Quentin's longplayer "No politics" is finally here after having been expected to drop earlier this year, and for the time being it is only available as Japan import. Beside "Hate won't change me" featuring Byron Stingily and "Let's be young", the album features all new material with vocals provided by Colton Ford, Jason Walker, Lavonz, Georgia Cee, Cordell McClary and Monique Bingham. Among the songs is a cover of the After 7 classic "Can't stop" and a collaboration with Haldo. The biggest surprise is "Beautiful black women come from Brooklyn" featuring Monique Bingham where Quentin goes for a leftfield downtempo affair while the other songs stay in Quentin's tradition of uplifting and fierce house grooves. Also included are the new instrumental tracks "Haunted", a highlight of the album and the brand new 12" release, and "Moist groove". As a bonus, this japanese release includes a three track bonus CD including an extened version of the of Haldo collaboration and the instrumental tracks "House" (the flipside to the "Haunted" 12") and "Episodes #3 (the lost episode)".