Image Lil Louis (Louis Burns) is best known for house classics such as "French kiss" (1989) or "Club lonely" (1992, lifted from "Journey with the lonely", one of two albums he recorded for major label Epic). But Lil Louis is much more than a producer and songwriter - he is an artist, DJ and author as well. In the last few years, he has been working on a book and album that will be released simultaneously. The book entitled "A Man's Diary" is a controversial true love story about his lifelong pursuit in finding a good woman. The album, titled "Two Sides to Every Story", is a musical answer to the book, written by Lil Louis from a woman's perspective, depicting their joy, love and heartache. The album is a two disc release - one r&b, one house - well worth being discovered, best while reading the book as well to get the whole picture.

One for the vinyl hunters and collectors out there: did you ever realize that at first sight the release of "French kiss" on Diamond Records appears to be perfectly normal black vinyl, but when you hold the record to the light you will see it shines through a little and proves to be of a very dark green color?