MAQman - Night Life EP

What shall we say about this phenomenal release...We were instantly blown away by the beauty of the orchestration and vocals, this is pure soulful dance music made for eternity... The EP includes three equally fantastic songs produced by MAQman, featuring incredible vocals by Selina Campbell, Aaron Washington and Joseph Junior, conga by Reto Duriet, sax by Yann Altermath, flute by Amin Mokdad, guitar by Raul The Great Romancer, bass by Luman Child and Alex Kuendig and flugelhorn by Denis Corboz - altogether they make this something truly special not to be missed. Whether it is the smooth sensual "Corner", the old-school styled "I can't take it" or the vibrant "Night life", we can't stop listening to these wonderful songs... Precious and essential, and soon to be released on Strictly Beatdown Records complete with remixes.