Jaidene Veda - Heart of goldTwo years ago, Jaidene Veda blessed us with the wonderful long player "Wanderlust", now she she returns with her latest truly phenomenal and absolutely breathtaking album "Heart of gold" which features a live string quartet, live jazz players and an impressive list of guest artists and co-producers: From P60, S.E.Williams, Fuminori Kagajo, Omotani, Malcolm Aiken, Pablo Martinez, Sio, Lady C, ZuluMafia, Bailey, Master Mello, Kafele Bandele, N'Dinga Gaba, St.Jovis, Hosanna Littlebird, Anthony Nicholson, Kriswontwo, Pete Mo, Ursula Rucker, John Bews. The verily ingenious "Heart of gold" is a truly eclectic and blissful musical journey, witch each of the songs letting Jaidene Veda's one-of-a-kind sultry vocals shine and making you yearn for more. Without doubt, Jaidene Veda once again has been pulling out all the stops to deliver a towering album that will stand the test of time.