The Funklovers featuring Charles Dockins - Miss your love

Italy's The Funklovers (Fabrizio Munao, Luca Lala & Luciano Tarantino) team up with Charles Dockins - the result is the truly outstanding "Miss your love", a timeless soulful production built around an infectious funk soaked backdrop, illustrious jazzy keys and chords, gentle guitar and Charles Dockins' unmistakable deeply rooted vocals - a musical gem guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and make you yearn for more. The 'Soulful Mix' gives the song a more relaxed feel, the Dolls Combers contribute a glamorous interpretation oozing with their beloved jazz inspired sounds, Evan Landes from the Groove Junkies delivers a fiercely stompin' workout perfect for peak time, and finally we have Marco Finotello's laidback old school soul/funk infused rendition. A masterpiece not to be missed.