Montana & Stewart featuring Christa - Slow & steady

Courtesy of Universe Media comes this phenomenal release by Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart who join forces with songstresses Christa and Diviniti to present two equally fantastic productions titled "Slow & steady" and "Let me show you".  Both songs ooze with the signature organic jazz drench sound Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart are famous for, featuring grand keys by Bennett Holland and beautiful jazz guitar by Rick Holmes, not to forget to mention the amazing heartfelt vocals by Christa and Diviniti. On top of this, you get massive remixes of "Slow & steady" by Jamie Lewis who gives the song a soulful prime time feel, Andy Compton's The Rurals who add their beloved laidback yet deep jazz inspired touch and Reagan Grey who serves a mesmerizing deep affair laced with celestial synth melodies.