There are no boundaries for house music, and even if not widely known to the world, the house music scene has been growing fast in Dubai. Haneef Raisani must bee seen as a major factor in this development, being responsible for bringing down many of the worlds greatest DJs and labels to Dubai for the now famous Raisani Club Nights.



Dubai based Raisani Entertainment Agency was founded in 2003 by Haneef Raisani hwo started his career in music when he was thirteen back in the 90’s and was into the Disco and Hip Hop scene. He got his first breakthrough when he started as a label in-charge for one of the biggest record companies in the world “UMl” in 2000 for the Middle East territory. Due to his vast experience and love of music he was offered a job in the biggest music retail stores in Dubai. During these 4 years he had given a big hand in shaping the Dance music scene in Dubai by opening doors to many of the major independent record labels including Defected, Soulfuric, Yoshitoshi, Clubstar, Little Angel, Bubble Soul, Soulstar, Soul Seduction, Stereo Deluxe - the list keeps on going on...

Raisani Records is Middle East’s first independent house record label and is an extension to the other projects Raisani Entertainment and Raisani Artist Management. The first release on the label is a double-CD mixed by Haneef Raisani and Danny Marquez (head of Barcelona based Bubble Soul Records) that has been receiving lots of attention worldwide since its release in August 2005.

The label will soon get a sub-label titled Raisani:Deep that will concentrate on branded deep house compilations. The first rleease will be "Citysounds Dubai" mixed by Haneef himself and Dubai's only deep house DJ DJ Baloo. Haneef is currently producing a track by his sister titled "Voice of an angel" that will include lyrics in farci and arabic. This track should be quite different from any english house track.

Check their website for more information and upcoming events.