The Album Reviews for 1997.

Reviews as of Dezember 21, 1997

Anthology (AM:PM Records Limited Edtion Four Piece Vinyl Box Set)

This box set is a true gift from AM:PM records. Included are some of the best AM:PM recordings as well as unreleased mixes and brand new tracks. But the highlight are six acapellas: Sounds of Blackness "The pressure", U.B.P feat. Jay Williams "Testify", Ce Ce Peniston "Finally", East 57th Street "Saturday", The Absulute "Catch me" and U.B.P. pres. Michael Proctor "Love don't live".


Reviews as of November 16, 1997

Spiritual Life Music (NuPhonic Records Double-Album)

What an album do we get here! Featuring those fantastic productions Joe Claussell gave us on his Spiritual Life Records, you even get the so long hard to find 'Love Serenade Mix' of Ten City "All loved out".


Reviews as of August 3, 1997

Blaze "Basic Blaze" (Slip'N'Slide Records Double-Album)

You may not be able to get this one yet (we do always get the Slip'N'Slide ahead of its official release date), but look out for it. Pure class by Blaze, it kicks off with 'Another dae', a house groove with a sax on top. 'Cult of Soul' has a nice guitar, while 'The Garden' is a midtempo groover featuring a male vocalist. 'Wishing you were here' has another male vocalist, this time over a nuyorican-ish beat. 'Klubtrance' is another house groover with a sax as main part. 'Cult Reprise' is a funky house track. The last side of this double-pack has 'My beat', a jazz house cut with male spoken words - very cool indeed. Finally, there is 'Sacred Sex' closing this very strong package, a stomping trancy groover.

Pure class from Blaze (I love them since theire first releases in 1985/1986).


Reviews as of June 29, 1997

Abstract Jazz Lounge (Nite Groove Records Double-Album)

Quality compilaton of jazz-house cuts by some of todays most important producers. Included are tracks by the Idjut Boys, Second Floor Collective, Nick Jones Experience, Loop Trick feat. Maria, DJ Smash. You'll also get the already on 12" released 'Inner City' by East Side Movement, a Lenny Fontana production. Don't miss a so far unreleased Masters at Work mix of 'Souffles H' by Mondo Grosso. Finally, there is a fab remix of Groove Box 'The more you want' by Joe Claussell.


Reviews as of May 4, 1997

Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler "Kaoz on King Street" (King Street Records Double-Album)

Seven brand new tracks, and as a bonus two classics, this is for all of us loving those deep beats by Kerri Chandler. Some tracks are harder edged while others are on a smoother edge. Some are instrumental, but Kerri also uses vocalists like Carole Sylvan and Gate-Ah. Great to see Kerri back with this quality collection of his work.