaglia remixes as well as new US remixes by Johnny 'D' De Mairo & Albert Cabrera.

The next releases for YellOrange Records will be "In my arms" by DJ Pope & Una and "Up and down" by Kimiesha Holmes.

The Masters at Work album "Our time is coming" will be released in january on MAW Records in limited quantaties as a six vinyl package.


December 16, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ is DJ Cash from Germany. Coming next is DJ Christopher from Switzerland.

Check the YellOrange Records website for some hot mixes by their own DJs as well as many Guest DJs. I also have a new mix featured there on the Guest Mixers section.

The Masters at Work remixes of "More than a woman" by Aaliyah is out now on 2x12" promo and an additinal 12" promo which features the dub mixes on Blackground/Virgin Records.


December 9, 2001

Strictly Rhythm Records have the new Ultra Naté 12" "I don't understand it" coming soon with mixes by Mood II Swing while Blaze remixed "Twisted" which might get a release next year.

Here are some hot news from BrickHouse Records: Chris Lum and David Harness will remix "So good" from Sun Set while "Your love" from the Weather Girls gets the remix treatment from Wackside and Jamie Lewis. They also have the new Darryl D'Bonneau's "Sweet love" and an as of yet untitled project called "When I fall in love" that will include mixes from Can 7.


December 2, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ is DJ Luis 'Blademaster' Lopez from Trenton (New Jersey)/USA.

The Timmy Regisford remix of "Lovely ones" by Blaze is out now on LifeLine Records 12".


November 25, 2001

Please do not send me any guest mixes at the moment. I already have some for the coming weeks, and unfortunately the monthly bandwith to my website is limited so I cannot post more mixes at the moment. If you can store the mixes on your site, you can send me the link and tracklist and I will add it to my Guest Mixes section.

MAW Records reacted quickly after bootleggs of MAW featuring Roy Ayers "Our time is coming" started to float around and put out a one-sided 12".

The next Ultra Nate 12" on Strictly Rhythm Records will include mixes by Mood II Swing.

The Jay-J remixes of "Trouble" by Alicia Keys are available now on bootlegg 12".

Some news from Moulton Studios: watch out for "Stronger" by Jay-J & Chris Lum featuring Shawn Benson on vocals, coming on 83 West Records. Some major labels like Defected Records recently asked them for remixes - watch this space for more information when it gets available.


November 18, 2001

Please do not send me any guest mixes at the moment. I already have some for the coming weeks, and unfortunately the monthly bandwith to my website is limited so I cannot post more mixes at the moment. If you can store the mixes on your site, you can send me the link and tracklist and I will add it to my Guest Mixes section.

There is a bootlegg floating around of Jamiroquais "Love foolosophy" - the booty is titled "Lovefool". Everybody is charting it as being done by Knee Deep, but my sources tell me it is not. Rumour has that it is done by Different Gear.


November 11, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ is DJ Broadway from New York/USA . Next up will be DJ Luis 'Blademaster' Lopez from Trenton (New Jersey)/USA.

Watch out for the forthcoming YellOrange Records releases "Some of what U got" by Monkey Brothers featuring Harriet Robers which includes remixes by Louis Benedetti and "I can't give up" by Shawn Christopher which is produced by Ron Carroll. Promo copies will be around soon.


November 4, 2001

Among the next featured Guest DJ's will be DJ Broadway from New York/USA and Andy Thumm from Germany.

Check the Special Report page for background imformation about Muschitunes.

The Bootleggers strike again: just weeks before MAW Records release "Our time is coming" by Roy Ayers, bootleggs are floating around... Meanwhile, they released "Like a butterfly" by Patti Austin which already is hot with many DJs.

Easy Street Records released the long awaited Blaze remixes of "Heavenly stars" by Black Masses. The review follows next week.


October 28, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ's are Nu Audio Collective from Switzerland with a mix that fits perfectly into my "Pour le connaisseur..." section, and as a bonus a brand new and hot installment from Martin P.

"Never" by Tiefschwarz featuring Oezlem is now out on 12" including a new alternate club mix and the so far unreleased "Water" that was only out as ultra limited single-sided test-pressing.

Yellow Records released a limited 12" of "Save our soul" by Bob Sinclar that incluces the original album version and an edit by Brian Tappert.

R2 Records released another 12" of Frankie Valentine's "Dance the happy life". The two mixes are different from the one I reviewed on the one-sided 12" on September 23rd.

The Masters at Work website was reopened this week with lots of information about ongoing and upcoming projects. Among them are remixes of "Little girl" by Viola coming on Nervous Records 12", Aaliyah "More than a woman" and the Nina Simone classic "See line woman".


October 21, 2001

West End Records rereleased "Another man" by Barbara Mason this week, a 1983 classic.

I wonder if the slamming Spen & Karizma remixes of "The dream" by The Fusion Groove Orchestra will ever be released...


October 14, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ's are KY Nights from England.

Lots of US releases this week so there are two new Mixes. Enjoy! Once more, there is a huge update to the Upcoming page. Check it out.

Chez Records just released a remastered 12" of the 1999 Black Vinyl Records release "The Midngith EP" by DJ Spen.


October 7, 2001

Not too many US releases this week... Hopefully I will get them next week.

KingStreet Records are set to release the magic Blaze remixes of "Star suite" by Mondo Grosso later this month on 12".

Peppermint Jam Records will release the long awaited Mousse T. album in early 2002 - in the meantime, there will be a new EP by Michi Lange.

R2 Records will release the full 12" of "Dance the happy life" by Frankie Valentine at the end of this month.

"You can't change me" of Roger Sanchez current longplayer is getting remixed by Jazz'N'Groove and will be out on Defected Records soon.

Finally, check the Upcoming page which is updated with lots of titles.


September 30, 2001

KingStreet Records are ready to release the long awaited 95 North mixes of "Everything" by Stephanie Cooke soon (promo copies are doing the rounds now).

Brickhouse Records have picked up "It's yours" by E-Man and will release it soon with a set of hot remixes. There is a remix by Jay-J of this track that is hot and will be released on a UK label.


September 23, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is DJ Gianni N from the Switzerland.

No US releases this week due to the cancelled flights from and to the US after the terroristic attacks that hit the US on September 11. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week.

Tommy Boy Records picked up the Masters at Work album "Our time is coming" for a release later this year. Also, "Work" by Nasty will get rereleased with new mixes in the next couple of weeks.

Jay Denes remixed the new single for Kelis. Promos should be around soon onVirgin Records.


September 16, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is DJ Luis Blademaster Lopez from the USA.

Yellow Records released another 12" in their Classic Series. It includes "Dirty Larry" from Dimitri fom Paris and "Butterfly" from Ernest Saint Laurent.

Epic/Sony Records US released "Little L" by Jamiroquai, but without the Blaze remixes. No word yet if they will get released...

Michael Jackson's new single is titled "You rock my world". I wonder if there will be club mixes out of this one...

Can't wait for "We are one" by Urban Blues Project featuring Bobby Pruit to get released on SoulFuric Records. This tune is hot, believe me...

Knee Deep remixed "Freedeom" by Bob Sinclar. The mixes should be out later this year.


September 9, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is Marti P from Zuerich/Switzerland and Berlin/Germany.

If you missed "Life" by Mondo Grosso when it was first around on Sony France, you can now get it on KingStreet Records.

Sources tell me that the house remixes of "Jesus, chirlden of america" by BeBe Winans featuring Stevie Wonder might not get released at all. Check my latest mix for another sneak tip (I used a different mix this time).

Watch out for "Saturday" and "Loveley ones", both produced by Blaze and coming soon on 12".


September 2, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is Yogi of the 'Soul Immigrants' and 'Groove Institute' from Toronto/Canada.

Watch out for a bootlegg of the Paul Simpson remixes of Luther Vandross "Take you out".

Definity Records will have the Bobby D'Ambrosio album ready soon. The first single will be "Spirit of love".

"Swing on" by D-Connection featuring Pierre Salandy will be out on DC Records soon complete with new mixes by DJ N-Joy and Pino Arduini.

August 26, 2001

There are fierce house mixes of "Jesus, chirlden of america" by BeBe Winans featuring Stevie Wonder that are on CD promo only at the moment. They hopefully get a full release soon. Check my latest mix for a sneak tip on it. No definite word on the remixers yet, but Blaze, Big Moses and Maurice Joshua might be involved.


August 19, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is Booming B from Germany.

Watch out for "Days like this" by Shaun Escofferey, coming on Oyster Music Records with a DJ Spinna remix that is driving me nuts. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

A brand new label is SoluMusic. They have some great stuff coming out in early september - chek their website out for samples.


August 12, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is DJ Longlizard from Austria.

I wonder if Columbia Records will release the Ben Watt remix of "Lifetime" by Maxwell...


August 5, 2001

You might be wondering why some records didn't get a review on my website. The reason is that again I'm having trouble getting everything at my local record stores.

Defected Records licensed "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow and will release it soon in a phletora of mixes. Alongside the mixes by Masters at Work (originally out on Distance Records), their will be new remixes by Tanny Tenaglia, Tom De Neef, DJ Meri and Rulers of Deep.


July 29, 2001

Nite Grooves Records are set to release the "Abstract Latin Lounge" soon.

SoulFuric Records have some new promos coming soon inlcluding the long awaited UBP featuring Bobby Pruit "We are one".


July 22, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is John Airaksinen from Sweden.

Last week I reviewed "God's child" by BBT and reported it is a production by Boris Dlugosch and Brian Tappert. Other sources told me this week that it is a Seamus Haji production that is already licensed to Defected Records.

Watch out for the album "Sankofa: The Retrospect" by Anthony Nicholson and Ron Trent coming soon on Prescription Records.

Next week "How I feel" by Kenny Bobien will be featured on this site, so don't miss that update!!


July 15, 2001

If you're gonna be attending this years Streetparade in Zurich on August 11th, you might want to check out the Purple Music Night taking place at club Kaufleuten in Zurich with DJs Jamie Lewis and Karizma from the Basement Boys, with MC Lady Energy from Purple Music Inc. There is gonna be a live performance by  Barbara Tucker of her new song "So good" which is produced by Jamie Lewis. Another live performance not to be missed at this party is The Violin from Basement Boys Records.


July 8, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is Neal O'Hara from Dublin/Los Angeles. I'm looking for new Guest Mixes - please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to contribute one.

David Morales remixed the latest Mariah Carey 12" "Loverboy" for Virgin Records, her new home after she parted with Columbia Records.

The Jamie Lewis remixes of "How I feel" by Kenny Bobien will be released around September on Purple Music Records.


July 1, 2001

This weeks featured Guest DJ' is DJ Broadway from New York/USA.

MAW Records released a limited 12" on white vinyl containing "Lean on me" by James Ingram and "To be in love" by India.


June 24, 2001

Whatch out for "Magnifique" by Tedd Patterson which will be out later this year on Hysteria Records. A slamming tribal track.

Purple Music Records have licensed "How I feel" by Kenny Bobien and will release it soon with brand new and slamming remixes by Jamie Lewis. The original Basement Boys album version will be included too.


June 17, 2001

The next featured Guest DJ' will be DJ Broadway from New York/USA. This week, I added a mix from DJ Louis Blademaster Lopez.


June 10, 2001

SoundMen on Wax Records is distributing the brand new label City Vinyl Records. Their first release will be "Believe in me" by Ambrosia which already gets support from Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford and Ashley Beedle. SoundMen on Wax Records themself have lots of new stuff ready for this year including a "Gospel House" compilation, an album by SuSu Bobien and much more. 

Peppermint Jam Records are releasing new mixes of "Starchild" by BMR soon.

Check the Upcoming page - I added a lots of new titles this week again. The list is very big at the moment, so expect lots of good music coming your way soon.


June 3, 2001

Please do not send me any mixes for the Guest DJ's page before getting in contact with me, thanks a lot for your understanding. This week, I added a mix from DJ Sammy Rock.

New bootleggs of old Stevie Wonder songs are doing the rounds at the moment: "The crown" and "Do I do"

The Kerri Chandler mixes of "Free at last" by Soul Deluxe featuring Kareem got released this week on Champion Records US.

Check the Upcoming page - I added a lots of new titles. Beside the mentioned Basement Boys releases there, Spen & Karizma they also work on projects featuring Carleen Anderson, Ann Nesby and Taja Sevelle.


May 27, 2001

The next featured Guest DJ's will be DJ Sammy Rock from Tampa/USA. This week, I added a mix from Booming B.

Starting next week, I will use RealProducer V8.5 to encode my mixes. Hopefully the quality will encrease. If you still have an old version of RealPayer on your system and get trouble playing the mixes, please get the latest one from Real.


May 20, 2001

The next featured Guest DJ's will be Booming B from Germany and DJ Sammy Rock from Tampa/USA . This week, I added a mix from Andrea Fiorino.

Yellow Records released a Box-Set of the Africanisam All Stars. Spread over seven 12", you'll find the previous 12" singles and new material from Bob Sinclar, Matt'Samo and Lego.

Distance Records released the Danny Krivit/Steve Travolta edit of "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight on 12" this week.

R.O.I. Records released "I'll be there for you" by Knee Deep this week. The 12" includes an unreleased dub mix.

Wackside have been busy remixing "Straight up" by Chante Moore for MCA Records. The 12" should be out soon.

Brickhouse Records have licensed "Once I've been there" by EastWest Connection and will release it soon with new mixes by Ian Poley.


May 13, 2001

The next featured Guest DJ will be Andrea Fiorino from Czech Republic. This week, I added a mix from Joey Jimenez.

Here are some news from the 95 North camp: watch out for remixes they did of "Rising" by Sylk 130 featuring Kathy Sledge, "Everyday people" by New Soul Movement and not to forget "Lush" by The Rurals. On the production tip, they have "Ride the storm" by Ray Hurley featuring Maryam with an excellent Dino & Terry remix (love that) one and "The garden view" by Michael Procter.


May 6, 2001

I added a Search page to my site. You can now search for everything you want on my site.

This weeks featured Guest DJ is Randy Peterson.

Watch out for the forthcoming Kathy Brown 12" "Give it up" which is a SoulFuric production that already got picked up by Defected Records.


April 29, 2001

On March 18, I opened the Guest DJ section. I decided to put up new guest mixes every two weeks. Last week I added DJ Excel from New Jersey, next up will be DJ Randy Peterson and Joey Jimenez. Please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before sending any mixes in, thank you.

It is time to speak about some bootleggs: there is a remix of the Hall & Oates classic "I can't go for that" that is rumoured to be by Full Intention, but they shouldn't have touched the original, the result is too bad and dissapointing. Then there is a bootlegg of Whitney Houston's "I'm every woman" that includes the DJ Shield remix I reviewed in January under the title "I've got it". Finally, there are Groovylizer mixes of 'Little' Louie Vega featuring Blaze "Elements of life"

There is the new JohNick "New Jersey" on Henry Street Records 12" that includes the usual dose of housed up disco grooves, as well as their classic "Play the world".

Edel Records released Bob Sinclar "Ich rocke" on two 12" with lots of mixes by Thomas Schumacher, Turntablerocker, Malente, Cajuan, International Pony and Egoexpress. If you like the original version, go and check these new mixes out.


April 22, 2001

Beside the site there is now also Both sites have the same information with the exception of the mixes which are stored only on one of the sites.


April 15, 2001

Six mixes in two weeks... might be too much, but there is so much good music out there that I cannot hide from your ears... The mixes will be up for a couple of weeks so there should be enough time to check them out.

Defected Records gave away a 6x12" package in Miami containing some mixes of the upcoming releases. The package was divided into two parts with three disks each. One package contained the more progressive stuff while the other had the house stuff on it like Warren Clare featuring Kathy Brown "Over you", Knee Deep "I'll be there for your", the new Awa Band with Full Intention mixes (forgot the title, sorry), Deep Sensation "Somehow, somewhere" (there's a Soul Heaven)" and more. I heard a rumour that the package is limited to only 25 copies...

The Fusion Groove Orchestra remix of "Bonita applebum" is now available on bootlegg 12" tilted A Tribe Called Quest vs. Sir Piers & Si Ashton.

Giant Step Records released the Restless Soul mixes of "When it rains" by Jeymes Samuel that have been around on promo since last october.

Simpy 12 is a new series that releases classic dance music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Check their website - you might find something you've been looking for a long time.

Wave Records picked up "Earth is the place" by Nathan Haines freaturing Verna Francis from ChilliFunk Records and released it with a new album edit by Francois K.

That massive white label "I'll be waiting" by Shena is now out on D'Tension Records under the name Full Intention presents Shena.


April 8, 2001

Like last October, I had a great weekend in Toronto with playing at Una Mas on Friday and The Toronto Housing Project on Saturday. Not to forget sPaHa on Sunday afternoon. My thanks go to Yogi and Mark of Groove Institute and all the people that came down to party and made this a memorable moment for me. Click here to see the flyers and pictures from the partys


March 22, 2001

Azuli Records have a limited 2x12" sampler ready for the Winter Music Conference (only 75 copies made). It includes new mixes of "Soul heaven" by Goodfellas and new materiel from Class A amongst other stuff. They also have a package coming soon that includes Bini & Martini remixes of Byron Stingily's "U turn me".


March 18, 2001

Check the new added Guest Mix section for a hot mix by Sweden's DJ Ingela Borgefjord.

With the Winter Music Conference just a couple of days away, things are still running slowly. Everybody is waiting for this event to present his product. Expect samplers from both Azuli Records and Defected Records among many other great records.


March 11, 2001

As this years Winter Music Conference is coming closer, things keep slowing down...


March 4, 2001

Again, I'm running low on US imports this week. My stores still miss some the releases of the last two weeks.

Don't miss the updated info for my gigs in Toronto right after the Winter Music Conference.

Famous Swiss DJ Jamie Lewis just released his first album "For you" which included 17 tracks that he produced or remixed on TBA Switzerland. Here is a list of remixes he recently completed:

  • Midnight Express featuring Sabrinah Johnston"Halleluyah" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12") Out now on. Will be out soon on Nervous Records in the US.
  • Donna "Everybody" (12") A cover of the Madonna classic. Out now on various labels in different countries.
  • Nolin & Sloop featuring P. Hall "Feel free" (Caus'N'Effect/WEA Records 12") Out soon.
  • Urban Magic featuring Latanza Waters "Do it to the music" (Telephone Records 12") Out soon.


February 25, 2001

Still running low on US imports. The situation makes me go mad (just ask the employees at my local record stores - they will confirm it).

I will be playing in Toronto on March 30, just after the Winter Music Conference. Click here for the flyer.

Clairaudience Records will have two new 12" releases soon: "Dance with me" by Dazzle and "Run around" by Figaro.

Madhouse Records have "Creative violence" by Kerri Chandler and "Sunshine" by Jennifer Rene Morrison coming soon on 12".

Donna Washington "We're going up" will be the next 12" release for Generate Music Records.


February 18, 2001

No US records this week for review because of a delay with the shipment.

Check my guest mixes at the Yellorange and 2 DJs AT WORK websites.

Watch out for the future releases on Sfere Records that will include Miri Benari "Peace in the middle east" and 3rd Ministry of Faith "Joy to the world"

Basement Boys Records have a very tasty cover of the Mass Order classic "Lift every vocie" done by Jasper Street Compnay coming our way soon.

Large Records will have "Eveyday" by DKMR and "Magic" by The Rurals coming on 12" soon.

Moulton Studio Recordings first release "All I do" by Shuffle Inc. is doing very well at the moment, but there is already the next release to drop on your turntable very soon: "Power" is produced by Jay-J & Andrew Macari and features Shawn Benson on vocals.

Talking about bootleggs... try to get your hands on the house mix of "He loves me" by Jill Scott done by an unknown genius. I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy... Also around are house mixes of Sade's "Hang on to your love" and "Smooth operator". And finally, there is another Erykah Badu bootlegg doing the rounds.

2 DJs AT WORK have their upcoming release "Promises" featuring Kay S. on vocals ready to drop around the Winter Music Conference. Also in the works is the new DJ N-Joy Project titled "Can we do it again". Don't miss to check out their website.


February 11, 2001

I registered for this years Winter Music Conference taking place from march 24 to 28 in Miami a couple of days ago. If you want to hook up with me, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can arrange something in advance.

The wait for "Mine to give" by Photek featuring Robert Owens is over. It is out on Astralwerks Records 2x12".


February 4, 2001

In addition to the 12" promo of Lenny Kravitz' "Black velveteen" there is also a 2x12" promo on Virgin Records which features the Roger Sanchez mixes and two more mixes by the Basement Boys.

Todd Terry did his remix of "Lean on me" by James Ingram together with Matthias Heilbronn. No release date yet from MAW Records for this 12".

SoundMen on Wax Records have a few goodies coming: Eric Kupper remixes of SuSu Bobien's "Keep it to myself", and B.O.P. will be back with a new project that features Carolyn Harding.

The next 12" by Bob Sinclar "Darlin'" will have Brian Trappert remixes included. In the meantime, Bob Sinclar is remixing "Livin' for love" by Natalie Cole for Elektra Records.

Blaze and Tom Moulton remix "Changin'" by Linda Clifford for Afterhours Records.


January 28, 2001

For all you collectors out there, try to find the 2x12" "Winter 00-01" Sampler on Defected Records. Included are "Believe" (Full Intention Remix) by Ministers De-La Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown, "All I do" (Original Mix) by Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers, "Spaced Invader" (King Unique Vocal Mix" by Hatiras and "The Energy" (Jose's Deep Madness) by Astrotrax.

The BMR remixes of Level 42's "Starchild" should be out soon on Peppermint Jam Records 12".

Watch out for the new 12" by Bini & Martini titled "Burning up" which features remixes by Sandy Rivera and will be out on Azuli Records in the UK and OceanTraxx Records in Italy.


January 21, 2001

To kick off the new year on full effect, there is a two hour mix this week. Enjoy !!

Fourth Floor Records re-released the 1987 classic "Dum Dum Cry" by Masters at Work. By that time, Todd Terry was releasing records under the name Masters at Work before 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales started using the name for their work.

Watch out for Large Records: they kick off the year strong with the just released new Solar House "Paradise EP" 12" and Kerri Chandler "Digital Soul 3" 2x12". In the pipeline - amongst others - is an EP by The Rurals.

Watch out for a deep soulful and jazzy cover version of "All I do" by Shuffle Inc. coming soon on Moulton Studio Recordings, produced by Jay-J and Julius Papp with Gina René on vocals. 

Some upcoming released from Records of Interest to be released before the Winter Music Conference or to be presented there:

  • Angee Blake "Reach For The Sky" (new mixes)(R.O.I. 011)
  • Knee Deep "I'll Be There for You" (R.O.I. 014)
  • Dubtribe Sound System "Do It Now" (new mixes)(R.O.I. 015)
  • Kid Alex "Night Thoughts" (R.O.I. 016)
  • Arnold Jarvis "Learn To Give" (new mixes by Lenny Fontana & Kid Alex)(R.O.I. 017)
  • Loverbirds "Lovebirds (Vocal version) / Feel The Bird" (T.O.I. 014) 
  • B.O.C. "??? (Album teaser)" (T.O.I. 015)

The Steve Arrington classic "Feel so real" got covered by Kenny Blake and will be out on Wackside Records 12"


January 14, 2001

I'm still waiting to get some US releases. In the meantime, enjoy the latest promos from the UK.

"Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow will be on 3x12" test pressing on Distance Records soon. The retail release looks to be stripped down to a 2x12". Remixes by 'Little' Louie Vega and Kevin Yost will be included.

Surprisingly, "Lean on me" by James Ingram is out now on MAW Records 12" promo. Many people (including yours truly) believed it is held back for this years Winter Music Conference taking place in Miami this march.


January 7, 2001

The new year is hear, but my record stores didn't get any new material this week. What a sad situation: so much good music out there and I have to wait another week to bring it to you...

Some projects that 95 North are working on at the momnet: the new Johnny Corporate 12" "In the pocket" for Defected Records, and a couple of remixes including "Lush" by The Rurals on Peng Records, "Jack it up" by Dajae on Look-At-You Records, "Everything" by Stephanie Cook on KingStreet Records. Finally, there will be a new release on their own 95 North label too: "Ride the storm" by Ray Hurley.

The house remix of "Couldn't love you more" by Sade which comes outta Canada (I reviewed it on CD) is available on limited white label 12" copies. Get it if you're lucky to find a copy. 

Watch out for a hot DJ Tonka remix of "All I do" by Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers coming soon on Edel Records 12".