The News for 2002.

December 29, 2002

As you can see, the layout of the website got reworked to give the site a fresher look. Also the navigation got restructured - hopefully this makes it easier finding all the contents of the page, especially the archived bits and pieces.

This are the changes with this update:

  • a new layout
  • a restructured navigation
  • a new Guestbook (there is a link to the old guestbook, but please only post in the new one now)
  • a new Sitemap with links to all pages
  • a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with answers to most common questions

More enhancements are in the work that will be coming soon, including

  • a mailing list you can subscribe to get the "Spirit Of House Newsletter"
  • and probably a forum

I only could test the layout under Windows. If there are any problems viewing it with Unix, Linux, Mac etc. please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


December 22, 2002

There will be an update on December 29. Then I'm gonna take a one-week break. The first update in 2003 will be on January 12th.

For all you fans of Sade, there is a brand new double-pack titled "Sade House Mixes 2" doing the rounds including various tracks. Also there is a one-sided bootlegg remix of "Couldn't love you more".

MAW Records just released a hot remix of the House of Gypsies classic "Sume sigh sey" (watch out for a review next week). Also out is "Ease your mind" by Los Amigos Invisibles which was doing the rounds as a bootlegg recently.


December 15, 2002

The so far unreleased Paul Simpson remixes of the classic "Just a touch of love" by Slave are now available on 12" on Simpson Vaults Records (which I guess is nothing else than a clever marketing trick for a bootlegg). Grab this release if you can - this mix never made it to the "Everybody Dance!" collection of remixed dance classics.

And there is no slowdown of releases yet - there are still some good releases to be put out before christmas.


December 8, 2002

The next Winter Music Conference will be held from March 18 to 22 in Miami, Florida. The conference will be back at the Radisson Deauville Resort, the place it already did take place in 2001. Check the official website for more information.


December 1, 2002

It has been quiet about SoundMen on Wax Records for some weeks, but the wait for new releases is over as they are now distributed by SoulShine Records. Check the Review section for the upcoming releases.


November 24, 2002

The Todd Gardner remixes of Jill Scotts's "He loves me" finally made it to vinyl after being only available to a few selected DJs as CD-R.

Island/Def Jam Records UK put out a double-promo of Mariah Carey's "Through the rain" including the Maurice Joshua, Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange and Full Intention mixes alongside some Hex Hector mixes.


November 17, 2002

Liquid People are in negotation with MAW Records for the slamming track "See the stars" which was supposed to come out on the now closed Strictly Rhythm Records. The release will feature a full vocal version that just got finished.

There are some interesting releases on Ballroom Records (most probably these are bootleggs). There are four releases right now featuring the following tracks:

  • Martin Circus "Disco cirus" (Special Mix) / Prince "Sexy dancer" (Special Mix)
  • Jeremaine Jackson "Eruca" (Extended Instrumental) / J. Jenkins "Two pigs & a hog" (Special Mix)
  • El Coco "Cocomotion" (Remix) / Slick "Space bass" (Original Mix)
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra "Computer game" (Re-Edit) / Salsoul Orchestra "212 North St." (Special Mix)

For all you Sade lovers, there is a classy bootlegg caonting MKL and Soy Sos mixes of her "Surrender your love".


November 10, 2002

There have been rumours about the split of the Basmenet Boys' DJ Spen and Karizma for a few weeks now. This also seems to be the reason that Basement Boys Records releases are now coming out of the UK.


November 3, 2002

The Pound Boys have just finished mixes for Musiq and Toni Braxton. To get released soon is the next SML Crew 12" on 83 West Records including a track that samples the Wuf Ticket classic "The key".


October 27, 2002

Ibadan Records have a new 10" promo out: "Deep penetration" by No. 1 which features two demo mixes by Jerome Sydenham.

There is a bootlegg doing the rounds which features Pound Boys mixes of the classic "Bourgie bourge" by Gladys Knight and of Ann Nesby's "Let your will be done".

DJ Camacho's "Renegade" is back on Shelter Records with brand new remixes by Freddy Sanon, Joe Claussell and Camacho himself.


October 20, 2002

Watch out for a couple of hot releases coming from Jamie Lewis' label Purple Music Records over the next months:

  • Sound Of Joy "Now or vever"
  • Hi-Fi-Mike "Stereo flavas" (including Brian Tappert Edit)
  • Soul Of Switzerland "Home away from home"
  • Parlament Of House "Inside"

Beware of a bootlegg that includes "In his power" and "Ride the storm". The first is a production by Dino & Terry, the second one is a remix they did for 95 North. The bootlegg looks very official, but don't let yourself be fooled and wait for the official releases coming soon with new and different mixes.


October 13, 2002

There is a japanese only release of "Best of Blaze" by Blaze,  selected by Freddy Sanon. The album features, among many classics, the four new cuts "So thankful", "What we need is love", "Change" and "Sign of the time". These new track will be released soon on Shelter Reocrds 12" titled "A moment in time".


October 6, 2002

Effective October 2, Strictly Rhythm Records closed down just shortly after they split from their Warner Music deal. One of the most influencial labels in house music ever is now history. A long list of classics they've given us will always be in our minds:

  • The Underground Solution "Luv dancin'"
  • River Ocean featuring India "Love & happiness"
  • Hardrive "Just believe"
  • The Believers "Who dares to believe in me"
  • Aly-Us "Follow me"
  • Barbara Tucker "Stay together"
  • Lou2 "Freaky"
  • Brotherhood of Soul "I'll be right here"
  • The Boss "Congo"
  • Ultra Naté "Free"
  • to name just a few...

One of the questions remaining is if another label will release "See the stars" by Liquid People...


September 29, 2002

SoulFuric Records had to remove "Get over" from the DJ John 'Julius' Knight's "Knighttime Funk 4" release because of problems with clearing the used vocal sample so the only track on the release is "Find a friend".

The long awaited "Diamond life" by Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnight will be released in late october on Distance Music Records 2x12".


September 22, 2002

The Jon Cutler remixes of "Earth is the place" by Nathan Haines will be released soon on Wave Records 12".

The next release for Stephanie Cooke on KingStreet Records will be "Rain" which features remixes by Dennis Ferrer and Jay-J from Moulton Studios. The Frankie Feliciano produced "Stay" will follow later.

Underground Collective Records next release will be "It's you I need" by Taana Gardner and will feature remixes by Bobby D'Ambrosio.

Jay-J has just finished remixing "Don't deny my love" for Physics which is forthcoming on Deeplay Music Records.


September 15, 2002

MAW Records will soon release "Tranz / Body" by MAW Electronica on 12". An album will follow later this year or early next year. MAW Electronica is a project where 'Little' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales will focus on more electronic sounds.

"Tropical soundclash" by DJ Gregory will soon get re-released on 12" including brand new remixes by the likes of Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales.

"Spiritually speaking" by Blaze got released on Slip'N'Slide Records double-album this week.


September 8, 2002

Nervous Records will release another 12" of Viola's "Little girl" including a Pound Boys edit and an unreleased Masters at Work remix.

If you're interested in effects and acapellas, you should give "EFX - DJ Tools Vol. 3" on Ibadan Records 2x12" a try.

Sony Records Japan released an Earth Wind & Fire 12" that includes the 11 minute Masters at Work remix of "Can't hide love". Hard to come by, and expensive too.


September 1, 2002

Peppermint Jam will be distributing the swiss house music labels Rewax Records and Balance Music Records in the future.

KingStreet Records have a souple of releaes in the pipeline including the "Trionisphere" album by Kerri Chandler. As a taster for this, they will release "Trionisphere IV" on 12" soon.


August 25, 2002

The long awaited remixes of "Rhythm of life" by Keith Thompson finally made it to vinyl test pressings on Underground Solution Records. Those massive Jazz'N'Groove remixes that rocked the WMC in Miami this march are included. Check this place for a review coming soon.


August 18, 2002

Basement Boys Records will finally release "Praise his name" which features Ann Nesby on vocals on 12" soon. Also look out for the upcoming Jasper Street Company album coming in october which will include "Another day" which is already getting killed by those DJs who have it on CDR...


August 11, 2002

What a bad weather we've got here in Switzerland (actually over most of Europe). Low temperatures and lots of rain in the past couple of days. I got a cold out of the changing weather conditions, and for the first time in its history it was raining during the Streetparade which took place on August 10.

Not much new music made it to my turntables this week, so I decided to give you some unreleased gems.


August 4, 2002

Sony Records Japan released the Earth Wind & Fire remix collection "Soul Source - Earth Wind & Fire Remixes" on CD just a couple of days ago. Vinyl is supposed to exist also, but since it is a japanese release, it will be hard to get hold of.


July 28, 2002

YelloRange Records are set to release "Could it be" by Colonel Abrams on 12" soon. As with many of their releases this one is quite old and has been hold back for some time. Some of you might remember it being played by Tony Humphries at last years Winter Music Conference.


Click here for a big version of the flyer


July 21, 2002

Last week i wondered when the Masters at Work remix of Earth, Wind & Fire is getting released. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sent me the following information about the release:

It is a remix project in the same vein as the Jackson 5 remixes. Soul Source, a club night/collective in Japan, put together some of the world's best remixers to remix some of Earth, Wind & Fire's classics tracks. The release date won't be published until July 24, and that's for Japan only - no release is planned for the rest of the world yet. Here is the track listing:

  1. Boogie Wonderland (Slow Supreme Remix)
  2. Brazilian Rhyme (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
  3. Can't Hide Love (Masters At Work Remix)
  4. Fantasy (Blaze Remix)
  5. Feelin' (Soul Source Remix)
  6. Getaway (Hiroshi Yamashita Remix)
  7. Let's Groove (Phil Asher Remix)
  8. September '99 (Radio Edit)
  9. September (Tomoyuki Tanaka from FPM Remix)
  10. Shining Star (DJ Jin Remix)
  11. Zanzibar (Toshio Matsuura from UFO Remix


R.O.I. Records will release the limited R.O.I. Summer Edition 2x12" soon icnluding

  • Deep Swing "Takin me higher" (Lovebirds Club Mix - unreleased)
  • BOC Productions "Excursions" (Rurals Jazzy Mix - unreleased)
  • Microlash "StaticDuster" (Demo Version)
  • Right On Bros. "Soul is" (Right On Mix)


July 14, 2002

I wonder how long it is gonna take Columbia Records to release the Masters at Work remix of the Earth Wind & Fire classic "You can't hide love"...


July 7, 2002

One hot record to watch out for is "Race of survival" by Mekkah, planned for release on Spectrum Records. It contains samples of the Carl Bean classic "I was born this way" and is currently undergoing sample clearance.


June 30, 2002

Maverick Records finally released the Ben Watt remix of MeShell Ndegeocello's "Earth", so far only available on very limited promo 12" or badly pressed bootlegg.

While already played at this years Winter Music Conference, the 2002 remixes of "Deliever me" by UBP featuring Michael Procter won't be out for some time, and rumour is that there might be some Knee Deep remixes to be included.


June 23, 2002

The next Sfere Records 12" releases will be "Reality" by Kenny Bobien and "It's alright" by Anthony Flanagan.

KingStreet Records should be releasing the Danny Krivit re-edit of "Love each other" by Yukihiro Fukutomi in the upcoming weeks.

Silk Entertainment will release the Voice of Freedom album soon. It will include "Don't give up" featuring Gordon Chambers on vocals.


June 16, 2002

Salsoul Records contineue their DJ Tools series with "Jingo" by Candido. More releases are already in the pipeline.

Watch out for "The road" by Marcus Enochson featuring E-Man coming later this year on MAW Records. A marvellous vocal production with a broken beat, the soulful voice of E-Man, and a lovely flute.


June 9, 2002

"Someday" by Martin Solveig is out soon on Mixture Records 12" including remixes by Spen & Karizma and DJ Gregory.


June 2, 2002

The vocal track of this years Winter Music Conference, "The light" by Michelle Weeks, just got released on Purple Music Records 12". The latest news about this track is that it got licensed to SoulFuric Records who will release it around September with new mixes by UBP.

Harley & Muscle team up with Robert Owens for a track titled "Inside your love" that will feature remixes by Sweet Abraham and Dino & Terry.

Dino & Terry just finished "Summertime blues" which got picked up by ChilliFunk Records for a release in the summer.

Check the Upcoming page for more new material that is coming soon.


May 26, 2002

Just coming back from the "Purple Music Night @ Metro FN" in Friedrichshafen (Germany) where Jamie Lewis, Ady K, Mr. Nytram and myself rocked the two dancefloors.

Jazzanova remixed "Our time is coming" by MAW featuring Roy Ayers which will be out later this year on MAW Records 12". It's a brand new and different interpretation with lots of new musical elements.


May 19, 2002

My next gig will be on May 24 at the "Purple Music Night @ Metro FN" in Friedrichshafen (Germany) with Jamie Lewis from Purple Music rocking the main floor.

The wait is over: Purple Music Records released "The light" by Michelle Weeks this week. And there is a video of it in the making.

Slip'N'Slide Records announced that the new Blaze album "Spiritually speaking" won't be released before September. In the meantime, there is a limited edition 12" containing the tracks "Breathe" featuring Philip Bailey and "Do you remember house" featuring Palmer Brown lifted from the album to shorten the wait.


May 12, 2002

Check the Special Reports page for an Update on Muschihaus out of Germany.

Once again, a forthcoming album has been pirated and is now widely available in MP3 format on file sharing. We are talking about the forthcoming Blaze album "Spiritually speaking" on Slip'N'Slide Records. Please support the artists and don't support the pirating scene to keep our music alive.

Hot news coming from our friends at Moulton Studios:

  • Distance Music Records will soon release the Jay-J mixed album "Reflections". This project includes original Moulton Studios projects and remixes by the Moulton Maniac himself.

  • Jay-J remixed Kathy Brown's "Good love" for Defected Records.

  • Togehter with Chris Lum, Jay-J did several remixes including "Follow me" by Aly-Us coming on Strictly Rhythm Records and Linda Cliffords "Sunshine" on OneLittleIndian Records.

  • Ruben Mancias just finished the follow-up EP to "I rise" for Look-At-You Records.


May 5, 2002

For all you Todd Terry fans, there is good news: he put out a couple of new 12" just recently:

  • Gypsymen "Da bango / Da latin"

  • CLS "Don't make me wait / Freakin'"

  • Todd Terry Project "Set you free"

The first 12" release from the forthcoming Bah Samba album on Estereo Records will feature remixes by Jon Cutler. Also on that label, "Speak to me" by Roland Clark will get a full release inlcuding remixes by Rainy City.


April 28, 2002

Just coming back from a slamming night at Tukan Club in Meersburg (Germany) and I'm feeling damn tired... Everybody had a great time, and I really enjoyed it too. But it also means that this weeks update is a smaller one because not much time was left this weekend to do it.

There is a rumour that the Masters at Work did a remix for a Earth, Wind & Fire song. Only time will tell if it's true...

The Joey Negro remix of "Backfired" by India is out any day on MAW Records.


April 21, 2002

Todd Terry has a couple of new 12" out - watch out for a review soon.


April 14, 2002

From time to time, I will bring you a "Special Preview" which will give you the chance to listen to a piece of music that might take a long time before it gets released.

"Days like this" by Shaun Escofferey gets another hot remix treatment after the success of the inital DJ Spinna mixes. Look out for a review of the Spen & Karizma mixes next week.


April 7, 2002

I'm back from Miami with a bag full of good music. This year there are lots of vocal productions around. Don't miss this weeks Mixes and my WMC 2002 Recap. Not everything is included in the mixes, there is more stuff I got - especially on CD where I need to clarify first if it is ok to put those productions to my website or not.

I had a great time in Toronto over the past weekend. Check here for pictures from the party.

The new Blaze album is titled "Spiritually speaking" and will be out on Slip'N'Slide Records shortly. It includes "Do you remember house" that is currently getting charted by lots of DJ's.

Columbia Records rereleased the Cheryl Lynn classic "Got to be real" on 12" just recently.

NiteGrooves Records released the full 12" of "Shine" by Blaze & Palmer Brown which I already reviewed as part of "Mix the Vibe: Danny Krivit - Music is my Sanctuary".


March 21, 2002

I'm off to Miami for the Winter Music Conference so for the next update you have to wait until April 7. Look out for an essential update with the tunes of the conference !!

It is a quiet week because many people are already down in Miami to get some sun and relax.

There is rumour of a seven cut Basement Boys promo CD that they might give away in Miami at the conference including the long awaited "Praise his name" by Jasper Street Company featuring Ann Nesby.


March 17, 2002

I will be playing at Tukan Club in Meersburg (Germany) on April 26. Click here for the flyer.

GoGo Music Records will have a couple of new releases soon:

  • Jacqueline Castellanos "Yara yara"
  • Ralf Gum featuring Concha Buika "Nobody can touch me"
  • Rookie "No more / Music"

Purple Music Records will promote the Jamie Lewis produced "The light" by Michelle Weeks in Miami at the Winter Music Conference. Be sure to grab your copy if your down there. Jamie Lewis also just finished remixes for "Hold the line" by Etienne De Crecy, "Affection" by the Pound Boys coming soon on Look-At-You Records and "Your love" by The Weather Girls getting released on Brickhouse Records.

"Dancin' in paradise" by John 'Julius' Kngiht out as part of "Knighttime Funk Volume 3" has been picked up by Defected Records. They will release it soon complete with a vocal version.


March 10, 2002

I will be playing in Toronto on March 30, just after the Winter Music Conference. Click here for the flyer.

Salsoul Records relased another two 12" in their DJ Tools Series: "Everyman" by Double Exposure and "Love thang" by First Choice.


March 3, 2002

Masters at Work have a really busy schedule at the moment. They've got lots of upcoming releases planned for the upcoming month. They will cut down remix work and focus on their own stuff, among them will be an electronic album,  a latino album, a new NuYorican Soul album, a Harddrive album, and possibly a Bucketheads album. And I almost forgot to mention the Elements of Life album. Also confirmed is the full 12" of India's "Backfired" with hot remixes.

Compost Records will release "Sound of the samba" by Victor Davis in mid-march complete with Masters at Work remixes.


February 24, 2002

"Dan gna" by Les Go just got released on Spiritual Life Music Records including two fierce Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell remixes.

Oxyd Records will release "U brought me a brighter day" by SuSu Bobien complete with new E-Smoove mixes soon. And for the Winter Music Conferece they will have a "WMC 2002 Double Sampler" including brand new material.

Here are some groundbreaking tracks hat hopefully will get released soon:

  • Jovonn "Keys of life"
  • Big Moses "Hold on"
  • Blaze "Black bird"
  • Angie Stone "I wish I didn't miss you" (Blaze Remix)
  • Blaze "Breathe
  • Blaze "World peace"


February 17, 2002

"Love is psychadelic" by Fantastic Plastic Machine is getting another release soon on Purple Music Records. This time, it will feature the Knee Deep edit and an acapella.

Spiritual Life Music Records will release "Odo oya" by Ola Jagun & His Ancestral Rhythms and "To live" by 3 Generations Walking next on 12". Their sublabel Natural Resource will have "Lounge Collection EP" by Classic Man (aka Wayne Gardiner) and "Elemental" by Women of Color soon on 12".


February 10, 2002

Part 2 of the Frankie Feliciano emixes of "It's yours" by Jon Cutler featuring E-Man is out now on Chez Records. This 12" includes the 'real' Ricanstruction remixes.

Kenny Dope released "House Breaks - Volume 1" on his own DopeWax Records on 12". It includes unreleased beats and breaks of various Masters at Work remixes.


February 3, 2002

The unreleased Masters at Work remixes of MJ Cole's "Tired games" are now available on a UK bootlegg 12". Grab it while it is available - the quality of the pressing is good.

Part 1 of the Frankie Feliciano remixes of "It's yours" by Jon Cutler featuring E-Man is out now on Chez Records 12", complete with the b-side that got lost on the promo pressings.

There is a dope DJ Spen remix of "Brotha" by Angie Stone doing the rounds on CD at the moment. Hopefully it will get a full release.

"Follow me" by Aly-Us, one of those magic moments in house music from the early 90s, will get a rereleased soon with Full Intention remixes on Strictly Rhythm Records.

"Groove me" by Jon Cutler will get rereleased on Distant Music Records soon with Osunlade remixes.

Check the Upcoming page for a list of forthcoming releases.


January 27, 2002

Wave Records release "Fade" by Solu Music featuring Kimblee next week. The 12" also includes the unreleased 'Earth Mix' and will have a gorgeous artwork. In the meantime, Solu Music just released "Afrika" (reviewed a couple of weeks ago) and prepare their next release "The way I'll feel (if you touch)" with Ariah Firewalker on vocals. The EP will also feature the chillout track "I want too...".

Moulton Studios released "Roots" by Jay-J & Chris Lum on 12",  a track that has been played by the lucky ones that got it last year at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. It is only available in North America at the moment because it got licensed to Antidote who will release it worldwide with new mixes (rumours say Joey Negro might be involved).


January 20, 2002

Things are still running slowly here in Switzerland. I certainly hope to get more fresh music next week.

Flower Records Japan released a double 12" of Jazztronik with lots of remixes by Central Living (Naked Music), At Jazz, Sunaga t Experience and Su Paka Pooh.

Look out for new 12" on MAW Records soon including another "Unreleased Project" and "House Breaks Volume 1".


January 13, 2002

Salsoul Records launchced their new "DJ Tools Series" with a couple of interesting releases. The slogan is "Create your classic from our classic". All 12" include beside the full original version acapellas, background vocals, rhythm tracks, strings and horns and more parts of the original recording so you can now make your own version. So far the following 12" are available:

  • First Choice "Double cross"
  • Loleatta Holloway "We're getting stronger"
  • Double Exposure "My love is free"

There is an interesting bootlegg floating around that features a house rework of Barry White's classic "Let the music play" and on the flip you find the classic "Don't stop your love" by Booker T & the MGs.

The Frankie Feliciano remixes of "It's yours" by Jon Cutler featuring E-Man will get released by Chez Records in two parts at the end of January. Did you know that the promos are one-sided because the pressing plant forogt to press side b?


January 6, 2002

Bandwith limitations:

Sorry to all of you who submitted mixes over the past couple of weeks. But unfortunately, I don't have enough bandwith at the moment (the available bandwith gets used with my own mixes, and more bandwith is pretty expensive) so I cannot feature all of them on my site. If someone has some space where I can up them please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know.

The new year starts slwoly, but I think this is gonna change soon...

YellOrange Records will release "Ups and downs" by Kimiesha Holmes and "In my arms" by DJ Pope & Una this month. Next will be "You make me happy" by Pond Boys featuring Yvonne Brown.

This month should see the release of the six-pack vinyl of "Our time is coming" by Masters at Work on their own MAW imprint. Also the four-pack vinyl of "West End Records - The 25th Anniversary Edition" with the unmixed Masters at Work remixes and reedits on WestEnd Records should be coming to your store in the next couple of weeks.