In the Spotlight: Izo FitzRoy "I want magic" (Jalapeno Records Promo)

Izo FitzRoy - I want magicForthcoming to Jalapeno Records both on 12" vinyl and as digital download is the Dimitri from Paris produced truly phantasmagorical "I want magic" by Izo FitzRoy. To make a long story short, this mind-boggling truly glamorous slice of contemporary disco featuring the towering haunting vocals of Izo FitzRoy alongside luxurious keys, Cotonete's classy truly infectious groove work and Dimitri from Paris deft studio touches is guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Reviews May 26, 2019

review logoThis was another week with much more fresh music than we ever could review, so once again only the very best in soulful and afro house made the cut... enjoy !!

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Pick of the Week: Kates Le Cafe & Blue Rose "Akekho" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

Kates Le Cafe & Blue Rose - AkekhoUp and rising Cool Staff Records continue to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music with their latest offering "Akekho" by South African DJ/producer Kates Le Cafe and songstress Blue Rose. Beyond the shadow of the doubt, the phenomenal "Akekho" oozing with the incredible vocal stylings of Blue Rose, luxurious jazzed-up keys, heavenly chords and a gentle yet spell binding organic musical backing is sure to make you yearn for more... Put differently,"Akekho" is a verily soulful and melodious jewel by no means to be missed...

In the Spotlight: DJ Kabila featuring Wendy Soni "Somnyama" (Musiq Soldier Entertainment Promo)

DJ Kabila featuring Wendy Soni - SomnyamaCourtesy of South African DJ/producer DJ Kabila and vocalist Wendy Soni comes "Somnyama", to cut a long story short this undeniably phantasmagorical production with gentle yet downright compelling broken beat inspired rhythms leading the way for luscious keys, dreamful chords, Wendy Soni's grandiose haunting vocals and verily cool spoken male words is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine... A truly essential purchase...

In the Spotlight: Mark Francis featuring Carissa Nicole "Gonna be alright" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Mark Francis featuring Carissa Nicole - Gonna be alrightUnquestionably, Quantize Recordings truly grace us with "Gonna be alright" by Mark Francis a magnificent soulful production using a rich organic backdrop as foundation for lush keys, fantastic organ and the amazing uplifting vocals of songstress Carissa Nicole. On remix duty is DJ Spen who stays true to the original while adding his landmark beat-bustin' touch and upping the tempo for some serious dance floor heat, with his dope dub putting the organ center stage.

Reviews May 19, 2019

review logoOut of the plethora of new music we received this week, only the very best in soulful and afro house made the cut... enjoy !!

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Album Review: Mike Dunn "My house from all angles" (Classic Music Company Promo)

Mike Dunn - My house from all anglesEnd of 2017, Moreaboutmusic released "My house from all angles" by Chicago house music legend Mike Dunn on 2x12", now Classic Music Company present the long overdue digital release of this phenomenal album complete with previously unheard tracks. Indisputably,, "My home from all angles" is a scintillating trip down memory lane, with the late 80's/early 90's influenced tracks fueled with pumping rhythms and analogue sounds perfectly illustrating the different sides and ingenuity of Mike Dunn. The album takes you on an exhilarating journey from jacking acid over classic techno right through to groovy soulful house you wish would never end, without doubt this outstanding album is an ode to the dance floor that is by no means to be missed.

Album Review: Pasqua Records S.A presents "The Atmosphere Compilation" (Pasqua Records S.A Promo)

Pasqua Records S.A presents - The Atmosphere CompilationForthcoming to Pasqua Records S.A. this is truly prominent compilation curated by George Lesley entitled "The Atmosphere Compilation". Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is a truly mind-boggling testimony to soulful afro house, featuring music from an illustrious list of artists such as George Lesley featuring Tlale Makhane, Artwork featuring Rhey Osborn, Master Mello featuring Rona Rey, George Lesley & Colbert, Artwork featuring  Dearson, Therd Suspect featuring Venessa Jackson, Miza featuring Colbert, Spin Worx,
Mr.Eclectic, Ryan Solomon
and Exte C & Rhey Osborne.

Pick of the Week: Divine Order "Dreamin'" (FunkHut Records Promo)

Divine Order - DreaminUnquestionably, FunkHut Records are truly blessing us with their latest offering the eminent expertly crafted "Dreamin'" by Divine Order, the trio of renowned vocalists Carolyn Victorian, Una and Dana Weaver. Produced by Baltimore house music maestro DJ Pope, "Dreamin'" is a timeless soulful production inspired by the seminal truly legendary Philly Disco sound, most definitely this glamorous gem is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine through the towering vocals of Divine Order, the luxurious keys, the lovely guitar and the gentle yet verily intriguing percussive rhythms.

In the Spotlight: Cassio Ware "Tighten up" (AquaSol Recordings Promo)

Cassio Ware - Tighten upAquaSol Recordings have been going from strength to strength in recent months, dropping nothing but first-class releases. The forthcoming "Tighten up" by Cassio Ware is no exception, unsurprisingly this fantastic release has already gained support from industry tastemakers. To make it short, "Tighten up" is all about Cassio Ware's unmatched tempting vocals put to full effect by both Jersey Soul and Luis 'LooweeR' Rivera who deliver downright irresistible mixes guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy through enthralling rhythms and enticing melodies.

Reviews May 12, 2019

review logoFor this weeks update, only the very best and latest in soulful/afro house music past our quality control... enjoy !!

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Pour le Connaisseur: The Rurals "Vibrational Affections" (Peng Records Promo)

The Rurals - Vibrational AffectionsPeng Records present "Vibrational affections" the eighteens album by UK soul and deep house legends The Rurals which took four years to complete, without a doubt it was well worth the wait as this album is truly phenomenal... To cut a long story short, with "Vibrational affections" which features guest musicians James Morton, Gary Alesbrook and Craig Connet alongside renowned vocalists Asali Msanii, Alison Crockett, Tenisha Edwards, Celestine and Rogiérs, The Rurals present a verily eclectic truly blissful musical excursion through the various shades modern soul has to offer that is by no means to be missed.

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