The Reviews for 1996.

Reviews as of December 29, 1996

Kludo feat. JD Braithwaite "Love goes on" (Suburban Records 2x12")

Suburban keep their level high with this double-pack release. No info about producers or mixes on this test pressing. The A-Side features a Vocal Mix. On Side-B, you'll get a pumping Instrumental with a nice piano in the middle. Side C and D feature some different interpretations.

Fine Young Canniballs "She drives me crazy" (FFRR Records 2x12")
Fine Young Canniballs "Johnny come home" (FFRR Records 12")

Promoed separately but out as a single 12", "She drives me crazy" has been remixed by Roger Sanchez. Out of the four mixes, the "Phunk Phenomena Mix" and "Phunk Dub" are the ones to chosse for its nice funky bass. The "Insane Mix" is on a much darker tip. "Johnny come home" has been given the remix treatment by Mousse T. The "Musica Dub" is a simple pumping groove while the "Extended Mix" uses the original sax and vocals.

Azymuth "Jazz carnival (Part 1)" (Far Out Recordings 12")

Global Communications deliever a beautiful "Space Jazz Mix" which sounds perfect when played loud. Funky jazz-house at its best.

Deep Sensation "Talkin'... / Get together" (Cajual Records 12")

"Get togehter" has a really nice intro before the bass and drums kick to make this one a funky affair. "Talkin'" is a jazzy house cut.


Reviews as of December 22, 1996

Deborah Cox "It could've been you" (Arista Records 12")

Why is it that Dave Morales is only doing fine and good mixes for the big names in the business? This is another example of this phenomena - quality DEF-Mix-style House-Music in a variety of mixes coupled with the vocals of Deborah.

Eddie Perez feat. Calvin Rock "Can't be denied" (Essential Records 12")

This collaboration sees the return of Calvin Rock on the Garage circuit - and it kicks. Powerful garage by Eddie Perez of Smack fame featuring Calvin on vocals. Check out the instrumental.

Chalres Dockins feat. Lynette Smith "Only you" (Shelter Records 12")

After month of wait (hasn't it been more than half a year?), this one takes of where "Higher love" left. Four mixes - four shades of pumping garage music. Decide for yourself.

Corina Joseph "Live your life with me" (Atlantic Jaxx Recordings 12")

Original production by Basement Jaxx, their own version is beautiful and smooth while the Roger S. mixes are more club-friendly. Check out his 'Narcotic Dub'.

G-Dubs & Benn Starr "Once Again EP" (TNT/Freeze Records 12")

4-track EP, of which the highlight is "Raindrops" - a deep and moody track where you even can hear the rain. Great for spinning in the after-hours selection.

Motto feat. Izumi "Aisheterv" (Freeze Records 12")

Sexy vocals (sung in chinese!) over a minimal, moody and simple beat, but it still manages to work on the dancefloor.


Reviews as of December 15, 1996

Seven Saturdays Orchestra feat. Oona "Everybody needs somebody sometimes" (Suntune Records 12")

Brilliant mixes by Hippie Torrales & Mark Mendoza on this growing Italian label (see the News for info on their next releases).

Groove Box "Casio's theme / The more you want" (NiteGrooves Records 12")

Nice double-tracker produced by the Masters at Work. The winner is 'The more you want' which comes in three mixes with a nice guitar. Check out the 'Long Guitar Mix' - it's got a beautiful, long guitar intro.

Downtown "Hudson street" (Hystery Underground Records 12")

This is the first release for Eric Kupper's label and it's a lovely, jazzy house-instrumental in two mixes.

The Funky People "Funky people" (Slip'N'Slide Records 2x12")

This is the 50th release for this label and they've choosen a great song to celebrate it. Licenced from Funky People Records, you'll get the Original Mixes as well as new Mixes by the Masters at Work. None less than eight mixes to choose from, this is a sure winner.


Reviews as of December 8, 1996

Spensane "Soul power '96" (Dolo Records 12")

This is the US release including mixes by DJ Sneak and the producers DJ Spen and JoSane. The track uses a sample of James Brown's 'Soul power'. DJ Sneak continues his actual style of pumping beats while DJ Spen and JoSane deliever a beautiful Instrumental version.

Spensane "Soul power '96" (Boris Dlugosch Remixes)(WEA Records 12")

Boris Dlugosch has remixed this one with help by Mousse T. who plays the additional keyboards. Check out the 'Soulfunkin Dub' with its real funky feeling which makes it different from the US release.

Markus Schulz & C.L. McSpadden "Tales from the vault" (Henry Street Music 12")

You know what to expect from Henry Street Music: solid disco grooves by all the well known producers. And this one exactly fits this formula.

Stephanie Cooke "Holding on to your love" (Remixes)(King Street Sounds 12")

Remixes by Soul Solution, Mood II Swing. Forget about the Soul Solution Mixes and go directly to the 'Mood II Swing Dub' which gives this one new life. The 'Grant Nelson Radio Mix' completes the package.


Reviews as of December 1, 1996

Sundiata O.M. "Maike it happen" (Prescription Records 2x12")

This label knows how to produce real music! Another great musical journey with lots of african sounds and great mixes spread over this double-pack.

Charlie Dore "Time goes by" (Bustin' Loose Records 2x12")

This one is also available as a single 12", but there you won't get the best two mixes: 'Ivan Iacobucci Bass Dub' and 'Mike Delgado Dub Mix'.

Third Person "Love conquers all" (Liquid Groove Records 12")

Scott Wozniak latest offering comes in two more commercial offerings on the A-side, so you better check out the 'Trippy Dub' on the B-side with it's fine keys. Not as strong as the previous releases on this label, but it still works on the dancefloor.

Mondo Grosso "Do you see what I see" (Suntune Records 12")

Licensed from Japan where it had been released on a limited Album, this one is just a single-sider with only ony mix by Deepzone, but this one is really worth the buy because this song has been remixed nicely.

Fayleine Brown "Joy" (Azuli Records 12")

Another big tune for Azuli and yes, Mousse T. has done some remixes for this one. But this time, he has left his usual formula and gets a bit harder.

95 North presents the Hepcats "Jazziz" (Freetown Records 12")

Great jazzy houser containing a cool sax and scat vocals which make this one something special. Check out the 'Crash Saxsoul Dub'.

Jamiroquai "Cosmic girl" (Sony Music Records 12")

The promo of the David Morales Mixes has been sold for £40 and more in London, but now the official release is here. Dave has done these mixes in the same vein as his remixes of "Space cowboy" so this more of a commercial affair.


Reviews as of November 24, 1996

There are so many records to be reviewed this week, so I did only short reviews.

Ladina Whitfield "Time out 4 love" (Urgent Music Works 12")

Another fine House of Jazz production with female vocals, this garage track comes to you in four different Mixes.

The Gallery Collective "The dance" (Prescription Records 12")

Another jazz-house track for Prescription, this one is produced by Ront Trent with a sax composition by Norma Jean 'The baddest Bitch' Bell.

Colonel Abrams "I'm not gonna let" (Bassline Records 2x12")

The mid-eighties classic gets remixed by Victor Simonelli and Shuffle Inc. Lots of mixes to choose from on this double-pack.

Blaze "Trans-Jazz EP" (Simplex Records 12")

'Lovelee Dae' is a jazzy ambient house-track while 'Time marches on' is a New Jersey-ish cover of the Jungle Wonz classic.

The Backroom feat. Cheri Williams "Now you got it" (Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

The 'Original Mix' is the one with its long piano solo by guest Joshua Milan of Blaze.

Carolyn Harding "Iam what I am" (King Street Records 12")

Carolyn is back with lots of help by DeepZone aka Mike Delgado and Matthias Heilbronn. DeepZone have done all mixes in their usual style.

Simply Red "Angel" (EastWest Records 12")

Only one house mix, courtesy of - who else? - Mousse T. This time, he delievers a real funky stomper.

Mousse T. "Everybody" (Swing City Records 12")

Check out Grant Nelson's 'Midnite Jazz Pass' - it's really cool.

Deep Bros feat. S. Armstrong and Barbara Tucker "Keep on lovin' you" (Azuli Records 2x12")

Another great tune for Azuli, this one has superb smooth mixes by M&S.

Zoo Experience feat. Overjoyd "Follow the vibe" (Suntune Records 12")

This are the remixes by Grant Nelson and Booker T on this upcoming Italian label.

Norma Jean Bell "Nobody is gonna love you" (Pandamonium Records 2x12")

Reviewed a few weeks ago as a single 12", the double-pack has more mixes to choose from.

Mijan "Alright" (Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

Beautiful 95 North produced garage on a gospel tip.

Smokin Beats "Lessons in Disco II" (Smokin' Beats Records 12")

Check out 'Muzik' - it's a clever rework of the D-Train classic 'Music'.


Reviews as of November 17, 1996

Dee "I don't mind, i'm alright" (Subsonic Records 12")

Another production that gets the Boris Dlugosch & Mousse T. remix treatment, you can choose beetwen the Club and Dub versions. As usual, the duo makes good use of keyboards on both mixes.

95 North "Who's hoo? / Check it out" (Henry Street Music Records 12")

95 North on a disco-sampling tip on this double-tracker. Club and Dub mixes of both tracks to choose from, this is a DJ-friendly, delightful 12".

Angora "Enchantment" (Prescription Records 12")

Roy Davis Jr. teams up with Peven Everett on this beautiful, deep and jazzy adventure of House Music. The 'Original Demo Mix' and 'Chillin aht the Shelter Mix' are the highlights on this 12".


Reviews as of November 10, 1996

Mood II Swing feat. Gerideau "Let the sunshine in" (Fruittree Records 12")

This is a cover of the 60s classic, and it's a real uplifiting Garage tune. We all know the vocal capabilities of Mr. Gerideau and they do work on this one. Femal background chorus to complete the feeling. This is a single-sider so there may be some remixes for the full release. Feel the caribian vibe...

Dina Carroll "Run to you" (Manifesto Records 2x12")

This one has mixes by Mindspell and the MAW guys. Check out the 'Masters at Work Dub 1' and you'll find out real quick what GOD means: Godfathers of Dubs. Slammin from the beginning to the end, Louie and Kenny always find some new elements they can add.

The Zoo Experience feat. Overjoyd "Just follow the vibe" (Klub Zoo Records 12")

This beauty by Bobbi & Steve has finally been released after beeing around on promo for a long time. Female vocals over a solid Garage groove.

Abacus presents "The earthly pleasures E.P:" (83 West Records 12")

First appearence by Abacus on 83 West, three tracks are included. Two of them are jazzy House with nice keyz and bass while the third one is a hip hop Groove.

Those Guys "Freak" (Basement Boys Records 12")

Check out "The groove" on the b-side with its beautiful, long sax and keyboard intro. They keys are played by Eric Kupper while Paul Shaipro takes over the sax part.

Chaka Khan feat. Me'Shell Ndegeocello "Never miss the water" (Reprise Records 2x12")

Double-pack with mixes by Frankie Knuckles and Styls. Frankie gives us the usual DefMix formula with lots of pianos and good Dubs, but I prefer the mixes by Stylus with their pumping groove.


Reviews as of November 3, 1996

House of Glass feat. Judy Albanese "Take me over" (Ocean Records 12")

Out on a new label from Italy, this is a great return from Judy Albanese. Strong vocal house with Mixes by Fathers of Sound, while the 'H.o.G. club Vocal Mix' is the one played by most DJ's.

Old School Junkies Pt. 2 "The funk phenomena" (Remixes)(Henry Street Records 2x12")

The Armand van Helden track is back with lots of new mixes on this Double-Pack. Check out the 'JOHNICkennydopeMASTERMIX'. Ohter mixes come courtesy of Markus Schulz & C.L. McSpadden, Dave Matthias and more. As a bonus, the Original is included, too.

Here are some short reviews of other records:

Kasto "Gimme love" (UMM Records 12")

The second 12" from Italy this week worth mentioning includes some hot mixes by Mike Delgado.

Federation X "Odyssey one" (Swing City Records 12")

The first collaboration of Grant Nelson and Mousse T, this one is a real groover. Expect more of this duo soon.

Urban Soul feat. Sandy B. "Back together" (Sony S3 Records 12")

Finally, the Boris Dlugosch Mixes have been released after some weeks of confusion. Mixes by Cripsin J. Glover are included, too.

The Absolute feat. Suzanne Palmer "I believe" (Mark Picchiotti Mixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12")

Finally, these mixes find their way onto vinyl. Uplifiting house as usual by Mark Picchiotti.

Cooly's Hot Box "We don't have to be alone" (Remixes)(Groovin' Records 12")

New mixes by Johnny P and Nicholas Palermo jr. (from the Henry Street rooster). As a bonus, the Original mix is included on the flip-side.


Reviews as of October 27, 1996

Norma Jean Bell "Nobody is gonna love you..." (Pandamonium Records 12")

This is the follow up to "I'm the baddes bitch", Moodyman again has done the Mixes. Check out his Mix on side two which has a percapella intro with an added sax before it gets into a beautiful jazz-house track. This is a limited edition because soon there will be a Double-Pack with more Mixes.

East 57th Street "Saturday" (D:Tour Records 12")

Check out the AA-Side which features the Jazz'N'Groove Mixes. These Mixes have rocked the dancefloors for a few weeks now before they became available. A real club record.

UBQ Project "Ubiquity EP" (Music Plant Records 12")

This three-tracker is definitely the best from this label for a long time. "Groove it" is a funky disco-cut with nice keys and a sax. Also included are "Like it" and "Every second, every minute, every hour" which is a nice little piano-driven house track.

Re-Vibe-Al "The feeling" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

SoulFuric Trax is the second new sublabel from SoulFuric, and it starts with a real scorcher! It's a funky deep-house track with disco influences. Check it out.


Reviews as of October 20, 1996

F/M feat. Helen Brunner "Everybody (livin' it up)" (Defender Records 12")

Another great Garage 12" for Defender Records which have choosen Hippie Torrales and Mark Mendoza to do the Remixes.

Nick Jones Experience feat. Colonel Abrams "As I take you Back" (King Street Sounds 12")

Nick Jonjes and the Colonel give us a beutiful example of Male House Music. Check out the 'New Jersey Deep Club'.

Reel 2 Reel "Jazz it up" (DJ Sneak Mix)(Strictly Rhythm Records 12")

The only Mix worth checking out is 'Sneaks Jazz Dub Mental Mix'. He has turned this track into a jazzy disco houser.


Reviews as of October 13, 1996

Maydie Miles "You got me forever" (Unreleased Mixes)(K4B Records 12")

This are the unreleased 'Hard' and 'Orchestration' Mixes. Check out the 'Orchestration' Mixes for good, quality garage courtesy of Kingsley O. The 'Hard' Mixes give you some deep and dark garage.

Gigolo Supreme "After the storm" (Nervous Chill Records 12")

Frankie Feliciano is back with this jazzy houser for the late night or after hour crowd. On the flipe-side, you'll find "City life", a jazzy hip-hop affair.

Red Hook Dreams "Your love" (Hard to Find Records 12")

A Johnick production with a remix by Kenny Dope, this is another fine Disco reworking, with bonus-track "Jamming" to complete the package.

Robert Owens "Ordinary people" (Promo 2)(Musical Directions Records 12")

Finally, Promo 2 has arrived. You'll get the 'Fire Island Vocal Mix', 'The Booker T Dub' and, best of all, Roberts own 'Stripped to the Soul Mix' which has a very nice and long percapella intro.


Reviews as of October 6, 1996

Furios George "Unreleased" (?? Records 12")

No idea what label this one is one, this one is for all the Henry Street lovers. Furios George gives us three lovely Disco reworkings which shouldn't be missed.

D'Jaimin & Djaybee feat. Rose "Fever" (Suntune Records 2x12")

Among all the mixes available on this two discs, you should check out the Boris Dlugosch/Mousse T. Mixes which have a beautiful funky house feeling.

U.N.I "Soul searcher" (SoulFuric Deep Records 12")

First release for this label which orientates on tracks, produced by Marc Pomeroy. A perfect after-hours record with its fine and soulful keys.

Amira "Walk" (Mousse T. Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records 12")

This beautiful Blaze production gets the remix treatment by man of the moment Mousse T. He has done another superb job and gives us three mixes of pure class.

Smokin Beats feat. Conroy "Times are changin'" (Smokin Beats Records 12")

You need to pitch down this one a bit, but then it's a beautiful UK Garage song which works best in its 'Smokin Dub'.


Reviews as of September 29, 1996

Fonda Rae "Living in ecstasy" (Mood II Swing Mixes)(Freetown Records 12")

Finally released, this is another beauty from Freetown Records. Three mixes to choose from - you get the usual soulful vocal version as well as an harder dub.

Incognito "Out of the storm" (Bluey's House Mixes)(Talkin' Loud Records 12")

In addition to the Double-Pack reviewed last week, this are the uptempo House Mixes by Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick. Both vocal and instrumental are included, this one will please the all the Incognito fans as well as lovers of good quality House Music.

Harvest "Spirit of the sun" (Public Demand Records 12")

Produced by Lenn Fontana, this one features live bass, guitar, congas, keys etc. and the vocals of Jin-Jah. It's a beautiful, funky house-affair that should not be missed.

Thelma Houston "All of that" (Original Mixes)(Azuli Records 12")

Three mixes to choose from, the vocal on side A is the choice. A solid club cut with remixes to follow (no details yet by whom they will be).

Abstract Truth "Get another plan / Courageous cat / Like water" (Streetwave Records 12")

The track to look out for is "Courageous cat" - an instrumental jazz-house-track for the connaisseur.


Reviews as of September 22, 1996

Soul Revival "When the spirit moves" (SubUrban Records 2x12")

No track-infos available - all i can say is that on record two there are some Jazz'N'Groove mixes in their typical style. Record one feautures (I think so) the original mixes by Tommy Musto which are equally good. A strong vocal record.

Next Phase "I aint' got time" (Grant Nelson Remix)(SubUrban Records 12")

The last hit from SubUrban gets the remix treatment from one of UK's hottest remixers. He has done his usual quality mixes - check out the Dub for full pleasure.

Faze Action "Turn the point" (Nuphonic Records 12")

Another splendid disco-house record from Faze Action with a bumping bass. Not to be missed.

Justine "All you want is sex" (DreamBeat Records 2x12")

Joe T. Vannelli does the main mixes with the 'Dubby Mix' beeing the stand out cut of this package. You should also check out the Dubs by Father of Sound. And for all you 'sexy MF' there is an Accappella included.


Reviews as of September 15, 1996

Deep Zone feat. Ceybil Jeffries "It's gonna be alright" (UK Remixes)(Pukka Records 12")

Some brand new Mixes courtesy of Boris Dlugosch/Mousse T. and Fire Island. The Germans did a Club Mix which sounds to much like "Keep pushing", but the Dub Mix has some fine keyboards. Fire Island did a Vocal Mix which uses their known trademarks and as usual, it works well.

Sarah Washington "Everything" (Mood II Swing and Mentor Mixes)(AM:PM Records 2x12")

This is the follow up to "Heaven" which has been remixes by Mood II Swing and Mark Mendoza & Hippie Torrales (they call it the Mentor Mixes). Mood II Swing do some dark and deep Garage Mixes while the Mentor Mixes are more on a soulful Garage tip. Since there is a second Double-Pack with some A&G-Division Mixes around, make sure you get the right one!

Braxton Holmes feat. John Redman "People everday" (Basement Boys Remix)(Cajual Records 12")

Basement Boys pump new life into this one with their Remixes. Strong vocal and Dub mixes provided. Mark Grant rounds the packag of with his mix.


Reviews as of September 8, 1996

Inner City "Do me right" (Six6 Records 2x12")

Two Double-Packs doing the rounds - check out the one including the 'Urban Sound Gallery' Mixes done by Ron Trent and Chez Damier. For our pleasure, they've done a long instrumental including some nice keys and breaks. Don't miss to check out their Vocal Mix too.

Dina Carroll "Mind body and soul" (Manifesto Records 2x12")

Like Inner City, this one also comes on two Double-Packs to you. The one I got has Mixes by the Chigaco Posse (Maurice Joshua, UBQ and Jere McAllister) in their distinctive styles. An Acapella is included, too.

Kerri "Kaoz" Chandler "Trionisphere EP, Part 1" (KingStreet Records 12")

It's a four-tracker including two very nice tracks in Kerri's typical style: "Keep me inside" and "All about love". Also check out his "Hemisphere" Album on Freetown (see last weeks Album Review).


Reviews as of September 1, 1996

Boris Dlugosch "Keep pushin'" (MAW Records 2x12")

All the Mixes you need on one Double-Pack. You'll find the Original Mixes along the DJ Disciple and brand new DJ Spen Remixes. Great value for the money.

Quincy Jones "Stomp" (QWest Records 2x12")

Oh yeah! The Brothers Johnson Classic gets the treatment for this decade! Legend Frankie Knuckles and newcomer Mousse T. from Germany give us some superb House-Mixes.


Reviews as of August 18, 1996

Second Crusade "May the funk be with you / The choice is yours" (Freeze Records 12")

Jazzy House with some funky elements on a laid-back tip. Check it out.


Reviews as of August 11, 1996

Next Phase "I ain't got time" (Suburban Records 12")

Another fine production from Tommy Musto. Helen Brunner and Terry Jones are the vocalists on this 12" providing all the trademarks of the Tommy Musto sound.

Real Soul "This love we've found" (Ultra Records 12")

Produced by Soul Solution, Carolyn Harding is the featured vocalist on this one. It comes to you with Mixes by Todd Terry who has for once left his usual formula of pumping beats. Check out the 'Soul so Deep Dub'.

Charlie "Climb my stairs" (FM Records 12")

This one looks to be the first release on the Farley&Heller Label. As you would excpect, they deliever their trademark-style production and keyboards on this one. Not one of their beist, but it'll works on the dancefloors for sure.


Reviews as of August 4, 1996

Mother of Pearl feat. Pearlie Mae "Your heaven" (Worx Records 2x12")

First out in the USA on Soulfuric Records, the UK-Release has some fine, new Mixes by M+S.

Shena "More than a woman" (Virgin Records 2x12")

Mixes by Paul 'Trouble' Anderson, the UK's leading Garage DJ. He has done some fine, pumping Garage Mixes with a nice piano. Vocal and Instrumental Versions as well as beautiful 'Jazz Beats'.

Robbie Craig "We can make it happen" (DJ Camacho Mixes)(Public Demand Records 12")

Maybe this one gets now a full release with this brand new mixes. DJ Camacho has done the Remixes in a very smooth way, very useful for a late-night set.

De'Lacy "That look" (Deconstruction 2x12")

Finally, the follow up to her last years smash is on the way. It comes with Mixes by Hani and Deep Dish, again written by Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan (the Blaze guys). The Hani Mixes are o.k. but nothing special, so go directly to the Deep Dish Mixes on record 2. Just a Vocal and a Dub Version but both are very, very long workouts (Deep Dish really like to stretch out their Remixes). They've done a much better job than Hani.


Reviews as of July 28, 1996

Robert Owens "Ordinary people" (Musical Directions Records 12")

This is the new 12" from one of my favorite Voalists. it comes with Mixes by himself, Fire Island and Booker T. Not as strong as his past outings, it's just for the fans. More Mixes are promised.

Johnny D + Nicky P presents "Henry Street Unreleased Project Part 2" (TNT Records 12")

You know what to excpect - no more words needed.


Reviews as of July 21, 1996

Rosie Gaines "Closer than close" / SWV "You're the one" (Bootlegg)

Finally, someone did a bootlegg on this so far unreleased gem. It's been mixed by Hippie Torrales and comes in only one Mix - but this Mix really does the business on the dancefloor with Rosie's spoken words. Already spinned by all the big names in the business, there hopefully will be enough copies for everyone. By the way, on the other side you'll find a Smack Mix of SWV's "You're the one".

Mateo & Matos presents "Shades of time" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")
Jephté Guillaume "Lakou-A" (Spiritual Life Music Records 12")

These two 12" are brought to you by the brand new Label of DanceTracks Records - a well known store in New York City. The first 12" features two tracks, from which 'Loft sensations' stands out for its warm, smooth and jazzy vibes. The second 12" is an interesting combination of Jazz and House. Both records are definitely worth hunting down.

Cerrone "Supernature" (Pure Records 12")

Danny Tenaglia Remixes of this 1977 all-time Classic. Two Mixes to choose from: the 'Legendary Club Mix' makes use of most of the original arrangement but has a tough baseline and some new keyboard line while the 'Twilo Club Mix' goes deep into todays House sounds.

Jill Riley "I can't stand it" (Madhouse Records 12")

Typical Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler production. Surprisingly, it has a mix by Aston Martinez from Switzerland. Choose for yourself what is right for your taste.

Alexander Hope "Happy days" (Phuture Trax Records 12")

Original production by Blaze, this one comes in some fine Mixes by Hippie Torrales and Mark Mendoza. They deliever a solid Garage Groove which fits perfectly with Alexanders vocals.


Reviews as of July 14, 1996

DJ Disciple pres. Innervision feat. Dawn Tallman "That's what life is all about" (Ulterior Records 12")

DJ Disciple played this one for already a few month - now it gets a full release with some new mixes by Gerald Elms and Joey Musaphia. Joey does his job good as usual, his Dub is already played by all the top Jocks.

Norma Jean Bell "I'm the baddest bitch" (F Communications Records 12")

This french label has done a good deal licensing this beautiful Jazz-Houser from Pandamonium Records. The fantastic Original Mixes are included here as well as some new Mixes by Shazz and Aqua Bassino. One for the connesseurs.

Tood Edwards "Saved my life" (UK Remixes)(FFRR Records 2x12")

Finally available on vinyl, the Remixes are courtesy of Grant Nelson, Joey Musaphia and DJ Sneak. Each of them delievers a Mix of his usual trademarks. The Original Version is included as well.

Donald O "I'm ready" (83 West Records 12")
Eddie Perez feat. Donald O "The More (Reach)" (Mucho Soul Records 12")

Vocalist Donald O back with two 12": the first one comes in splendid Tommy Musto Mixes while the second one comes on the Sub-Label from Shelter Records with Mixes by Eddie Perez (from the Smack Posse). Both are worth checking out when you're into solid Garage Grooves.


Reviews as of July 7, 1996

Brigid Boden "Oh how i cry" (A+M Records 2x12")

Lots of House and R&B/Swing Mixes to choose from. The House Mixes are courtesy of Todd Terry (again) and DJ Spen. Todd does his usual thing - check out the Dubs.

The Colour Funky "A music perspective" (Funky People Records)

Third release for this label. The A-Side contains two instrumental tracks in a typical New Jersey Style. The B-Side has two vocal tracks, one of which is no House (but find out for yourself!).

Century Falls feat. Phillip Ramirez "It's music" (SoundProof Records 2x12")

Finally available, this one is a must! Slamming Mixes from 95 North, The Black Science Orchestra and Idjut Boys & Laj. What a package. Run down to your local record store and get it - nuff said!

Tori Amos "Professional widow" (Atlantic Records)

Yeah! The wait is over - finally. Been around and played by the worlds most famous DJ's for a few week now, the Armand Van Helden 'Star Trunk Funkin' Mix' really does the business on the dancefloor. 


Reviews as of June 30, 1996

Charisse Arrington "Down with this" (MCA Records Promo)

This might be one of this hard to get items because MCA Records USA usually doesn't release House-Mixes. The mixes are provided by none other than the Masters at Work. Check out the 'Masters at Work' and 'Mind Fluid Dub' Mixes - nothing new and spectacular, but it'll work on the dancefloor.

H2O feat. Billie "Nobody's business" (Liquid Groove Records)

Go directly to the B-Side for the Dub Mixes - already played all over the world by lots of DJ's.

Jozee "There's someone for everyone" (Defender Records)

Strong Garage 12" from this UK-Label, mixes by DJ Disciple and Mousse T (from Peppermint Jam Records).

Future Force "What you want" (AM:PM Records 2x12")

This one has been out nearly a year ago. Now scheduled for a full release, it comes with new mixes from Karmasutra in their typical funky style and Richie Jones who delievers a strong Dub. Some of the original Mark Picchiotti Mixes are inlcuded as well.


Reviews as of June 23, 1996

Darryl D'Bonneau "Don't turn your back on me" (Jellybean Records)

Do you remember the original from '82 by Front Line Orchestra? This is a cover version adapted for the dancefloors. Check out the Percapella for a real blend of vocal acrobatics.

Backroom Boys feat. Takiya Dixon "All of me" (Ultra Records)

The Backroom Boys are back on Roger Sanchez new label with their unusual but rather good style. One for the real lovers of Garage Music.

Samurai Remix (Nite Grooves Records 2x12")

I don't know the original versions from '93/94, but it has been a clever idea by Shinksekai Gakkyokuzatsugidan to let remix his tracks by none other than Masters at Work, Mood II Swing, Kerri Chandler and Philipp Damien. Nuff said.

Divas of Color feat. Evelyn Champagne King "One more time" (King Street Records 2x12")

Evelyn King is back on this Al Mack produced track. Mixes by Grant Nelson, Hiroshi W, Al Mack and more. It's a typical Al Mack production with some splendid mixes by Grant Nelson.


Reviews as of June 16, 1996

Lots of good stuff this week, but see for yourself...

Andrea Mendez "Bring me love" (AM:PM Records 2x12")

First out as a single featuring only the Dubs, now on Double-Pack also including the Vocal Versions. The Mixes are done by Mark Picchiotti and Duo of the moment M+S (Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli). M+S deliever some beautiful Dubs, but don't miss to check out their Vocal Version.

BJ Crosby "Find your way" (Azuli Records)

Azuli have picked up this one from Bullet Records. It'll be out on two singles including some fierce Mixes by Heller+Farley on one and Salt City Orchestra Mixes on the other 12". These new Mixes give some new life to this beautiful song.

Ruffneck "Move your body" (Remixes)(Peppermint Jam Records)

Surprisingly, these remixes are coming on this German label, and not from the MAW label, but you don't need to care because Mousse T. really nows how to do his Job. Todd Terry also delievers a Mix.

Boris Dlugosch "Keep pushin'" (Remixes)(Suntune Records)

This is an Italian Release which has the much respected DJ Disciple Mixes on it.

Keith Sibley "Stand by me" (Dazzle Records)

What a surprise to see some Smack Mixes on a production from the Netherlands. The Smack Mixes are done by Eddie Perez.

Bohannon "I wanna dance all nite" (Dream Beat Records 2x12")
Csilla "Man on the moon" (Dream Beat Records 2x12")

All Mixes on this two Double-Packs are provided by Joe T. Vannelli (he's a very busy man at the moment). He does his usuall (and equal good) stuff. These records are definitely made for the dancefloor.

Bizarre Inc. "Surprise" (Mercury Records)

Todd Terry Mixes included, unfortunately only two Vocal Versions, and no Dub. Other Mixes are provided by Dancing Divaz and 'Illington'(?).

Soul Corporation "Make it happen" (Cooltempo Records 2x12")

Great records, originally produced by Lenny Fontana and Victor Simonelli. The Remixes are courtesy of Roger Sanchez and M+S. The vocals are provided by Connie Harvey.


Reviews as of June 9, 1996

Nicole "Runnin' away" (Ore Records 2x12")

First avaible as limited 10", now on 2x12", it finally includes both Club and Dub Mixes by Glenn Underground and Todd Edwards alongside the Original E-Smoove Mixes and a progressive Version by Lisa Marie Experience.

Nicole "Long train running" (Aureus Records)

While "Runnin' away" is out in new Mixes in the UK (see above), this is her newie, again mixed by E-Smoove. It's a cover version of the Doobie Brothers Classic. Only the Dub Mixes are worth checking out.

Lectroluv "Remixes EP" (Produce Records)

Brand new Remixes of "Simply a man" (by X-Press 2) and "Oo la la" (by Black Science Orchestra) from that quality label from the UK.


Reviews as of June 2, 1996

Bad Yard Club feat. Crystal Waters "In the ghetto" (Mercury Records)

This are the 96-Remixes of this classic, taken from an forthcoming album called "100% pure dance (stree date june 11). The mixes are provided by David Morales himself. It's some sort of mixed emotions because this mixes sound nearly like the original ones except the new vocals added by Crystal Waters.

Alexander Hope "What can u do" (Shelter Records)

Another fine production by Blaze on this highly recommandable label. If you're into their style you'll need this.It's the typical Blaze-sound featuring the vocal talents by Alexander Hope.


Reviews as of May 26, 1996

Pet Shop Boys "Before" (Parlophone Records Triple-Pack Box-Set)

Finally, the Danny Tenaglia Mixes are released as part of this Box-Set. Also included are Mixes by the Hed Boys, Joey Negro and Love to Infinity. But only the Mixes by Danny provide a real Underground feeling.

Mike Delgado presents "The S.O.B EP" (83 West Records)

Some fine jazzy house-trax by man of the moment Mike Delgado.

Wild Pursuit feat. Gerideau & Shawn Benson (FruitTree Records)

Confusingly labeled, this beautiful Garage-Track has Mixes by Booker T. and DJ Camacho.

3 T "Tease me" (MJJ Music Records)

Todd Terry doing some Mixes for another R&B act, but it's far better than lot of his previous aproaches (check out the 'TNT Tease Dub'). Also included is a very useful Acapella.


Reviews as of May 19, 1996

Nicole "Running away" (Ore Records 10")

Remember the E-Smoove Mixes? Here come some fresh new Mixes by Glenn Underground and Todd Edwards. Todd's Mix ist ok - he's doing his usual style. But look out for the jazzy, underground workout by Glenn Underground.

Incognito "Always there" (Masters at Work Remixes)(Talkin' Loud Records)

Ok, so here they are, the brand new 96 Mixes. Mixed emotions: you'll like the Mixes or you'll hate em. Solid work by the Masters as usual, the best Mix for me is the Accapella - unfortunately, this one isn't released.

Amira "Walk" (Slip'N'Slide Records)

Another Hit for that UK label. Produced and mixed by Blaze with some background vocals by Alexander Hope. Solid funky Garage.

Benji Candelario presents Central Park "Rum de coco" (Released for Pleasure Records)

This one has been around on limited white labels for some time now and hast just been released a week ago. Grab your copy a.s.a.p. cause this label is usually hard to find.

Sandy B "Make the world go round" (Champion Records 2x12")

Includes Mixes by Deep Dish, Stonebridge and Kerry Chandler. Deep Dish deliever some good Dubs while Kerry does his usual style. Watch out for the next single "Land of the living" mixed by Deep Dish (it'll get hopefully a release).