Wagon Cookin' - Eleven Spanish brothers Javier and Luis Garayalde are back with their fourth studio album, celebrating eleven yeas since they formed Wagon Cookin' - consequently the album is titled "Eleven". In a nutshell, this is a phenomenal album bringing back memories from a time long gone, yet it sounds fresh and thrilling - to give you a better idea what we are talking about, lets for once quote the label's description which is spot-on: "A return to the New Wave, Disco and Synth-Funk from the early 80’s where the first digital synthesizers, funk melodies and uber-compressed rhythmic patterns are intermingled to create a sophisticated, retro-futurist and melodic musical landscape, all done with typical Wagon Cookin’ flair" - we couldn't have said this better. Not to forget to mention that the album features not less than thirteen tracks to ensure you enjoy this time travel to the fullest, including many vocal collaborations with the likes of Odille Lima, Ladis Site, Melina Jones, Ricky Husbands and Roberto Q. Ingram.