Mr. A.L.I - Transit-chasing life

This incredible debut album by Mr. A.L.I - the duo of Vick Lavender and Jere McAllister - was originally released on Unified Records in late 2006 on CD, now for the first time it will be available as digital download to all those that missed it the first time. "Transit-chasing life" features an impressive list of accomplished musicians and artists (think of Nicole Mitchell, Mike Logan, Carla Prather, Eddie Arroyo, Sparrow, Reggie Hall) and shows an amazing depth of versatility of influences such as house, jazz and r&b. Included are the unforgotten single releases "Imagine freedom", "About us" and "Dance all night" as well as many other musical gems. Make not mistake, this seminal album may be a couple of years old but the music is timeless and of highest quality. Essential.