The Pour Le Connaisseur reviews for 1997.

September 28, 1997

Just 4 Groovers feat. Dyan Kane "I got Jazz" (Kool Groove Records 12")

All mixes on this 12" are on a jazz-house tip, but the winners are the two interpretations by H20 and the one by CFM (the Crazy Frenchmen aka Reynald Deschamps). Check out for yourself, it's very cool indeed.


July 20, 1997

Jephté Guillaume "Kanpe (get up)" (Spiritual Life Music 12" One-Sided Promo)

Only one mix on this very limited one-sided orange color vinyl promo, but what a taster for the full 12" to come later this year. The mix is called 'Billys Organ Dubb', so you know what to expect: true life music with an organ that will blast you away.


July 13, 1997

Natural Flavors "Sun Juice" (Wave Records 12")

Another real music records with live percussion, guitars and keyboards, it's a pure pleasure to listen to this. Check out the 'Summon the Spirits Mix' - real fierce bonus beats!


June 15, 1997

Joe Claussell / Kerri Chandler "Escravos de Jo" (Ibadan Records 2x12" Promo)

Still one of my favorites, this one now comes as Double-Pack including some new mixes. From the single 12", all mixes except the 'Bonus Beats' are inlcuded. Additionally, there are some fierce 'Percussive Beats', 'The Rio Dub' and 'Organic Vibes'.


May 11, 1997

Joe Claussell / Kerri Chandler "Escravos de Jo" (Ibadan Records 12" Promo)

Afther his beautiful remix of Ten Citys "All loved out", Joe Claussell returns with this newie with co-producer Kerri Chandler. A deep jam with live musicians on guitar, flute, trumpet and Joe Claussell playing percussion. You'll have to hear it to believe it!

Kerri says about this production: 'We should have don this years ago. It's a pleasure to do deep jams.'


April 27, 1997

Abacus "Analog Trks Vol. One" (Guidance Records 12")

Chigaco's Guidance Records are back with another quality record. The main track 'We cookin now' is a mellow ambient track destined for your after-hours set - some say it's one of the best of all times (aren't they crazy?). Three other tracks are included, among them 'Taxi Blues', a beautiful jazzy track with hip-hop beats.


April 20, 1997

Dimitri from Paris "Dirty Larry Remixes / Scenes from Sacrebleu" (EastWest Records 2x12" Promo)

The Dirty Larry Remixes have already been out on Yellow Records, but on this Double-Pack, you'll get a new 'Idjut Boy Classical Jazz Mix'. The second record 'Scenes from Sacrebleu' is an album containig some interesting tracks where Dimitri shows us that it doesn't always has to be House. Check it out - it's a very interesting thing.


March 30, 1997

Roland Clarke "Sacrifice" (Duality Records 12")
Black Oceans EP (Duality Records 12")
MiTue feat. Louis Lang "More than friends" (Duality Records 12")

Duality Records is a new division of Prescription Records. They kick off with this three relaeses which have been released over the last two weeks. A label to look out for in the future.

"Sacrifice" is a jazz-house cut featuring the beautiful vocals of Roland Clark. The mixes are courtesy of Ron Trent.

The "Black Oceans EP" features three cuts by Larry Heard where he samples different vocals and beats to get new, deep sounds.

Finally, "More than friends" is produced by Larry Heard & Bernard Badie. The first side comes in two mixes by Larry Heard, while the second side comes in two mixes by Bernard Badie. His 'Original Mix' is the one to look for, a real jazz-house gem.


March 23, 1997

Gigolo Supreme "After the storm" (Ricanstruction Records 12")

New label distributed by Nervous Records, this first release for the label shows us what Frankie Feliciano is good for. This new mixes of 'After the storm' are all very jazzy with different backing beats.


February 9, 1997

Interplanetary Love Communication "Ven A Gozar / Water On The Moon" (BackBeat Records 12")

"Water On The Moon" is a mainstream house-cut, so head straight for "Ven A Gozar" (what does this mean?), a jazz-cut with a house beat but all the ingredients a jazz-cut has. Two mixes to choose from, this is not the sort of track you can play in a set, you better use it at the end of a night.