Deepconsoul - Goodies EPFollowing the highly acclaimed "House To Jazz Experience" EP's and the phenomenal "Reflections" album which features vocalist Darian Crouse comes the next superb release by Deepconsoul on Soulful Sentiments Records. The "Goodies EP" is loaded with four equally brilliant vocal productions on which Deepconsoul collaborates with Sacred Soul, Footsounds and Mr. Boogie, enlisting the vocal talents of Philadi N, Siya, Dindy and Swazi Qabazi. Not much needs to be said or written about this paramount release other than each of the four included songs is top-notch soulful house music guaranteed to make you yearn for more, oozing with gentle yet spell binding rhythms, tempting melodies and excellent vocals. Undoubtedly it is next to impossible to pick a favorite out of these four timeless soulful gems... An essential release by no means to be missed.