Pick of the Week: Mikki Afflick presents Tantra Zawadi & Rescue Poetix "Universal woman" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)

Mikki Afflick presents Tantra Zawadi & Rescue Poetix - Universal womanForthcoming to acclaimed Soul Sun Soul Music is "Universal woman" by Tantra Zawadi and Rescue Poetix, indisputably this wonderful timeless spoken word piece coming in an eclectic selection of mind-blowing interpretations will send shivers down your spine... The original project produced by Dana Byrd combines the unmatched spoken word poetry of Tantra Zawadi and Rescue Poetix with grand saxophone by Tutt Amin and a captivating rich organic musical backing, Mikki Afflick adds her beloved truly magical deep soulful touch, King P contributes an unique downright amazing broken beat flavored interpretation, Mephia slows down the tempo on his beautiful melodious rendition, and finally DJ T-Groove drops a verily cool and groovy dub rework. A dope release not to be missed...

In the Spotlight (In Memoriam): Kim English "Nitelife" / "Missing you" (Nervous Records 12" / Digital Download)

Kim EnglishEarlier this week, Nervous Records announced the passing of house music diva Kim English whose discography includes several songs that are widely recognized as all-time classics in the house music genre. Kim English has worked with some of the most illustrious producers such as Mood II Swing, Masters at Work, Frankie Feliciano and Maurice Joshua, and she has been praised throughout her career for her one-of-a-kind soaring voice which made many of her songs instant anthems. We have chosen both her 1994 club hit "Nitelife" produced by Ten City and remixed to perfection by Masters at Work and her 1998 single "Missing you" produced by Frankie Feliciano to celebrate her musical legacy.

Reviews April 7, 2019

review logoThis week we have a fully loaded update with the latest and greatest in soulful house for you... enjoy !!

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Pick of the Week: KT Brooks & Libby Jones "You are wonderful" (Remixes)(Face The Bass Records Promo)

KT Brooks & Libby Jones - You are wonderful (Remixes)Over a decade ago (beginning of 2008 to be precise), D#Sharp Records blessed us with the amazing "You are wonderful" an expertly crafted Joe Flamed produced song featuring paramount inspirational vocal performances by both KT Brooks (rip) and Libby Jones, now this timeless soulful jewel returns in fresh re-imaginations guaranteed to make you yearn for more... The vibrant downright tantalizing yet soulful Wipe the Needle remix comes both in regular 4/4 and broken beat styled interpretations, courtesy of Damond Ramsey comes a fabulous mellifluous uber soulful rendition, Glenn Gregory delivers a pristine truly glorious and fierce underground-esque rework, and finally DJ Marcus serves a mesmerizing afro influenced deep house workout.

In the Spotlight: Eddie Nicholas "Was that all it was" (Mixtape Sessions Music Promo)

Eddie Nicholas - Was that all it wasTen years ago, we introduced you to Eddie Nicholas homage to Jean Carn's 1979 all time classic "Was that all it was", a song he always wanted to record. This phenomenal remake produced by Rasmir Mantree (with all music performed by Jalal Johnson) was finally released on his debut artist album "Do you wanna dance?" beginning of last year, now we are graced with a towering rendition by DJ Pope using smooth yet compelling organic musical backing as foundation for lush keys, celestial strings, grand horns and Eddie Nicholas memorable rendition of the lyrics. Also included in the package is the magnificent album version.

Reviews March 31, 2019

review logoA blazin' hot fully loaded update with the latest and greatest in soulful/afro house music awaits you this week... enjoy !!

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Pick of the Week: Sean McCabe featuring HanLei "Now is the time" (95 North Remixes)(Good Vibrations Music Promo)

 Sean McCabe featuring HanLei - Now is the time (95 North Remixes)Ever since "Now is the time" by DJ/producer Sean McCabe laced with the incomparable vocals of HanLei (Hannah Khemoh & Aleysha 'Lei' Gordon) was released back in spring of last year, the song has become a soulful house scene anthem. Richard Payton of legendary production duo 95 North has added his magical touch to the song, serving fierce '95 North Club' mixes sure to cause a stir on the dance floor through the relentless rhythms and inebriant melodies, a chunky utterly infectious '95 North Hard Dub' destined for prime time play, and last but not least organ driven '95 North Gospel' mixes oozing with an incredible uplifting feel sure to send shivers down your spine.

In the Spotlight: Kelvin Sylvester and Marie Tweek "Here we go again" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Kelvin Sylvester and Marie Tweek - Here we go againBoston soulful house maestro Kelvin Sylvester joins forces with renowned songstress Marie Tweek for "Here we go again", a masterly crafted verily soulful yet captivating production that combines the one-of-a-kind deep-rooted vocals of Marie Tweek with illustrious jazzy keys, heavenly chords and smooth yet compelling rhythms, with the alternate 'Revival Mix' giving the song an enthralling afro influenced feel guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy. Indisputably, this timeless soulful gem guaranteed to make you yearn for more is by no means to be missed...

Reviews March 24, 2019

review logoAs usual, only the very best in vocal soulful and afro house music made it into this weeks update... enjoy !!

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Album Review: Various "Best of UPZ (2007-2019)" (soWHAT Records Promo)

Best of UPZ (2007-2019)Throughout the years, UPZ aka Avi Elman has graced us with his unique blend of soulful/afro/latin influenced house music, now he has decided to open up a new chapter in his life. As a final gift, he presents the jaw-dropping aptly titled farewell compilation "Best of UPZ (2007-2019)" which comprises of twenty-two of the most loved and unforgotten UPZ gems, spanning the time period from 2007 to today. In a nutshell, this dazzling compilation featuring collaborations with an illustrious list of artists such as Sio, Jocelyn Mathieu, Black Motion, Kafele, Lifford, Stephanie Cooke, Cuebur, Silvinha, Rick Coffey, Theo Lawson and Jabzz Dimitri to name just a few is not to be missed...

Pick of the Week: Detroit to Bristol "Dance with me" (Motor City Wine Promo)

Detroit to Bristol - From Detroit to Bristol, a collaboration between Detroit's Malik Alston and Javonntte Garrett and Bristol's Andy Compton, comes "Dance with me" a mind-boggling soulful production sure to send shivers down your spine available on limited edition 12" vinyl and as digital download... "Dance with me" is masterly orchestrated, featuring a wonderful rhodes piano alongside glorious harmonica, classy strings, lovely guitar and a thrilling organic backdrop, not to forget to mention Malik Alston's unmistakable sensual vocals and Javonntte Garrett's cool talk box solo. Malik & Javonntte strip things back on their entrancing 'Side by Side Dub', while Andy Compton somewhat relaxes the vibe to give the song more of a neo-soul vibe, with his dub putting the harmonica prowess to the forefront. Exclusive to the digital release is Andy Compton's 'Guitar Dub' putting the guitar center stage.

In the Spotlight: Tom Glide & Terisa Griffin "Magic (spell on me)" (TGee Records Promo)

Tom Glide & Terisa Griffin - Magic (spell on me)Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Glide is back with "Magic (spell on me)" the latest single taken from his highly acclaimed "Divas got Soul" album released in fall of 2017. This timeless soulful jewel featuring the one-of-a-kind sultry vocals of Terisa Griffin comes your way in paramount remixes by Sean Ali & Munk Julious who serve an uber soulful truly melodious rendition, Guri Guri Boys & Fuminori Kagajo who deliver a lively jazz/funk infused interpretation (inspired by George Duke's all-time classic "I want you for myself"), Yuki 'T-Groove' Takahashi who adds his magical boogie/disco inspired touch, and finally Tom Glide himself contributes a lovely latin flavored dub as well as a reprise-esque dub and beats version.

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