It has been a while since I shared some thoughts and news about the future Spirit of House with you... as the year is coming to an end and we look forward to 2013, I felt its the right time to do so now:

  • WMC 2013: No final decision yet yet but at the moment it looks like I will not attend
  • Direction of "Spirit of House": as stated beginning of this year, the focus will be on soulful vocal house, and more than ever quality control will be a top priority. However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what's going on outside of the world of vocal house music, we continue to inform you at the bottom of the reviews page on other noteworthy releases
  • And finally a friendly reminder: Use of my reviews: I wanted to remind everyone that I'm fine if you use my reviews (e.g. for quotes, mail outs, promotional texts) as long as a reference such as "Written by Mike Fossati for Spirit of House (" is added

No update this weekend, we will be back end of next week with fresh reviews....

Mike Fossati
"Chief Editor"