Real Sound of Chicago and Beyond As a regular guest of Spirit of House and lover of House music you connect Chicago as being the birth place for House music; those familiar with the roots of House music know that Disco, Funk and Soul played a vital role in its development and evolvement, and they are also aware that Chicago always had much more to offer than just House music. The "Real Sound of Chicago" series looks back at the early stages of the city's dance era, featuring lots of rare in demand material selected by Mr. Peabody Records, a record shop in southside Chicago founded by true lovers of music who devote their time on nothing but the best in music. While originally ought to be a musical insight from the Black underground Dance material made in Chicago, the latest installment sub-titled "Underground Disco & Boogie" presents dance music from all around the globe as well, taking the compilation series to a whole new level. A real treasure not to be missed.