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Exclusive Preview: BSC featuring Andre "Eu soul" (Grooveland Music CD-R)

Grooveland Music follow up the worldwide success of Tarek's "Desabafo" with another banger by the Brazilian Soul Crew (Edground, Claudio Mansur, Alexandre Zee) titled "Eu soul" which is guaranteed to become an instant classic, featuring a heartfelt vocal courtesy of Andre. The original is on a deep laidback tip, with phat keys and synth chords accompanying the vocals while the resistless groove is guaranteed to keep your feet movin'. Various slammin' remixes are included, with Abicah Soul adding his trademark warm and deep, percussive touch to the track, while Anto Vitale is spicing the vibe up with a raw'n'gritty bassline, jazzy keys and spacey synth chords. Next is Dave Lynam who turns the track into a heavily thumpin' tech-soul affair that goes as deep as it gets, followed by Hernan Cronner who smoothes the vibe down for a ten minute plus journey into mellow jazzy deepness. Lastly Bradford James and Trinidadian Deep team up for a hypnotic afro-tribal interpretation. There is word that remixes by BSC, Daniel D, Eddie Valdez, Fernando Ribeiro, Jarrier Modrow, RyB and Tarek will follow in another package.

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Bunny Mack "Let me love you" (Defected Records CD Promo)

In 1979, Rokel Records (a now defunct UK label focusing on African disco & Discolypso) released "Let me love you" by Bunny Mack. Now, almost thirty years later, this masterpiece of calypso drenched Disco returns with phat new remixes through Defected. DJ Gregory serves three wonderful percussion driven interpretations (one vocal, two dubs) that stay true to the original, while Bugz in the Attic serve both a funky house version as well as a twisted broken beat take. Grand High Priest give the track a stompin' house feel on a more laidback tip, while finally Andy Daniell contributes a lovely edit of the timeless original to the package.

Exclusive Preview: Eddie Nicholas "U left me" (Unreleased Adam Cruz Mix)(Slaag Records CD-R)

Earlier this year, Slaag Records started promoting "U left me" featuring lovely mixes by Taka Boom and Adam Cruz, and since then this track has been a favorite with many DJ's, dancers and music lovers. Not included in the promo package is this unreleased mix by Adam Cruz (with bass assistance from Josh Milan) that is on a laidback tip, with the funktified groove leading the way for Eddie Nichola's incomparable vocals, the wicked keys and sweet percussion.

UPZ "Remixed" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)

Over the last couple of months, United People of Zion aka UPZ have released two slamming albums and various singles through different labels. Now the time has come to look back at some of their best releases with this compilation that features a total of sixteen slammin' remixes, some of them previously unreleased, from the likes of ReelSoul, Rasmus Faber, Fabio Bacchini, Jihad Muhammad, Dom Navarra, Euan Mitchell, Yotam Avni, Avi Elman and DJ Rico to name just a few. These remixes offer something for everybody, from laidback over deep to serious peak time action. Highly recommended.

DJ Greg featuring Diana "Natural high" (Beat Monkey Records CD Promo)

With "Natural high", Beat Monkey Records present a beautiful production by DJ Greg that is a prime example of what soulful house is all about. Featuring songstress Diana Waite, "Natural high" is a wonderfully instrumentated production on a deep yet laidback tip that oozes with its soulful melodies and an outstanding vocal performance. H&H Soul Survivors provide the remix that adds an acoustic touch to the track thanks to the lovely guitars used while keeping the vibe soulful and deep.

Lorenzo al Dino featuring Beverley T. "Let life shine" (Part 2)(TriCircle Records CD Promo)

Just a few weeks after part one drops the second part with more mixes of this wonderful production by our friend Lorenzo al Dino that originally saw the light of the day in 2003 through Distance Records. Niel C provides the 'Rollercoaster Mix' which is on a tougher edge, with only parts of the vocals used together with catchy synths to create a hypnotic feel. This part also includes Joey Musaphia's 'Refunkt Vocal Mix' and the original dub by Lorenzo al Dino that is all about the magnificent sax play.

Heather Johnson "You and me" (1200 Warriors Remix)(LoveSlap! Records CD Promo)

Heather Johnson and label head Charles Spencer team up to present us the beautiful "You and me" coming your way in remixes by the 1200 Warriors who take Heather Johnson's smooth vocals and combine them with a funk soaked, bumpy house groove that has a raw - yet even slightly dirty - edge to it that is reminiscent of the earlier days of House. Galaxy Group contribute a sweet'n'soulful down tempo interpretation to the release.

Fabio Tosti featuring Spencer Banks "The level of love" (MusicPlan Records CD Promo)

Originally out through Reel House Records a while back, Fabio Tosti's "The level of love" which features a wicked spoken word vocal courtesy of Spencer Banks returns with a phat ten mix package that includes the original versions as well as fresh remixes and re-edits. The package lets you choose from a variety of styles - whether you like it funky, jazzy, a combination of both, or whether you prefer it deep, uplifting or groovy and melodic - its all in this package.

Danil "Take me" (Remixes)(Ospina Digital Records CD Promo)

Here we have three brand new remixes of the Davidson Ospina produced "Take me" performed by Danil. Javi Lopez presents the fierce 'Afrodub Mix' that is built around a powerful, funk flavored backing groove that is enriched with catchy synths to create an irresistible vibe, while Carlos Rubio & Dave Marani rework the track into a deeply groovin' affair full of lovely melodies. Lastly there is the 'Stereo Martini Remix' that is the choice pick for the bigger rooms with its heavy beats and the neat synths.

DJ Dealer featuring Lisa Millett "Speak to me" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

"Speak to me" is the third single taken from DJ Dealer's acclaimed "Joyride" album and features a passionate gospel vocal courtesy of Lisa Millett over a funk soaked groove that together with the classic styled strings give the track a lush old-school feel. Jon Cutler's reworking is absolutely relentless, with a deeply thumpin' groove leading the way for captivating keys and chords that together with the vocals create a mesmerizing vibe. Lastly Uncle Milty drops a deep yet laidback interpretation on a wonderful jazz-funk tip that is simply outstanding thanks to the beautiful instrumentation.

VisionX "La musica" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

"La musica" by VisionX is a sun drenched, latin flavored production featuring sexy female vocals alongside jazzy keys, all nicely arranged over a smooth backing groove to create a laidback, uplifting vibe. Andy Ward contributes three great mixes to the package, all of them taking the track to deeper grounds while never letting down the laidback vibe. Two of these mixes feature a sax courtesy of Bruno Soares that further strengthens the uplifting feeling. Lastly VisionX serve two powered up mixes perfect for the bigger rooms with their slightly techy synth chords and the deeply stormin' groove.

Daddy Funk 45 featuring Nicole Tyler "The Disco killed my brain" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

What an obscure title "The Disco killed my brain" is... anyhow, Daddy Funk 45 and Nicole Tyler team up to present a captivating production featuring a catchy saxophone and sexy vocals courtesy of Nicole Tyler over a funk soaked backing groove. Mixes are courtesy of Divided Soul who deliver a powerful Latin tinged version perfect for peak time play with its catchy synths used, while Central Avenue take the track to deeper grounds to give it a hypnotic and raw, funky edge.