Image Yes, we bring our Pour Le Connaisseur section back!! This was long overdue as there is more than just house and garage that attracts the real lover of soulful music. For the relaunch, we've choosen the brand new Bugz in the Attic longplayer "Back in the dog house" that is the boiled down brew of over 90 demos the Bugz have variously been working on together, individually, secretly and obsessively since they first met in the late 90's. The sixteen tracks on the album represent some of the most soul-drenched nu sound/broken beat grooves heard in a long time, featuring many experimental moments that make it stand out from the majority of releases. Also the dedication of the Bugz for the music distinguishes this album from the rest as they bring various musical dimensions together. Digital Downloads and sound samples are available at Dancetracks Digital.