In the past couple of years, Traxsource has been the #1 choice for many DJ's to get the hottest exclusives and upfront titels in House Music, as well as for classic trax from the extensive back catalogue that is available too. Building on this success, this week Level 2 has been launched offering new and exciting features, with the existing features being tweeked an beefed up to enhance customer experience. With the recent add of such labels as MAW Records and Vega Records, there are now over 300 labels represented offering legal music downloads.

The new look of the website has been improved, with all the important information easier to see, with many new features getting your added. For instance, there is now a label quicksearch with two icons available: "N" indicates there is a new release on the label, "F" is displayed if you added the label to My Favorite Labels. You can even configure the "N" feature to your needs under My Options. The basket is now called My Status and does also included trax you've put to your wishlist.

(click on image for a larger view)

But the improvements don't stop here, the first impression of the main pageĀ is just a teaser for what new features have been added.

My What's New
This brand new section gives you various choices to search for new additions to the music store. The potential is amazing, allowing you to choose since when titles have been added, select only your favorite labels, choose the desired bitrate. And then there are the collapsable listings - one of the major improvements allowing you to have all the tracks collapsed, or have them expanded which gives you direct access to the tracks of the release for preview or purchase - no more need to access each release individually. And best of all, you can combine these choices.

My History
Here you can see a list of a maximum of 20 titles (can be defined in My Options) you recently looked at or previewed. Especially helpful if you've been browsing the site for quite some time, and lost track of what you've been checking out.

My Purchases
One of the features I sadly missed in the past is now finally available: My Purchases shows you all past orders, so if you're unsure if you already bought a release or certain track of it, you can now do a check tto avoid buying it a second time (this happened to me in the past once).

The Search Engine
The search engine has been enhanced dramatically, making the results much more accurate and being more tolerant to your query.

My Options
This area lets you customize many of the features to your needs.


With so many features now available, there was a clear need for a well designed help section explaining how to use and benefit the most of these features.


Overall Impression
I'm pretty sure I missed some of the new features... but solely by the ones I checked out I got to admit that my user experience has been greatly enhanced compared to the previous Traxsource website.