Groove Junkies - In the Zone We have been diggin' the infectious soul drenched, funk oozing Groove Junkies sound from their very first release. Finally, after two years in the making, GJ's founding member Evan Landes delivers his 're-designed' debut artist album "In the Zone" which will officially hit the streets October 4th 2010. It's a delightful composition of songs fusing a multitude of musical influences such as Afro, Jazz, Disco, R&B, Gospel, Rock and Tech-House with the signature Groove Junkies sound. It's graced with lyrical content performed by some of the biggest names in house music today - Solara, Chappell, Joi Cardwell, Diane Carter, Solomon Henderson to name just a few. "In the Zone" includes some of the biggest Groove Junkies classics (three of them re-worked) as well as brand new productions that will take you on a journey through soulful uplifting dance music beyond comparison. Without a question, "In The Zone" is a masterpiece - essential and timeless... our "Album of the year".