Ezel - Anba dloTo get straight to the point, the "Anba dlo" EP ("Beneath the waters" in Kreyol) by Ezel forthcoming to Bayacou Records is nothing short of phenomenal... The spiritual depth offered by this EP is truly incredible, most definitely each of the included tracks is guaranteed to cast a spell on you and get your feet moving instantly. First up is "Nibo" a verily haunting carnival inspired track laced with celestial synths, glorious prayer chants and enthralling rhythms. Next is the utterly mesmerizing "The moon" fueled with inexorably pulsating rhythms and heady melodies, then we have "Caravan" an intriguing afrotastic track oozing with an absolutely irresistible galactical vibe, and finally there is "Lead by water" fusing beautiful rhodes with melodic synths and remorselessly thumpin' rhythms. This ingenious release by Ezel is by no means to be missed.