Mike LaBirt - The Mike LaBirt Project Back in 1991, the now legendary New Jersey based New Generation label caused quite a stir with their first couple of releases (the famous "DJ's on Vinyl" series for example), and ever since they have released nothing but quality house/garage music. Now twenty years later, label founder Mike LaBirt presents his full length project "The Mike LaBirt Project", collaborating with many of his friends such as John Crockett, Dee Holloway, Dawn Williams, Larry P. Rauson Jr., Kimara Lovelace, J. Cizzle, Daddy Love, Tony Glenn and Big Moses to name just a few, and the result speaks for itself: a one-of-a-kind project oozing with the timeless, seminal New Jersey house/garage sound we admire so much and have been missing in recent times. And for those into house music a bit longer, it will bring back memories of the nineties, the era we consider the heydays of house music with so many unforgettable classics... In other words, "The Mike La Birt Project" is a testimony of house music. Essential, and not to be missed.