With the first update for 2018 just published, it is worth highlighting a few important points. Most importantly, please remember I do run Spirit of House as a hobby, the website doesn't pay the bills. Time I can spend is limited, therefore I might not be able to respond to every inquiry, and especially I will not be able to be on social media all the time to respond to your messages immediately.

Also I would like to emphasize the following:

  • The focus will continue to be on vocal soulful/afro house, anything else will be featured on an exceptional basis
  • Any submission is made for review consideration and does not guarantee a review
  • Please send only high quality files (320kps CBR MP3, WAV/AIF are preferred) of the complete mixes, streaming links and edits/snippets of the mixes will not be accepted
  • There will be a maximum of 12 reviews per update (independent of the frequency of the updates), from time to time and depending on the time available there might be "Bonus Reviews"

And finally a friendly reminder on the use of my reviews: I wanted to remind everyone that I'm fine if you use my reviews (e.g. for quotes, mail outs, promotional texts) as long as a reference such as "Written by Mike Fossati for Spirit of House (www.spiritofhouse.com)" is added.

Kind regards,
Mike Fossati