The Pick of the Week reviews for 1996.

Picks as of December 29, 1996

Gisele Jackson "Love commandments" (Waako Records 12")

Out for a few weeks now, this one is getting bigger and bigger (it has already been picked up by UMD Records for Italian release). Produced and mixed Louie "Balo" Guzman, this one comes in four mixes. The main attraction is the live guitar played by Alex Gil. This garage stomper will make the dancefloor cookin'.

Remixes will be out soon on Waako Records.


Picks as of December 22, 1996

H2O feat. Billie "Take me higher (Part II)" (Panthera Records Promo 12")

This is a very limited edtion pressing (only 500 copies made) which has been released to celebrate the 11th year of Panthera Records. Two mixes are included: a 'Club Mix' and a 'Dub Mix'. Both include some new keys which make this one sound fresh even it is only a Remix.


Picks as of December 15, 1996

Byron Stingily "Get up (everybody)" (Manifesto Records 2x12")

Finally! The official Promo has arrived. The so loved 'Parade Mix' opens this double pack with its clever use of an Sylvester sample. Standing close to this original mix is Roger S. 'Narcotic Dub' while his 'Overload Mix' has got all the Roger S. trademarks. Also check out the 'Rhyhtm Masters Dub Up Mix' which is very disco-like. Other mixes by 'Trouble' Anderson and Jules & Skins (very cheesy) are also included.

There is also a seperate promo of Derrick Carter Mixes available.

Picks as of December 8, 1996

Ferry Ultra feat. Roy Ayers "Dangerous vibes" (Remixes)(Peppermint Jam Records 12")

The Remixes are courtesy of Grant Nelson and Heller & Farley. Grant does his usual thing which is just a bit to silly for me. Check out the 'Heller & Farley Flute Dub' - for once, they've changed their style for an effective souful Dub with a nice flute. The 'Heller & Farley House not House Mix' completes the set.


Picks as of December 1, 1996

The Braxtons "The boss" (Altantic Records 2x12" Promo)

Produced by the Masters at Work, this track had been written in 1979 by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson for Miss Diana Ross. A lot of DJ's have cut Acetates of the CD-Version which has also been boottlegged, but know the Promo Double-Pack is available with lots of Mixes by those famous Masters at Work.

The A-Side kicks in with the 'KENLOU Mix' and the 'KENLOU Radio Mix', both containing lots of the so-loved strings of the late 70s, early 80s which gives this song a real Disco-feeling. As you can expect, the Masters put in some great breaks. On the B-Side, you'll get the 'Masters at Work Dub' with lots of the MAW trademarks and the 'Reprise' which starts with an Accappella with strings before the beat kicks in. The C-Side has the 'MAW Album Mix' and a short (only 90 seconds) 'Hip Hop Vocal', while on Side D, you'll get the 'MAW Groove' - basically, it's an Accapella with just the strings.


Picks as of November 24, 1996

Rachid Taha "Kelma" (Mango Records Promo 12")

A world music artist gets the remix-treatment by Roger Sanchez. He delievers four mixes of which one features the vocals of Mr. Taha. The other three mixes are Dubs and an Instrumental. Roger S. has left his usual formula and uses some new sounds on these mixes.


Picks as of November 17, 1996

Ten City "Whatever makes you happy" (Remixes)(Ibadan Records 12")

A Ten City classic remixed by none other than Kerri Chandler. Kerri has turned this beautiful song into a real slamming club trax. Check out the 'Classix Vocal' for a late eighties feeling.


Picks as of November 10, 1996

M&S presents The Guy next door "Deeper" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

After a long, long time, Strictly Rhythm have managed to release another Garage 12". It is Ricky Morrison's and Fran Sidoli's follow up to The Girl Next Door's "Justify". This time, you've got male vocals over the typical M&S Garage-Sound. Check out the 'Epic Reprise' with all its beautiful keyboards. Aqquire.$


Picks as of November 3, 1996

Wildchild "Jump to my beat" (Todd Edwards Mix)(HiLife Records 12")

Todd Edwards really has this one turned into an epic Club-Track which works on every Housefloor. Forget about all the other mixes available, this is the one to look for. It makes clever use of the "Jump to it" sample by Aretha Franklin.


Picks as of October 27, 1996

Sensory Production "Limited Edition" (Luxury Service Records Red-Vinyl 12")

No details available, I don't even know if this is a Promo or an official 12". The Sensory Guys give you an instrumental Disco influenced Deep-House track in two versions - check out the B-Side wich has got a nice flute.


Picks as of October 20, 1996

Ferry Ultra feat. Roy Ayers "Dangerous vibes" (Peppermint Jam Records 12")

And again, a records with Mousse T. Mixes is my pick of the week. Mousse T. is unstoppable at the moment. On this collaboration with Roy Ayers, you get some jazzy and funky House-Mixes. As a bonus, a 'Deepzone Mix' by Mike Delgado and Matthias Heilbronn is included. Don't miss this one!


Picks as of October 13, 1996

Mysterious People - Love resolution (Remixes)(Yoshitoshi Rec. 12")

Brand new remixes by Mood II Swing and Deep Dish. While Deep Dish give us two versions just of beats and effects, Mood II Swing have done two vocal reworkings with plenty of interesting keyboard sounds. Something fresh for the dancefloors...


Picks as of October 6, 1996

Stehpanie Cooke "Holding on to your love" (King Street Records 12")

Produced and mixed by Big Moses, remixes by Grant Neldon are included on this one. Strong song with UK-Garage-Mixes by Grant Nelson, while Big Moses gives us the classic New Jersey feeling in his mixes.


Picks as of September 29, 1996

The Funky People feat. Su'Su Bobien & Talipharaoh "Lift him up" (Funky People Records)

Classic Garage from New Jersey produced by Blaze. As the other releases on Funky People Records, this one is a real Garage song in pure class style. Beautiful vocals by Su'Su Bobien and Talipharaoh and Amira on background vocals - this one will please all Garage-Music lovers.


Picks as of September 22, 1996

Incognito "Out of the storm" (Talkin' Loud Records 2x12")

They are back with a beautiful song mixed by Bluey himself and Dave Morales who for once really does a superb job. After lot of dissapointing Remixes in the past, Dave has done two mid-tempo Mixes of pure class in the 'old' Def-Mix-style. More mixes by Carl Craig are expected to follow.


Picks as of September 15, 1996

Kristine W "Land of the living" (Deep Dish Mixes)(Chamion Records 2x12")

After weeks of wait, it finally arrives on vinyl! And it has been worth the wait - one of the best remixes Deep Dish did so far. Since you've already heard this played by the 'big' DJ's, you'll know this one - it's more softy than the usual Deep Dish work, but it's very good either. Vocal, Instrumental and Dub Mixes included. Champion are also gonna release some Lisa Marie Experience Remixes soon.


Picks as of September 8, 1996

Ann Nesby "Can I get a witness" (Mousse T Mixes)(A+M/Perspective Records 12")

Man of the Moment Mousse T does another damn fine job on this beautiful song performed by Sounds of Blackness singer Ann Nesby. Mousse T has done some fine Garage Mixes as well as some dark funky House Mixes. To complete the set, he shows us his ability of doing some downbeat mixes. Get it!


Picks as of September 1, 1996

Abstract Truth "Get another plan" (House Mixes)(Talkin' Loud Records 12")

This is one of the many Promos of this song around at the moment (the other Promos cover the Jungle and Jazz styles). The Mixes are provided by the collaboration of Eric Kupper and Francois Kevorkian in a Jazz-House vain. It's got a very cool, laid-back Dub. Don't miss this one.


Picks as of August 18, 1996

South Shore Commission "Free man" (Wave Classic Records 12")

It's good to see this classic back on vinyl (finally, i got it on vinyl, too). For our pleasure, Francois Kevorkian has included a brand new edit - aqquire.


Picks as of August 11, 1996

H2O featuring Billie "Nobody's business" (DeepZone Mixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12")

DeepZone (aka Mike Delgado and Matthias Heilbronn) deliever some fine Mixes. Seven Mixes to choose from, ranging form a Vocal over a couple Dubs to the Bonus Beats and an Accapella. These Mixes have a more underground feel than the Original ones on Liquid' Groove. Sharp Mixes are separately available.


Picks as of August 4, 1996

Sinnamon "I need you now" (Worx Records 3x12")

Triple-Pack of Mixes by Masters at Work, Todd Terry and Deep Zone (aka Mike Delgado and Matthias Heilbronn). This will definitely be a success for this new label (a subsidiary of Jive Records). Todd Terry delievers a good Vocal Mix, while the Masters did a Classic and a House Version. Deep Zone have done a real Underground Version, including a new added Sax. An Accapella is included, too.


Picks as of July 28, 1996

Ce Ce Peniston "Movin' on" (A+M Records 2x12")

Ce Ce is back with a brand new 12" mixed by Junior Vasquez. He delievers some hard Mixes as well as some softer ones. Check out the 'Smooth' and 'Major Dub' Mixes - these are the softer ones. His other Mixes are on a harder edge. Some R&B and Hip Hop Mixes are also included.


Picks as of July 21, 1996

Nu Colours "Special kind of lover" (Fire Island Mixes)(WildCard Records 2x12")

Nu Colours are back with some heavy Mixes by Fire Island (aka Farley and Heller). The Mixes are entitled 'Nu Samba Vocal' and 'Nu Samba Groove' - nuff said.


Picks as of July 14, 1996

Future Force "What you want" (Hippie Torrales Mixes)(AM:PM Records Test Pressing)

Wow! You sought the Karmasutra and Richie Jones Mixes are the end? You're wrong - these Hippie Torrales Mixes just arrived on a limited Test Pressing (100 copies). These are the definit Garage Mixes lots of people have been waiting for. Three Mixes too choose from, all equal good. AM:PM says they won't be on the commercial release - what a shame.


Picks as of July 7, 1996

Dee Jacobee "I'm alive" (Mercury Records)

This one is split over two 12"-Promos. The first one has two terrific Mixes by Jazz'N'Groove in their typical soulful style. The second one has two Todd Terry Mixes and a R&B Version. Definitely worth checking out.


Picks as of June 30, 1996

Urban Blues Project present Michael Proctor "Love don't live" (AM:PM Records 2x12")

AM:PM have picked up this one from Soul-Furic Records. Until now, the Tommy Musto Mixes have rocked the dancefloors all over the world. But now, you get eight new mixes on this Double-Pack-Promo from AM:PM Records. These mixes will breathe new life into it - believe me!

Finally, the original mixes by Jazz'N'Groove (aka Urban Blues Project) have been put out: this is the definition of soulful Garage! CJ Mackintosh delievers some fine mixes with his own trademarks - check out the 'Hard Dub'. You also get a beautifully re-edited version of the original 'New Birth Mix' by Tommy Musto. Victor Simonelli Mixes are promised too - i can't wait for them!


Picks as of June 23, 1996

Jerald Daemyon "Summer madness" (Giant Step Records 2x12")

Mixes by the Masters of Work - so you can be shure this one is pure class. Six mixes - three downtempo, 3 uptempo. It's an istrumental track cleverly redone for the clubs.


Picks as of June 16, 1996

Todd Terry "Jumpin'" (Manifesto Records 2x12")

Finally out on vinyl, this might be the summer hit of 96. Of the eight mixes, Todd himself delievers four versions, all worth checking out. Also included are a Masters at Work Mix and a Dub by Benji Candelario. For the UK market, Rhythm Masters deliever the more commercial Mixes.


Picks as of June 9, 1996

Groove Collective "I want you (She's so heavy)" / "Everybody (We the people)" (Giant Step Rec. 2x12")

Finally, the fantastic "I want you (She's so heavy)" is commercially avaible backed up with "Everybody (We the people)" on the second 12" of this Double Pack. Eric Kupper Mixes of both tracks plus a Mood II Swing Mix of "Everybody" - definitly worth checking out.


Picks as of June 2, 1996

Csilla "Man in the moon" (Dream-Beat Records 2x12")

Another fine production on Joe T. Vanelli's label who also delievers all the Mixes on this Double-Pack. As usual, his 'Dubby Vocal Mix' surely gets your crowd jumping. Also check out the 'Capella Box'.


Picks as of May 26, 1996

Calvin Rock "I love you forever" (White Label)

Some new UK-Garage Mixes. Unfortunately there, is no info about the Remixer - but don't care, especially the 'Dub' on the B-Side works well.

Andrea Mendez "Bring me dubs" (AM:PM Records)

New Mixes of the Classic, far better than the new 12" on Azuli. The Mixes (Dubs) are provided by Mark Picchiotti and M&S. The 'EpicDub' by M&S has some slammin' drums and really does the business.


Picks as of May 19, 1996

Michael Proctor "Love don't live" (SoulFuric Records)

This was the absolut scorcher at the Winter Music Conference this year in Miami. These Tommy Musto Mixes really do the business on the dancefloor all over the world. Victor Simonelli Mixes are expected to arrive soon.


Mariah Carey "Always be my baby" (Morales Mixes)(Columbia Records)

Resung by Mariah so the vocals match perfectly the groove delieverd by Dave Morales himself (remember, this has been a ballad on the album).


Picks as of May 12, 1996

Yellow Sox "Flim flam" (Nuphonic Records)

Nuphonic can do no wrong - another jazzy house-stomper.

Break Point feat. Jon Banfield "Whenever you want me" (Klub Zoo Records)

Double-Pack of quality Garage, Mixes courtesy of Jazz'N'Groove, M+S and Zoo Experience.

Diana Ross "Take me higher" (Blaze / Claussell Mixes)(Bullhead Records)

This might well be a bootlegg - but don't care cause thes Mixes breathe new life into this slammin Track (remember the DJ Spen Remix?).

Groove Collective "She's so heavy aka I want you" (GRP Records)

Fantastic Jazz-House-Workout by Eric Kupper - an 11 minute journey into music...