Various - House TreeThe blazin' hot "House Tree" compilation by UNKNOWN season has been a secret weapon here at Spirit of House for about a month now, the release is only a couple of days away so keep your eyes open. A total of fifteen tracks are included, the list of artists is truly illustrious and includes Brisa, Korsakow & Jack Jenson, Ryoma Takemasa, Crispin J Glover, Satoshi Fumi, Franck Roger, Alton Miller featuring Bantu Sou, Luyo, Pete Moss & Jay Hill, Lars Behrenroth, Iori Wakasa, Yusuke Yamamoto, Chris Coco and Akio Takahashi. This stunning compilation is verily eclectic, taking you on a blissful truly exhilarating journey through the various shades of house music.